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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Take Down Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Journalists Jim and Michael had been reporting about the illegal, racist policies of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio long enough to get on his radar. They were trying to expose the anti-Latino activities of Arpaio’s department, publishing stories and what proof they could find in newspapers hoping to gain national attention. They weren’t getting it until Arpaio tried to stop them.

One story Larkin and Lacey published was about a secret Grand Jury they discovered that had been put together by Arpaio with dubious cause. The Grand Jury was convened without evidence to investigate the two in an attempt to find a reason to imprison them, thus silencing them. Larkin and Lacey didn’t know this when they exposed the Grand Jury in a story in the Phoenix New Times newspaper.

The story turned out to be what Arpaio thought he needed to arrest the two. He charged them with interfering with a Grand Jury investigation and ordered his deputies to arrest them on a warrant from the Grand Jury. Larkin and Lacey were put in jail on the night of October 18th, 2007. Placed in separate prisons and held for 24 days, the imprisonment of Larkin and Lacey caused a national outrage against Arpaio that the two had been trying to create. Read more: Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

A judge reviewed the charges and the Grand Juries findings and dismissed all charges against them, ordered their release and nullified the Grand Jury. Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County and won $3.7 million in a settlement for false imprisonment. The two used the money for starting the Frontera Fund which is a civil rights advocacy group specializing in protecting the Latino community from violations of their 1st amendment rights. The Latino community was impacted the most by Arpaio and his sheriff’s department and Larkin and Lacey wanted to put the money toward helping repair some of that damage.

Arpaio lost his bid for a seventh term in 2016, ending 24 years of his policies in Maricopa County. He was found guilty of charges brought against him and was facing prison time until President Trump pardoned him. Arpaio had endorsed Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and Trump may have been paying him back for that,

Larkin and Lacey continue as journalists, working to keep reminding people about the facts behind Arpaio’s time as sheriff and to counter his lies on the campaign trail.

Western Union Connection With PSI-Pay Shows Growth in e-Wallet Solutions

In recent months Western Union has connected with PSI-Pay, a provider of worldwide payment solutions, to get any money regulated the ewallet type of service for customers. This is a great concept for the Western Union that shows that the company is considering ways to grow as technology is changing.


PSI-Pay is a United Kingdom-based platform, and the Western Union connection with ecoPayz makes it possible for people to get money transferred from the United Kingdom in an instant. The need for this type of money transfer is much more prevalent now that technology allows more people to connect with one another. People are traveling more, and they find themselves in places where they need to get money when they are away from their home base.


Western Union has always been the company that has specialized in these money transfers, but in the past, this was primarily done by going to a Western Union location. These locations still exist, but this cannot be the only method that people rely on when it comes to getting money to someone else. The e-money concept, along with PSI-Pay and all other types of electronic currency is becoming much more prevalent. In order for a company like Western Union to remain relevant, there had to be a change in the way that business was being done.

The effort to connect with ecoPayz and PSI-Pay shows that Western Union is conscious of the need for cross currency and across the border currency transactions. For a company that has been known for getting money to customers within a short time frame, this works perfectly into the platform that this company was already known for. It is not a new concept that they are exploring. By contrast, Western Union is simply focusing on expanding a core competency to a new environment where more people can benefit from these services.

For the Generation Z that depends primarily on technology for all of their various transactions, it makes sense to incorporate an e-money based solution where people can use electronic wallets to initiate transactions. This is an excellent growth strategy for a company that is known for helping customers move currency.



Sheldon Lavin Showcases Exemplary Leadership Skills at OSI Group

When it comes to the meat and food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin will always ring a bell in the minds of many. Well, some people may ask, who is Sheldon Lavin? The simple answer to that question is that Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group. Since the OSI Group has been mentioned, it is good to note that this is a multinational corporation that has emerged as being amongst the leading companies dealing with meat and food processing. With that said, it is now clear that Lavin is famously known for being a leader in such a renowned company. Additionally, his fame arose from being a great leader and leading the company to unimaginable heights.

Background Information

As much as OSI Group is well recognized as a leader in the food provision industry, the journey has been quite long before OSI managed to reach where it is. Well, Otto Kolschowsky is the founder. However, the organization didn’t start as OSI Group; the organization started out as a butcher shop. The butcher shop grew eventually, and even transitioned into a family business that went by the name Otto & Sons; this transition took place after the sons of Otto Kolschowsky became part of the company.

Otto & Sons eventually became the sole supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s entity. Since McDonald’s was growing super-fast, Otto & Sons had to keep up and they, in turn, experienced the challenge of transporting meat products from one town to another due to the long distance. Nevertheless, they decided to look for a solution. Luckily, scientists were able to discover that liquid Nitrogen could be used to preserve products such as meat through a process known as flash freezing. The breakthrough was an awesome one, and Otto & Sons were now able to overcome the challenge that had presented itself.


Since challenges are part of a business, Otto & Sons were in need of capital to finance the construction of a certain plant that was meant to serve the McDonald’s entity. During this tough time, Sheldon Lavin came through ad assisted Otto & Sons to seek funds to finance their project. This was during the 1970’s. Otto & Sons always kept in touch with Lavin. After some time, the company rebranded to OSI Group and the mantle of leadership was passed on to another capable individual. That is how Sheldon Lavin became the chief executive officer of OSI Group, and he has been serving at the organization for more than four decades.

Dr. Mark McKenna New Business, OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and surgeon. He attended Tulane University Medical School. Immediately after earning his medical degree, he began working in his father’s medical practice. But before he was working as a doctor he had got interested in some other venture. Making a living as a doctor had gotten harder, so he chose to look into real estate. After five years of working for his father, he chose to pursue real estate full time. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed McKenna Venture Investments in New Orleans, Louisiana, he packed up and moved to Atlanta, Georgia for a fresh start.

Since being in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Mark McKenna he has been working on launching his next business. He is the founder and chief executive officer of OVME Cosmetics. OVME, pronounced of-me, is a boutique style healthcare facility that will have the latest technologies to perform an array of aesthetic procedures. Atlanta is the perfect market for the doctor’s next venture. It will be a one of a kind facility with state of the art infrastructure.

OVME aims to develop an environment that allows patients to enjoy the cosmetic experience. It will have a salon like feeling and will be the epitome of luxury. Making the patient feel special is what this boutique cosmetic facility will offer patients. Most of the procedures that will be offered are outpatient procedures. Quality is something this company will be priding itself on. The utmost quality will be administered to patients. Dr. Mark McKenna is making sure patients will get a spa like treatment with the highest quality possible.

Dr. Mark McKenna has major plans for OVME. Beyond the medical clinic for his business, the doctor foresees an Uber style app. This app will revolutionize the medial industry. The app will ultimately change the way people go about getting their healthcare needs met. Doctor consultations will be conducted directly from the app between doctor and patient. Home visits will be made possible for certain cosmetic procedures. Doctors will be able to increase their earnings because they will be working on demand to see patients.

How Madison Street Capital Have managed to Move to Greatness

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company with its head offices located in Chicago. The company happens to be respected for its great impact towards improving the lives of their clients. They have been able to earn a great reputation in their career and also within the financial industry that is driven by expertise, experience and even integrity. The company also boasts because of its staff who are being recognised globally for their great inputs and also professionalism. The company prides itself because of their deep understanding in the corporate finance industry and has been known for its greatness and also huge development impacts.


Madison Street Capital has an awesome record of designing exit strategies, structuring complex contracts and also matching buyers with the sellers. Their primary areas of operations are bankruptcy services, tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, private placement advice and also corporate governance. They are also lucky to have some of the world’s best clients whom they have been with for quite some time. They are Central Lowa Energy, Fiber Science and also Bond Medical Group. They have overseen these companies engage in massive businesses and have always advised them on the way forward.


Madison Street Capital is currently going around the globe looking for business opportunities, and currently, they have been able to have their operations based in Chicago, Ghana, Oregon and also India. The global approach to these corporate issues keeps on opening new opportunities for them and thus shining even brighter. They have been able to expand their asset base and are doing perfectly well when it comes to matters of career progress and achievements. The company has been able to bring its services closer to their customers in such a way that everything tends to look easier for them. They have managed to identify so many opportunities in the markets and are doing completely well. Their support staff also have a lot of expertise in their niche and have been receiving a lot of awards globally. Their commitment and thorough practice have made them the best bets in the career.


Madison Street Capital has continued to receive recognition globally because of the numerous contributions they are making daily. That is why they have managed to operate beyond their country of origin. They keep on moving towards doing more business and have managed to bring so many clients on board. The firm has managed to receive a lot of honors globally because of their uniqueness while handling their business. Charles Botchway is getting a global recognition because of the way he has managed to help the company grow. He has been on the frontline trying by all means towards making sure that his staff gets a lot of motivation so that they can be in a position to bring more business to the company.


Read to learn more.

GreenSky Credit CEO, David Zalik, Decides to Go Public

Most tech start-ups tend to stay private, at least until they get their footing, but David Zalik has decided to take his company public much earlier. That company, GreenSky Credit, has already filed a confidential application requesting an initial public offering (IPO). The move already has analysts guessing that Zalik’s company will raise as much as $1 billion through the offering, bringing the estimated value of the company as high as $5 billion.

Although other successful startups, like Uber, Stripe, and Credit Karma, are still privately owned, David Zalik sees the benefits in offering up shares to investors. Even though the application has already been submitted to the Securities & Exchange Commission, Zalik still has the option of keeping his company private. He has yet to share his plans, but, if he does intend to go public, the confidential filing gives him the time to prepare for the debut of GreenSky Credit in the market.

GreenSky Credit is based on a lucrative premise. It offers quick loans to homeowners interested in making home improvements, but the actual holders of the loans are commercial banks. This means that Zalik’s company earns a profit, while letting banks like SunTrust, Regions, and Fifth Third take the risks. While GreenSky Credit doesn’t hold the loans or lose out on defaulted loans, the pay they receive from each bank is based on loan performance. In addition to those payments, Zalik arranged his company in a way that requires each bank to pay about 1% to GreenSky each year as payment for facilitating the loans.

The situation benefits homeowners as well. They use their mobile devices to apply for loans of up to $65,000 on the GreenSky Credit app. Applicants receive a decision in just a few seconds, making this one of the fastest and most hassle-free ways to obtain a loan currently available. While other lenders have gone public and failed miserably on the market, David Zalik’s approach may be more attractive to investors. The business model developed by Mr. Zalik creates a generous profit margin, while facilitating loan applications in much quicker way. These benefits may pave the way for a new kind of lending, while helping Zalik present a very promising IPO.