The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci has made a name for himself over the years in the real estate industry thanks to his strong work ethic and drive for success. He has much experience teaching those just starting out the ins and outs of real estate. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has grown into the place to be for those looking to get into the field.

Nick started out as an entrepreneur in the tech field at the young age of 18. His business had a good start until the dot com crash of 2000 caused him to lose millions of dollars as well as his business. Nick decided not to dwell on this loss and moved forward with a new career in real estate. He was able to learn the tools of the trade fairly quickly and became a skilled investor over the years.

California and Nevada became the homes of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which was established in order to prepare students for the world of real estate. The academy teaches how to purchase property such as family homes, and homes that have been foreclosed. Nick provides teachers who are also successful realtors and investors who possess the skills students are eager to get their hands on.

Nick Vertucci isn’t only an expert when it comes to real estate, but he also has experience as a talented radio host. “The Real Estate Investing Hour” was created to encourage and educate people on the world of real estate and property investments. The radio show motivated many people to try their luck at real estate and became popular rather quickly.

Getting a mentor in real estate for those just starting out in real estate and investing is easy with Nick Vertucci’s academy. His school even hosts events all across the country for students and professionals alike. Nick takes his crew around the town in a decked out bus proving that fun can most definitely be mixed with business. Those looking to get into the real estate industry are encouraged to visit the academy’s website for information on enrollment.

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