Dr. Dov Rand On What Physical Medicine Does

Dr. Dov Rand has been practicing medicine for decades, and over that time he’s become well respected, both by his patients as well as his peers. One of the chief areas that Dr. Dov Rand has specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation. However, many people may not know just how important this area is; while it’s especially true among patients, Dr. Dov Rand has noted that it’s somewhat common among medical professionals. Based in West Orange, New Jersey, the doctor helps patients have a better standard of life through all phases of their lives.

The specialty that Dr. Dov Rand has chosen for himself, physical medicine and rehabilitation, focuses on improving the quality of life of all patients. However, the field is most known for helping patients after major injuries, or if they’ve recently developed a disability of some kind. Because of the number of injuries and disabilities created in a given year, this means that there’s an important for medical professionals such as Dr. Dov Rand.

Furthermore, doctors who specialize in this area to work concerning age or hormonal disorders. Having said that, many of these can be considered a sub-specialty and many professionals are part of a multi-doctor panel that helps with more complicated issues. These panel members will each treat a different aspect of the condition. Doctors who specialize in this area can have quite the work load in a hospital, according to the doctor. According to the doctor, the specialist will commonly work with patients who are recovering from a traumatic injury.

Dr. Dov Rand also noted that many of these injuries would affect the nervous system, which can include the likes of a brain injury, stroke, or injury to the spinal cord. Because of that, much physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist will focus on many of these areas. It should also be noted that many specialists will also work with patients who have also undergone an amputation; some of these amputations may be related to damage to the nervous system, although not all of these cases would be like this, according to Dr. Rand. With that in mind, the specialty can be extremely important for a hospital.

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