The Man Behind Blockchain

How far does one need to look back into the history of an innovative giant in order to find some indication of what they might become?

Does one simply look into their childhood? If so, then if one were to look at the young life of Serge Belamant, one would see a determined child with not only the drive to succeed, but the willingness to change his course in order to ensure it.

Looking at his young life alone would obviously indicate his future success.

For Belamant though, the need to look back that far is unnecessary. Yes, his childlike tenacity pushed him forward in unforeseeable ways. But to see the true measure of his success, one need not delve deep into his past, or even look at the several patents he holds for breaking various molds in the financial industry. Visit to know more about Serge Belamant

Instead, one need only look at the way he was able to help over ten million South African Social Security Beneficiaries receive their monthly stipends on time without having to worry about technological delays, or thievery. The three ways he did this were inspiring – the one that stood out the most though was the creation of his variable pin.

In order to prevent thievery at ATM’s, a recipient had to call a number on the back of their cards, that put their voice through identification software. Once their identity was confirmed, the system provided them with a one-time only pin. They would then enter this pin at the ATM. The usage of the variable pin prevented countless acts of fraud and theft.

As such, one need not look into what drove a person to become innovative. Rather, one need only look at how their ability to innovate helped others. Read more:

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