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Exactly How To Gain Media Coverage With Your New Product

You have a brand-new product. Currently, the following action is to make sales.

Any business, whether online or a brick-and-mortar store, needs a reliable advertising technique to engage existing clients as well as attract new ones. Unfortunately, advertising a product isn’t as easy as it seems.

It can be challenging to market a brand-new item. If you’re looking to promote your product, getting promotion can help you get to tens of thousands of clients. Have a look at some ideas to advertise it by linking to the media:

Produce a newsworthy news release.

The news paid press release distribution service may seem an old school strategy, yet it is still very efficient for creating media protection. Through the years, it has evolved to reach consumers, not merely journalists.

There are different ways you can compose a release regarding your item launch. One tried and tested technique that you can attempt is providing free items.

Occasionally, journalists are motivated to discuss a brand-new item when they see it.

Announcing giveaways can additionally be an excellent angle to compose a tale concerning your brand name. Capitalize on this tactic to obtain more connection with the media, followers, as well as sales.

Try a crowdfunding project.

Releasing a crowdfunding project with Kickstarter, Tilt or Indiegogo is one specific means to obtain grip with the media. It is a practical approach to gain promotion, fund a new item or venture, discover funding for your new product and also obtain help from “backers” to go after item development.

Journalists like products that give advantages to their viewers. See to it that you compose an excellent crowdfunding brand-new that has worth. Moreover, you ought to have the ability to create a superb history story to encourage both backers and also the media.

Advertise an intro campaign on Facebook.

While conceptualizing your item, you might create an intro on Facebook merely to announce that something exciting or new is turning up. It’s an efficient means to produce the interest of fans and also the media alike.

Although the launching might take a while, establishing a new partnership with your followers can build your online authority and enhance your website traffic. It is additionally suitable for producing a buzz online to get media attention.

Use influencers to obtain words out.

Check out influencers within your specific niche as they can help you get the word out regarding your brand-new product. Without straight advertising and marketing, they can aid you to promote it via their social media sites accounts.

Bloggers or influencers have big followers who conveniently authorize their referrals and also recommendations. Well- recognized influencers are additionally highlighted in the media, so it offers journalists a suggestion about what to create on their next story.

Sign up with HARO.

Aid a Reporter Out (HARO) is a complimentary, simple and also fast way to connect with the media. Day-to-day, marketing professionals get alerts of what press reporters require. It’s your opportunity to highlight as well as use what you have.

Getting connected with individuals you need to obtain publicity is the first step to build a partnership with them. It takes time due to the fact that you have to help it. Deal them the information they require. It’s a sure means to engage as well as obtain future interactions and promotion.

Construct a social network.

Social networking is a point today. Use numerous social networks channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others to obtain even more followers, rise sales and also acquire media insurance coverage.

These networks can be a reliable device for marketing is you use it to develop connections with the media. Remember that “Rome wasn’t built overnight.” You need to remain present and also constant to build social media sites complying with and also obtain publicity.

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How Luke Lazarus is Revolutionizing Startups

The modern age has witnessed the mushrooming of startups all over the globe. Subsequently, such startups have developed the need to have an experienced consultant who will provide them with advice relating to addressing, defining and identifying issues that are vital to their success.

One such expert who has made a name for himself providing consultancy services to startups on how to manage growth and build business plans is Luke Lazarus. He is a Melbourne-based consultant with over 20 years of experience.

Indeed, Luke Lazarus has been one of the most sought-after startup consultants around the Southeastern coast of Australia due to his expertise.

Not only does he offer his seasoned perspective when taking care of critical decisions but also brings clarity in executing a company’s decisions. Luke Lazarus understands that startups need to partner with experienced consultants who will provide an outlook that shapes trajectory while at the same time emphasizing the vital aspects of a business.

Educational Background and Early Career

Graduating from business school is a critical ingredient in running a business or working as a consultant in a related field. Luke Lazarus graduated with an MBA from Melbourne Business School at 24 years of age. Subsequently, he tried his luck in entrepreneurship, starting and selling four companies before he was 33 years.

Nowadays, Luke utilizes his vast wealth of experience working closely with waning or new businesses and sealing the loopholes that may adversely affect the startup. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus has worked with a plethora of startups, most of which have credited him with providing the expertise that enabled their ventures to regain momentum. Over the decades, Luke has used his knowledge to offer consultancy to struggling startups in the following areas:

Operational Improvement

  • Operational Improvement- his tenure at the helm of many organizations gives him the unique ability to diagnose and assess the issues bedeviling a business thoroughly. Therefore, he assists businesses to thrive and prosper in new directions hence positioning them for stability and growth.

Financial Projections

  • Financial Projections- Ane of the vital components of any business is the ability to monitor the management of cash flow and project future profitability. These aspects are crucial to the success of the company’s success. The ability to make future financial projections gives your investors and staff a clear picture of the business’ operations thus spurring transparency and consistency.

Developing Market Plans

  • Developing Market Plans- Any business needs to have a clear picture of the market it intends to operate in before it starts its operations. As such, Luke Lazarus plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses set their budgets and timelines while at the same time outline project life cycle from the time an idea is conceived to the time it is launched in the market.

Luke Lazarus advises young entrepreneurs to build a good network around them from an early age. Such networks act as fertile grounds for meeting like-minded individuals and also as avenues for new opportunities.

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Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is always committed to seeking ways to innovate industries. He has over time been awarded Forbes 30 fewer than 30 in Consumer Technology and South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. Before founding the JetSmarter, he joined hands with other people and founded two IT projects. The two projects were an online chat system for website customer service and a distance learning platform for Russian speaking educational organizations. He worked as a board director at a private jet operator based in South Florida.

While he flew the jet for the first time, he identified the challenges that came with the booking approach. The Mobile marketplaces were on the rise, and he felt the necessity of solving the booking process with technology. This is where the idea JetSmarter was born. By gathering his development team from previous projects and investing his capital, he initiated the planning phase for this app.

This app could help connect flyers with private jet operators that are top-rated. He officially launched the app in 2013 by raising more funds and collaborating with many vendors and partners. Their consistent hard work has led to the inventive JetSmarter app today. It is a mobile community for shared and private flights. Its headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The app gives its users to form flights almost anywhere in the globe and share them with other members. To make the flight private, members book all the seats.

Sergey Petrossov has created this app in a way that it uses data science, modern technology and an approach that is community oriented. Through these, they can bring together leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and culture. It also promotes socially-powered travel. JetSmarter allows its customers to reserve seats on existing flights and also to book sets on last-minute-leg deals. A luxurious lifestyle and ability to network with like-minded travelers are some of the benefits members enjoy.

Felipe Montoro’s Strategies in the Business World

Felipe Montoro attended one of the best business schools in Brazil where he studied a degree in business. He was aided with skills and knowledge that would later help him to manoeuvre the business world. He later advanced his education in the field of global management. The world was getting very competitive, hence his move to go back to school. The program had trained some reputable people in society. After his graduation, he joined the working world. He was always on the move to advance his career. Any board affiliations that came along the way he considered and took. This was a great strategy to help him build his foundation.

He centered his career in infrastructure. He was responsible for economic waste and finding ways through which the government and other corporations could get rid of waste materials. His specialization was a key area because his management and disposal of waste lead to an increase in profits. It also improved the financial responsibility and accountability in the companies. He has also had years of training and experience in financial strategies. He is the current CEO at EnergiparCaptacao S.A. Read this article about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro’s innovative ideas have created opportunities for growth. He acknowledges the impact of modern technology and how it could be used to advance businesses and companies. For example, he evaluates how energy from the sun can be captured and transformed. He notes that solar energy is a renewable source of energy. The fact that it comes from the sun, it is an endless supply of energy and its plants require low maintenance. He also notes that this kind of energy is not a pollutant to the environment. Both urban and rural communities can benefit from this energy. He states the downside of this project being expensive and negatively affecting the economically disadvantaged countries. Read more:,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html

Doe Deere’s Rules for Life

Doe Deere, founder of both the Lime Crime makeup brand and the fashion brand Poppy Angeloff, didn’t become the successful woman she is today without working hard for it. Her skill and innovative, gorgeous ideas are a mark of her success, but this empowering icon had to work hard for her dream.

At 17, Deere came to the U.S. with her mother and sister. Far from the idyllic image of a brand new life, Doe and her family spent two years in a homeless shelter before they could afford a home of their own. It was then that Deere was able to fall into her passions, and to grow into the supporter of women we know and love today. Deere’s steps to success are empowering and deceptively simple, and we want you to try them out!

Passion is key.

  • Passion is key. Find what you are passionate about, and make it your dream! For Doe Deere, that passion was color. Colors can have a major impact on our mood. Color is a direct link to expressing emotion, and Doe wanted all of the women in the world to connect with their feelings and express them!

Know your clientelle.

  • Know your clientelle. Deere maintains that you have to get into your customer’s head, really think about what they’ll want in the future, adn bring that to the table.

Take the risk!

  • Take the risk! Last, but definitely not least: jump into it! The only way to succeed is to get out there and try. This last step can be the hardest for many of us, but you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you start!

Doe Deere is an inspiration for thousands of women all over the world. The confidence we feel when we’re wearing her makeup or styling an outfit gives her dream life, every day. Make your own dreams come true with Deere’s steps!

Alec Sellem Crunchbase

Alec Sellem, the founding father of Sellem Industries and active CEO of the company, oversees a company that values a streamlined process of efficiency in the way they work. The England based firm has shown great results in the area of daily operational standards and the Sellem has seen to it that things run smoothly, with as minimal redundancies as possible. Sellem Industries prides itself in the safe and comfortable environment being provided to their staff. Alec Sellem embodies these key principles as well, with a diverse background in gold refining and mining.

As an expert in these areas, Sellem provides the type of experienced leadership needed in order to run a successful company. Since its start, Sellem Industries has thrived in the mining and gold industries, due to having such an insightful entrepreneur at the helm who remains involved in daily happenings.

Sierra Leone and Senegal are two prime mining locations where Sellem Industries is based and working out of. Through the Sellem Foundation, the company is involved with more remote communities in an effort to help the economic growth of those communities by providing incentives to employees based there. The Foundation also helps these communities through educational experiences for the area’s youth, due to the school that was built from the Foundation’s efforts. Coupling these provided resources with a stringent set of rules, specific incentives, and a strong business sense, Sellem Industries continues to boost the economy of these smaller communities to grow into something stronger and more comfortable to maintain for the locals.

The whole idea of Sellem Industries originated from Alec Sellem’s previously existing interest in the gold industry. This particular concept of a company that could help revolutionize the mining industry came to Sellem while he was trading gold with a friend. He noticed there was a certain supply and demand needed and gaps that existed within the current trends in the industry, to which he managed to formulate a way to fill through Sellem Industries.

Alec Sellem’s: Twitter.

Louis Chenevert Reveals How Investing in Employees Can Help Companies

Louis Chenevert is one of the most successful and well known businessmen from Canada. Today, he currently serves as the exclusive advisor to the financial services firm Goldman Sachs. Chenevert has recently revealed that companies that invest in their employees will be in better position to thrive. When it comes to investing in employees, companies can offer scholarship programs, encourage team building, reward hard workers and also create an optimal work environment. With all of these things, a company can improve its environment as well as motivating its workforce to perform at their very best.

When a company wants to invest in its employees, one of the first steps is to create a work environment that is both positive and engaging. A company will want to make sure that any facility is comfortable, efficient and one where employees can reach their full potential. Along with making a work environment comfortable and conducive to better employee performance, companies that invest in their employees will also want to make their work environment fun. This can include games and lounges to help employees enjoy their down time and relieve stress.

Another good way in which a company can invest in their employees is by offering scholarship programs. Since a number of job positions may require continuing education, it is important for employees to have funding available to get this. However, some may not be able to fund college degree programs and so a scholarship can help them. A company can provide funds for an employee to complete a degree so that they can gain more knowledge and get promoted to a higher position.

Companies that decide to invest in their employees can benefit by rewarding them for their hard work and achievements. There are a number of ways in which a company can reward hard workers. It can offer promotions, raises in salary, year end bonuses and also provide gifts and gift cards. All of these things can help employees feel that they are making valuable contributions and getting recognized for it. It will also motivate them to strive for more achievements in the future as well.


Luke Lazarus Is A Dedicated Startup Consultant Who Works With Clients In Australia’s Southeastern Coast

Luke Lazarus has been working as a startup consultant for two decades and has continues to be a part of many different successful partnerships. He has helped many brands to find the success they are looking for and mainly works with CEOs in the southeastern coast of Australia. Lazarus studied at Melbourne Business School and received his MBA while in his early twenties. Before he was 33 years old, he was able to create and sell a group of firms.


Luke Lazarus brings ideas to life by ensuring that the story of the brands he works with is in alignment with what it has to offer. He believes that storytelling is a very important method to use to reach customers and focuses on solving problems in any industry he works in. When brands couple what they have to offer with an emotion or an idea they can reach many more people, and this is exactly what he works to help them do. He has found that some of his greatest ideas have come from solving the problems that he faces in his daily life.


Today, customers want to feel more connected with the brands and companies they buy from than ever before. Luke Lazarus enjoys working with companies and watching them meet the needs of their customers in new an innovative ways. When a business shares the same values as its customers, this a win-win scenario. This is why he encourages the startups he works with to always prove how their products can make their customers feel.

Luke Lazarus take meticulous notes throughout his working day and ensures that he is able to access his notes wherever he goes. He has found it most productive to jot down quick notes or to take a photo of a note so he remembers its importance. If he could travel back and time and give himself some advice, it would be to relax and not worry so much. He has revealed that he was very anxious when he was younger and that he was, often, preoccupied with what the future would hold. He now realizes this was unnecessary and could have saved himself from a lot of anxiety along the way if he just believed in himself more.


Luke Lazarus has learned that it is good to surround himself with talented individuals who know how to focus on what is important. He has become quite the networker over the years, which has served him well. Luke Lazarus believes there is plenty of room to revamp the medical sector and feels that an UBER for doctors would be a good business idea. He also believes that health care can be made more affordable and hopes to see the field embrace modern technology.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Help Kids Across Ohio Through Philanthropy

Ohio is the home of the personal injury law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick. Since 2005 they have been helping clients recover money after suffering a personal injury at someone else’s hands. They have 10 offices, about 40 attorneys, and 100 people in on their support team. They are one of Ohio’s leading personal injury law firms due to their customer service and extensive legal experience. They also have insider information on how the insurance firms operate when it comes to paying on claims.

At Kisling Nestico & Redick, they don’t stop at just representing their clients and representing their clients in settlements or courtrooms. They also feel a sense of duty for helping others in the community. They have been supporting low-income families across Ohio since the year they were founded. Most of their effort goes into supporting people, especially children, who are food insecure.

They recently got in contact with an Ohio school district director of family and community engagement in order to find out which school they should donate food to. The team at Kisling Nestico & Redick wanted to put their money to the best use by identifying a school with a lot of low-income families. They were pointed to Greenbriar Middle School because nearly half of the students qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program.

Kisling Nestico & Redick spent $1,200 filling up 60 bags with groceries such as bread, fruit, cheese, and peanut butter. These bags went to kids who were going on spring break during which time they wouldn’t have access to food at school. This was part of the KNR Cares About Kids program.

They have also been raising money for the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank since 2004. They do so by participating in the annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. A team of Kisling Nestico & Redick attorney’s and staffers volunteered to take a plunge into a very cold lake. They raised about $30,000 which was enough money to provide 120,000 meals. The CEO and president of the food bank said that they are able to stretch each dollar into four meals.

Learn more about Kisling Nestico & Redick –

Todd Levine Using Art to Solve His Cases

Todd Levine is an attorney working with Kluger Kaplan in the city of Miami Florida. The legal entity has once again been distinguished with the best attorneys in America award. It was recognized for the quality service they provide to their clients with virtues such as dedication, professionalism, and proficiency being displayed in their work.

Todd Levine is one of the attorney recognized as one of the best lawyers from the Kluger Kaplan entity. His efforts were visible in the Real Estate category. He is also the founding member of the legal entity. He takes charge of almost every business dispute that comes that is tabled to them. He handles cases that involve representing contractors, real estate negotiators, and owners of the property, investors, and developers.

Todd Levine is also a passionate musician, and he uses his art and creative skills even in the courtroom to edge out his opponents. In his early days, he found out he had a flair in deliberating court proceedings. It was made possible by his ability to reframe matters and disputes to make them debatable and easier to comprehend. Todd Levine acknowledges his success in the courtroom as a result of the good personal skills and dedication he has kept till date. He recognizes the importance of good preparation and looking at an argument from different angles possible. This preparation has aided to his increased creativity to tackle such predicaments. Todd Levine studied his law degree from the University of Florida and also has a degree in Business Administration, Finance.

The other lawyers at Kluger Kaplan who were recognized for good work were Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan who were awarded in the entertainment law, mergers and takeovers and commercial proceedings category. Bruce Katzen was recognized for noble work in capital market regulations and securities. In the family law category, Philippe Lieberman and Steve Silverman were highlighted for their achievements.

Kluger Kaplan has also been highlighted as one of the best from legal industry with their publications and has continuously been chosen by clients for their great quality service they offer.

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