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HGGC Adds To Talent Pool As Growth Expectations Rise

Bloomberg provides a corporate snapshot of HGGC LLC, billing it as a private equity firm. The report shows HGGC specializes in a broad range of investment endeavors covering a comprehensive number of sectors. The firm’s ventures range from leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, and investments to recapitalization and restructuring. Sectors include business and financial services, manufacturing and industrial concerns, technology and software development, and healthcare. Although the firm primarily invests in North American companies, it is open to global opportunities.

The firm invests with the intention of HGGC LLC taking a majority position or controlling rights with a minority position. The investments typically range from $25 million to $125 million in companies with an EBITDA of $15 million to $75 million and a worth of at least $100 million.

Bloomberg lists the firm’s key executives and founders. Among them are Richard Franklin Lawson Jr., co-founder and chief executive officer, Robert Christopher Gay, co-founder, executive director, and senior adviser, and Lance Riley Taylor as chief financial officer.

In October 2018, BusinessWire announced that HGGC LLC added two new executive members and four associates to its team. The executives are Colin Phinisey, investment banking professional, and Christopher Guinn, executive director. The firm chose the additional members, all from blue-chip company backgrounds, to strengthen its talent pool for expected growth.

The announcement focuses on Colin Phinisey, the appointed capital markets expert. Phinisey comes most recently from Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., where he spent more than eight years. The firm expects Phinisey to guide them in developing best practices to further their financing efforts. Phinisey specializes in mergers and acquisitions, debt finance, and leveraged buyouts.

The interview reports that Lawson states his firm, HGGC LLC, has been involved in financing $4.3 billion in transactions, and he expects transactions to surpass that amount in 2019. Founded in 2007, the Palo Alto-based firm has additional offices in West Palm Beach, Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Foxborough, Massachusetts

OSI Food Solutions: Scaling Food Production through Strategic Positioning

Most global companies are local. An organization with multiple branches in America and China can hardly function as an international brand. Government regulations and cultural nuances often interfere with the operation of such companies. Talent pool can also affect the manner in which the organizations are controlled. In the food sector especially, the list of considerations involves taste buds and other external factors that may affect business. But, one company that has managed to overcome these challenges over the years is OSI Food Solutions.

Becoming a Global Brand in the Food Industry

In business, strategic positioning is the hallmark of success. OSI Food Solutions one such company that has successfully positioned itself strategically in the industry as a leading manufacturer for value added food. Since its establishment in 1909, it has acquired more than five facilities that have strategically been placed in leading business centers across the world. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Foods. This acquisition enabled the company to imprint its operational input in the industry across about 18 countries. Baho Foods has five affiliates expected to catapult major operations across OSI Food’s niche. Another move to expand to major markets was boosted by the purchase of Flagship Europe, a prominent United Kingdom-based food supplier for dressings including sauces and frozen meat poultry. The transaction was completed in 2016, and it meant that Calder Foods had become one of OSI Group’s facilities. To cement its position in the food industry, OSI Food Solutions invested in the chicken processing project in Spain’s Toledo facility. The project doubled the company’s manufacturing ability thereby increasing its demand. OSI Food acquired a processing plant previously owned by the prominent Tyson Foods.

OSI Indulges in Environmentally-conscious Practices

OSI Food has also started a plan to become the market leader in of the industry. The company does not only significant in the manufacture of processed foods but also value-added foods with management focusing on environmentally friendly practices. The commitment has propelled the best food company towards tremendous expansion and public recognition including the Globe and Sword of Honour Awards presented by the British Safety Council in 2015. A year later, the company was presented with the Globe of Honour Award again.

Rick Shinto of InnovaCare Health is Ready for Innovation in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is always changing and the leaders of InnovaCare Health know the road to success is to stay updated with these developments. Richard “Rick” Shinto is the current President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, which is a healthcare company that aims to provide value-based care to improve the lives of the people.

Dr. Rick Shinto knows that he has a significant position at InnovaCare Health. The company is viewed as the top provider of healthcare through Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. These two divisions, as well as the rest of the firm, utilize technology to create innovative and sustainable healthcare services that the consumers in North America can afford.

InnovaCare Health comprehends that each patient has unique needs and demands, which is why the company makes sure it has the right products for every individual. Dr. Rick Shinto is the head of the Health Plans, which is a part of InnovaCare and is based in Puerto Rico. Before taking his position at the company, he was first with Aveta, Inc. where he was also the President and CEO.

Rick Shinto has over 20 years of experience. He started in Southern California where he was trained in internal medicine. He also worked as a pulmonologist. His success with the company will not be possible without the help of the other people who have helped him through the years. Among them is Penelope Kokkinides.

Meet the CAO of InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s Chief Administrator Officer. She also worked with Aveta, Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer before she took the job at InnovaCare. In a short span of time, she has gained a lot of experience, which has allowed her to be one of the important figures behind InnovaCare.

She worked as the executive vice president and the COO as well for the Centerlight Healthcare company. Both Penelope and Rick have shown their dedication toward the healthcare industry. For them, one of the best ways to be triumphant in this tough environment is to stay abreast with the changes, especially the technological advancements.

Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto have a wide range of skills when it comes to developing and optimizing provisions in healthcare. In fact, Penelope is an expert in services that the government currently runs, which are Medicaid and Medicare.

Together with Penelope, Dr. Rick Shinto runs InnovaCare Health with the consumers as the top priority. The company always puts the happiness and wellbeing of the people first. It is why they create products that help organizations meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

Good Portfolios Require Effort And Igor Cornelsen Believes He Has The Keys To Good Portfolios Practices

Investment options are not always clear. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to get to the right type of investment. No one knows this better than Igor Cornelsen. He has to live in America and Latin America, and had a lot of investing practice. Igor has seen changes in accordance to regulations from the government and stipulations for banks when it comes to business.

He has worked as an investment banker for decades, and this has allowed him to be a spectator the investment communities in different countries. He begin to take notice of a lot of different things that make good portfolios. Cornelsen has also seen the things that can make a portfolio unsuccessful. When someone that has this type of knowledge they have power to make better decisions.

The investors that have taken interest in the knowledge that he are well aware that diversification is a good foundation, but they also know that there is another big factor in the state of your portfolio that determines whether it succeeds or fail. This additional factor is your ability to do research yourself.

Igor does not believe that your wealth accumulation lies in the hands of someone that is not even your family. A stockbroker is in place to make money for themselves by managing your portfolio. They have no true vested interest in the retirement money that you would be spending during your retirement years. This means that there are limitations on what they can manage for you because they already have a client base where they are constantly dealing with others as well.

Ultimately, it Igor Cornelsen believes that people that want to maximize their investments are going to do everything they can to take notice of how their investments are performing and make changes as needed.

Impressionable facts about PSI Pay

Technological advances have changed the face of banking. People found it difficult to regulate the flow of cash to the people back in the past. Besides, the various forms of currencies that flooded the world made it difficult for people to conduct their trades. As a result, a group of money minded individuals took the step of coming up with ways they could solve the issue and through the various banks that were established, the problem at hand was solved for good. Today, cash flow is regulated by central banks set aside, especially by the government. The step has solved many problems associated with money like the manufacture of counterfeit funds. As a result, trade and conduct of businesses have become easy.


The modern banks that have been established across the globe have also adopted new modes of operation, and they operate through organizing currencies in different categories. There are three known categories that entail precious stones and metals like gold, silver, among others. The second category majorly involves representative money with the fiat capital being the last and most common type of currency. Additionally, the banks also determine the people that ought to be lent money, based on their credit reports. Moreover, they also access the assets that one owns to come up with a great decision on the amount of cash that one qualifies to receive. The ethical behavior that bank operators have exercised has played a crucial role in solving crime associated with cash flow, and people have successfully carried out their businesses and other activities at ease. Though banks also play a significant role in helping people store their money, they have failed at some point, especially when it comes to the issue of security of peoples cash.


Additionally, gurus in the field of technology have also derived new measures through which they can help people handle their cash and store them in a secure modern way. One of the major steps that have been designed is the PSI Pay. The firm provides a digital way through people can store their cash, make payments and receive payments. The latter has received a lot of accreditation form many people and a vast number of people have striven to seek their services. Today, PSI Pay has also attracted the attention of much prestigious personnel forms many countries with the UK being among them. People can now make contactless payments, and the online service has made everything simple and super fast.

ClassDojo to Introduce Monetization

After years spent making their way into classrooms across the US, education tech company ClassDojo is changing how things are done in order to pay the bills.

Since August 2011, they have provided free materials to public school teachers, reaching at least one elementary or middle school classroom in 95% of the country. That’s one in six students under the age of 14. But after promising to never charge schools and teachers, ClassDojo now has to find a way to reimburse the backers that got this venture off the ground.

How do they plan to do both? ClassDojo Beyond School, a subscription aimed at parents of children who already use ClassDojo at school so they can continue their studies at home. This new app will allow parents to look in on their child’s activities, take part in meditation exercises, and take advantage of a points system that rewards tracked behavior.

Behavior incentivization has long been part of the classroom versions of ClassDojo, and they will make a reappearance in Beyond School. Like teachers are able to, soon parents will be able to reward or deduct points based on performance and behavior, and they can set the criteria for earning points.

Parents also stand to get a few things out of Beyond School. Mindfulness and meditation exercises are accompanied with instructional videos they can help parents perform with their children. They will also have access to self-reflection videos their children can record, providing insight to their emotional well being. And the children can express themselves further with custom avatars that they can customize to their liking.

ClassDojo CEO Sam Chaudhary sees this as a method to start conversations between child and parent that may not come up in the classroom.

It’s not easy for a startup to operate for so many years without revenue. Chaudhary said the secret is to be frank and detailed with investors, letting them know the reality of how the business will be built. With a long-term strategy, ClassDojo has been able to develop a reputation among educators that makes it legitimate in the eyes of parents. By giving the product directly to teachers, Chaudhary was able to work with a conservative marketing budget, leaving more funds to assemble a team of a couple dozen employees.

Since 2011, ClassDojo has raised $31.1 million from investor GSV Acceleration, Reach Capital, and General Catalyst.

Felipe Montoro Jens Speaks On Brazil’s Failing Economy

The critical state in which Brazil is in has become supremely concerning. In fact, the nation’s declining economy grew so dire that it prompted the National Confederation of Industry to conduct a study on the country’s inner workings. The results were upsetting at best. When the National Confederation of Industry released their findings, experts, economists, and analysts alike were equal parts baffled and perturbed. In 2017 alone, Brazil abandoned over 2,500 infrastructure projects. Of those 2,500 jobs, 517 related to infrastructure works. As a result, necessary establishments including railways, airports, and educational facilities never came to fruition. Read more about Montoro Jens at

According to project analyst Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil is headed down a road to ruin if they don’t rework their operations. Jens, a valued member of his trade, is versed in the complexities of infrastructure. With that said, he grasps how vital of a role it plays in shaping a well-oiled economy. After performing his own analysis, Jens found the following elements to be injurious to Brazil’s infrastructure operations: technical issues, tarnished business relations, incompetent workers, budgetary constraints, and land ownership mishaps. However, Brazil’s overarching problem is poor micro planning.

A pragmatic problem solver to the core, Jens devised solutions to Brazil’s ongoing setbacks. Improving micro planning, strengthening business ties, designing balanced contracts, and implementing execution modality plans are resolutions he proposes. Unfortunately, Brazil seems both unable and unwilling to accept the glaring flaws in their system. Members of the National Confederation of Industry are particularly peeved with Brazil’s incessant negligence. In fact, the country’s taken little action since their previous economic crisis transpired. If Brazil continues to exhibit such blatant displays of carelessness, their economy will soon dwindle to smoldering ruins. Fortunately, with assistance from experts like Jens, Brazil could eventually rehabilitate their nation.



Chris Burch Offers Sage Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

In the entrepreneurial world, there are certain names that stick out of the crowd as much for what they’ve done as for their ability to convey that knowledge to people who are looking to come after them. Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital and he fits neatly into both of the aforementioned categories. Burch has been working in the entrepreneurial field for over 40 years now and he has played a role in many massive projects spanning several different sectors. For the past six years, Burch has been setting the industry on fire over the past six or seven years so today serves a perfect opportunity to look at the advice that he holds most dear.

Chris Burch finds that life as an entrepreneur is much easier when you prioritize working with the right people. While it sounds like a no-brainer, working with the right people as an investor is actually pretty difficult. You never know who people really are until you get into the trenches with them. For Burch, success came quicker after he learned to read people while getting to know them. Getting a read on a person’s intentions and priorities is the quickest way to make a partnership solvent or a thing of the past.



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As an entrepreneur, Burch believes that it is important to familiarize yourself with the concept of failure. For Burch, failure has been as instrumental in his current life as success has. Burch claims to have failed thousands of times in his life and sometimes things got so bad that it would leave him emotionally devastated and in mourning. With that being said, each moment of failure led to a lifetime of learning and for that, Burch is incredibly grateful and proud of those moments, view also ( Burch wouldn’t change anything about his past but he advocates making sure that you take time to take stock of the good and bad moments.

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Victoria Doramus Supports Best Friends Animal Society

Victoria Doramus is a woman who has a special role in the community. Although many know her as a recovering addict who has endured a lot in her journey, few understand what she has been focusing on. In one of her recent publications, Victoria states that the world is beautiful and a lovely place for people to be. However, it can be a very cruel place for the living things around it. In her complex journey, the businesswoman says that she had had to deal with challenges and difficulties that have made her strong. While still in the process of getting better, Doramus realized that it was crucial to value and also help others in the community in any possible ways.

When speaking about helping, most individuals will think that it is only the fellow humans who are in dire need of assistance in their lives. Animals, according to Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus), have to be protected and helped. This discovery made the businesswoman start supporting an organization called Best Friends Animal Society. This is one of the influential organizations in the world that have been assisting animals by trying to protest against the killing of animals. The organization has been supporting its initiative in the community by bringing community programs and powerful partnership that show the importance of animals in all parts of the country. Victoria and the foundation know that when they all come together for one mission, they will be able to save all animals.

Best Friends is not a new organization in the American society. This foundation was established in the 80’s when some groups were killing cats and even dogs so that they can eliminate all the unwanted pets in the community. According to the organization, these groups managed to kill seventeen million animals almost every year. The sick animals were not spared either. Most of them were killed before they were even treated. Best Friends started by taking the pets to a safe place when they could be treated and given time to heal. With so much love and perfect care, most of the animals were cured and taken to new homes.

Equities First Holdings : New Practices New Success

Equities First Holdings is a company that is on a new wave of success and ideas in it’s Industry. It is a banking and lending company that has started a new way of offering loans to its customers and clients. Most banks are known for giving loans based on credit and so if a person doesn’t have good credit they are out of luck. Equities First Holdings has began giving stock-based loans which give borrowers more flexibility and chances for success. Al Christie jr. who is the CEO of Equities First Holdings came up with this idea so he can help businesses keep revenue for their companies. This has proven to be a successful practice and more and more other companies are starting to adopt this policy. As other banks give customers less and less choices and options this company is giving them more and more. As we had toward the future they are sure to become successful based on their new business practice.