Luke Lazarus Is A Dedicated Startup Consultant Who Works With Clients In Australia’s Southeastern Coast

Luke Lazarus has been working as a startup consultant for two decades and has continues to be a part of many different successful partnerships. He has helped many brands to find the success they are looking for and mainly works with CEOs in the southeastern coast of Australia. Lazarus studied at Melbourne Business School and received his MBA while in his early twenties. Before he was 33 years old, he was able to create and sell a group of firms.


Luke Lazarus brings ideas to life by ensuring that the story of the brands he works with is in alignment with what it has to offer. He believes that storytelling is a very important method to use to reach customers and focuses on solving problems in any industry he works in. When brands couple what they have to offer with an emotion or an idea they can reach many more people, and this is exactly what he works to help them do. He has found that some of his greatest ideas have come from solving the problems that he faces in his daily life.


Today, customers want to feel more connected with the brands and companies they buy from than ever before. Luke Lazarus enjoys working with companies and watching them meet the needs of their customers in new an innovative ways. When a business shares the same values as its customers, this a win-win scenario. This is why he encourages the startups he works with to always prove how their products can make their customers feel.


Luke Lazarus take meticulous notes throughout his working day and ensures that he is able to access his notes wherever he goes. He has found it most productive to jot down quick notes or to take a photo of a note so he remembers its importance. If he could travel back and time and give himself some advice, it would be to relax and not worry so much. He has revealed that he was very anxious when he was younger and that he was, often, preoccupied with what the future would hold. He now realizes this was unnecessary and could have saved himself from a lot of anxiety along the way if he just believed in himself more.


Luke Lazarus has learned that it is good to surround himself with talented individuals who know how to focus on what is important. He has become quite the networker over the years, which has served him well. Luke Lazarus believes there is plenty of room to revamp the medical sector and feels that an UBER for doctors would be a good business idea. He also believes that health care can be made more affordable and hopes to see the field embrace modern technology.


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