Sunday Riley: The Inspiration Behind Her Skin-Care Products

Have you ever heard or tried the skin-care brand Sunday Riley? For many, Sunday Riley is frequently recognized for its minimalistic no-nonsense skincare packaging. The products themselves prove to be effective in many ways.

Inspiration Behind the Brand

In an article, we take a look at an interview with Sunday Riley. In the beginning, it briefly describes how Sunday Riley began. It states that the creator and owner of the brand wanted to combine “science-based active ingredients with botanicals” in her products, which was missing in other skin-care products available today.

Not A Chemistry Experiment

After talking about inspiration, the article moves on to talk about Sunday Riley’s background. She says that her learning was hands-on while on the job. Trial and error were the bases for finding the perfect formula for her products. Her outlook was geared towards perfecting her techniques to an “art form,” leaving behind “too much science” without the personalization when creating a product.

Sunday Riley Products

Further, in the article, Sunday Riley is asked about her products and of them which product she is most proud of. Generally, she states that she is “proud of all of them.” However, when she loses the confidence in one product she immediately discontinues it from her brand’s line up. The article continues to discuss different products from her line including Good Genes, Tidal, Juno, and U.F.O to just name a few. She goes on to tell us her normal “skin-care routine” in a span of a week using her own products. She also states that she is interested in making products for hair later in the future.

What’s In a Name?

Later, Sunday Riley is asked about her unique name. She says that, coincidentally, her father named her for business reasons. She briefly describes her childhood and how she is glad she was named Sunday Riley by her father.


The article concludes with a discussion about her cosmetic line that she later discontinued. Today, Sunday Riley has developed a foundation that includes at least twenty-shades for the vast variety of unique skin tones her consumers have. Her aim is inclusivity, to “represent everyone.” It ends with the involvement of friends and family to test out her new foundation product.

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