JD.com Launches Pharmaceutical Tracking Solution

JD.com is the largest retailer, and it launched its tracing solution that will help pharmaceutical companies in China provide more transparency to their customers. This tracing solution is a blockchain technology-based, and it is available on JD Blockchain Open Platform. JD.com announced this move in Beijing 2018 at their Big Data Summit. There have been many concerns in China about the authenticity and transparency in the medical field. JD.com wishes to address this authenticity by launching this Medicine Tracing Solution that will provide transparent and reliable tracing information to the customers in China. This tracing solution is meant to cover every single step of drugs from the production, transportation, storage, sale, and medical application. The tracing solution has a very friendly user interface that customers can use easily, and it uses the Internet of Things also to improve the collection of data.

JD.com decided to venture into the pharmaceutical chain after there was an array of incidents in China were the pharmaceutical products were substandard and unsafe. This was especially in the field of vaccination where most vaccines were found to be below the safety standards or even expired. This caused a growing concern to the customers on the safety of the medicines that they were consuming and its origins. JD.com has teamed up with other partners in the pharmaceutical industry such as medical software providers and smart hardware manufacturers to create an IoT that promotes traceability. This will lead to an increase in transparency in the pharmaceutical industry as well as raise the standards of the drugs that are being manufactured. JD.com mains goal is that all individuals are accountable and are transparent which includes businesses, consumers as well as the government.

JD.com wants to use its technology to allow for the collection of accurate, reliable and transparent information about how drugs are sourced right to their selling. This blockchain tracing solution will go a long way in helping the consumers of China get access to safe and quality medicine. This way, there will be no future incidences of unsafe medication that will cost the health of a consumer.

Details JD via Twitter : https://twitter.com/jd_corporate


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