Article Title: Eos and RED Helps Fight Against Aids

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The famous lip and skin care brand Eos which is short for Evolution of Smooth has teamed up with the non-profit organization RED in order to help end the fatal AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa. The collaboration is aimed to help raise awareness and money to donate to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. To help raise awareness Eos and RED has designed a Pomegranate Raspberry scent Eos package with RED’s signature color and logo followed with an illustration of lips to signify Eos.

Eos lip balm was created to moisturize and protect your lips. With many designs and colors, it is also used as an accessory. Eos comes in a broad range of flavors from pink grapefruit, coconut milk, strawberry sorbet, a variety of mints and even flavors to accommodate for the holidays. These lip balms come in two sphere packages, one being the famous sphere package and the other being stick packages.

This amazing lip balm is even dermatologist approved and has been designed and modified to satisfy customers needs. Eos focuses on using natural ingredients from beeswax, a variety of oils, different kinds of butter and even aloe vera while ensuring that their products are paraben, petrolatum, and gluten-free. Eos has five categories for customers to choose from: natural and organic that is certified 100 percent organic, visibly soft and hydrating which ensures deep hydration and soft lips with use of cocoa and Shea butter, weightless and wax-free, shimmer and tint that is used for enhancing one’s lips and SPF and medicated for those with painful, sore, chapped lips. Find out more about EOS Lip Balm:

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