How Luke Lazarus is Revolutionizing Startups

The modern age has witnessed the mushrooming of startups all over the globe. Subsequently, such startups have developed the need to have an experienced consultant who will provide them with advice relating to addressing, defining and identifying issues that are vital to their success.

One such expert who has made a name for himself providing consultancy services to startups on how to manage growth and build business plans is Luke Lazarus. He is a Melbourne-based consultant with over 20 years of experience.

Indeed, Luke Lazarus has been one of the most sought-after startup consultants around the Southeastern coast of Australia due to his expertise.

Not only does he offer his seasoned perspective when taking care of critical decisions but also brings clarity in executing a company’s decisions. Luke Lazarus understands that startups need to partner with experienced consultants who will provide an outlook that shapes trajectory while at the same time emphasizing the vital aspects of a business.

Educational Background and Early Career

Graduating from business school is a critical ingredient in running a business or working as a consultant in a related field. Luke Lazarus graduated with an MBA from Melbourne Business School at 24 years of age. Subsequently, he tried his luck in entrepreneurship, starting and selling four companies before he was 33 years.

Nowadays, Luke utilizes his vast wealth of experience working closely with waning or new businesses and sealing the loopholes that may adversely affect the startup. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus has worked with a plethora of startups, most of which have credited him with providing the expertise that enabled their ventures to regain momentum. Over the decades, Luke has used his knowledge to offer consultancy to struggling startups in the following areas:

Operational Improvement

  • Operational Improvement- his tenure at the helm of many organizations gives him the unique ability to diagnose and assess the issues bedeviling a business thoroughly. Therefore, he assists businesses to thrive and prosper in new directions hence positioning them for stability and growth.

Financial Projections

  • Financial Projections- Ane of the vital components of any business is the ability to monitor the management of cash flow and project future profitability. These aspects are crucial to the success of the company’s success. The ability to make future financial projections gives your investors and staff a clear picture of the business’ operations thus spurring transparency and consistency.

Developing Market Plans

  • Developing Market Plans- Any business needs to have a clear picture of the market it intends to operate in before it starts its operations. As such, Luke Lazarus plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses set their budgets and timelines while at the same time outline project life cycle from the time an idea is conceived to the time it is launched in the market.

Luke Lazarus advises young entrepreneurs to build a good network around them from an early age. Such networks act as fertile grounds for meeting like-minded individuals and also as avenues for new opportunities.

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