Hussain Sajwani Talks about His Expansion Plan of Damac Properties

In the last few years, Dubai has seen massive growth when it comes to infrastructure development. Hussain Sajwani is one of the men who has contributed to its growth because he founded Damac Properties that has developed thousands of properties across the United Arab Emirates. Listed by Forbes as one of the richest Emiratis in the world, Hussain Sajwani is worth more than four billion dollars, and it continues to grow. It is because he is smart as well and has a dedicated investment firm by the name of DICO Investments that takes care of his holdings and investments, including in the equity markets globally.

Hussain Sajwani also owns a catering company by the name of Global Logistics, which he started right after completing his education. Even though it was a highly profitable venture, he moved his focus and attention to the Dubai real estate market because the government guidelines became more flexible that attracted businesses. Hussain Sajwani’s first project itself was a highly successful venture, and it sold off within a week of planning and designing of the project. Damac Properties now has footprints across the world and has properties under development in many countries, including in the United States. Hussain Sajwani is a visionary businessman and knows that in order to consistently grow, partnerships are necessary. It is for this reason; he continues to partner with many overseas as well as local companies from time to time to help expand the company’s business and operational territory.

Hussain Sajwani was recently questioned about the decline in the stock prices of Damac Properties. He said that he was not a bit worried as it happens in business. One does have to continue to work, and things will turn around. He is already planning the expansion of his company in other parts of the world. He was also asked about his close relationship with the US President Trump, and he said that he does not believe in using friendship for politic gains. Also, he is not a politician but a businessman, so he prefers sticking to his business rather than try to change policies.

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