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How Betterworks Creates a Positive Feedback Culture

When a company creates a positive feedback culture, employee engagement is heightened. Betterworks makes it easier for administrators to communicate with their staff members so that such an environment is possible. All business leaders want to learn how to boost employee performance, so  here are some ways that this solution helps create a positive feedback culture.

Follow by Example

Betterworks helps leaders improve their skills and become better coaches.  It allows managers to set goals and provide positive feedback to employees who are trying to reach these targets. When communication frequent and positive, management can lead by example. With Betterworks, a leader can maintain daily contact so that employees can follow orders without confusion.

Use Feedback to Reinforce Expectations

When an organization uses feedback as a way to proactively correct problems and encourage positive behavior, the company tends to enjoy a high level of success. Betterworks allows employees to learn from feedback and adjust their behavior accordingly. This heightens productivity.

Aid Communication

Powering a company’s teams with a solid communication platform is key for success. With Betterworks, it is possible to keep in touch at all times. When there is a simple way to record notes, conduct conversations, and set standards, a positive feedback culture is created.

Performance management is not always easy for a business. When it is possible to analyze employee behavior and improve the work environment, a business is sure to enjoy a positive feedback culture. Betterworks is a beneficial tool that will help engage a company’s staff and motivate employees to meet goals.

Carsten Thiel Takes Over General Operations at EUSA Pharma

Carsten Thiel was raised in Berlin. He grew up in Germany. The budding healthcare professional was bright at school. He pursued chemistry in Malbrook. Thiel had the desire to understand the Anglo-Saxon system of education. He, therefore, left his native capital to enroll at the prestigious Bristol University. Thiel pursued organic chemistry. He received his degree in science, and further specialized in biotechnology. He also pursued biochemistry. Eventually, he enrolled at Max Planck School of Chemistry, where he took up a Ph.D. in biology. He concentrated his unit in protein associated with the health of cells.

After completing his studies, he delved into his initial foray, where he joined the pharmaceutical industry. He landed his first employment opportunity at Hoffman La-Roche, a prominent biotechnology firm. At first, he served as the firm’s communications manager. Thiel registered excellent performance. Therefore, he was promoted to serve as a product manager. With his newly garnered experience, he could now carve an excellent reputation for himself. Soon after, Thiel was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the scientific department of the firm. He also took over market assessment.

Thiel has since been defined as the man behind the development of the biotechnology industry. He has served as the GM of Insadong. He has also exuded many years of experience when it comes to launching products. Thiel has a strong conviction when it comes to following ethics at work. He believes that every employee should be treated as humanely as possible. He has also proven to be a great business leader. As such, EUSA Pharma, a leading biotechnology firm, has appointed him to serve as the president. He will oversee the clinical development segment. EUSA Pharma is a dynamic biotechnological firm that is focused on oncology in addition to a rare disease. The organization continuously strives to confront various gaps found in patient care.

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OSI Food Solutions Growing Larger Every Day

Over the last 100 years, OSI Food Solutions has grown into one of the largest privately-held value-added food suppliers in the world. The now multibillion-dollar food conglomerate operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries and employs over 20,000 employees. Thanks to its expansive reach, unparalleled strength and responsiveness, and global reputation, OSI Food Solutions is considered one of the best business partners for any food-related organization. Though OSI Food Solutions is a worldwide conglomerate today, it began as a tiny butchery and meat market in Illinois in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, opened his meat market shortly after arriving in the U.S. It wasn’t until nearly 20 years later that Otto’s business earned an outstanding reputation and a new name.

The newly named Otto & Sons expanded across the Midwest over the next few decades. Eventually, the business passed down to his sons. In 1955, the brothers formed OSI’s first and most important major partnership. After meeting with a man named Ray Kroc, Otto’s sons became the primary supplier of the restaurant chain McDonald’s. The first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. McDonald’s proved to be more successful than anyone predicted, so at first, the restaurant chain used many suppliers of high-quality ground beef patties. As the technology evolved, the Kolschowsky brothers invested in cryogenic technology, allowing them to freeze their patties fresh and ship them farther.

With this new technology, Otto & Sons became the official supplier of McDonald’s. Due to their owners’ close relationship, Otto & Sons and McDonald’s continued their partnership for decades. Today, the companies are still intertwined, though Otto & Sons has a new name. This name changed in 1975 when the brothers handed control over to a new CEO. Since Sheldon Lavin took over the company, he’s expanded upon OSI’s partnerships and global impact. In the early years of OSI’s expansion, the company followed McDonald’s, using its reputation to boost their own. Today, OSI stands alone and maintains international and domestic partnerships.

Bhanu Choudhrie Contributions to the Start-ups World through C&C Alpha Group Ltd

Bhanu Choudhrie is synonymous with helping start-ups in getting a soft landing in the corporate world. He is also one of the few people that have interests in five markets, namely aviation, health care, hospitality, and more importantly — banking. In each of these markets, he has revolutionized how corporate view and treat clients. According to Choudhrie, his school of thought — of creating a good relationship between companies and clients — has assisted him in seeing investment from a different perspective.

As one of the people with a huge passion for growth in the corporate world, he created — C&C Alpha Group. Under this company, Bhanu Choudhrie has assisted people in developing better policies and more importantly, create customer-centered policies. Under this entity, he is working with start-ups around the world and more specifically in India and the Philippines. When working with upcoming investors and investors, he is also keen on helping them to identify new opportunities in their respective niches.

The Boston University graduate is also keen on assisting young talents in the corporate world to develop a new view on work and productivity. He understands that productivity translates to low production costs and more specifically — better incomes. Bhanu Choudhrie is an example of how executives should view productivity. According to him, being a perfect example in a company is one of the best approaches to change how employees view productivity and value for work.

Bhanu Choudhrie values information and one of his favorite ways to get information is through business news. According to him, business news — from print and CNN — assists him in making critical decisions. Choudhrie understands that through business news, it is possible to predict the future of business and more importantly, predict which business model is sustainable and which is not sustainable. In addition to reading and watching business news, he understands the importance of commissioning researches.

Finally, he understands the importance of technology in business structures. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the future of business depends on how entities embrace technology and better ways of doing business. In health care, for example, he points out that there are better ways to handle ailments — compared to two decades ago.

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How Steve Ritchie Rose Through The Ranks At Papa John’s

While he became the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s on the first day of 2018, Steve Ritchie was actually involved in the pizza business for a very long time. After his first job working for Burger King when he was 16 years old, he started working at Pizza Man, which was a small shop that he ended up buying.

Ritchie was 43 years old when he took on the role of CEO, but he bought his first pizzeria when he was only 18 and still a student in high school. He purchased Hikes Point for the price of $16,000 and chose not to go to college but instead to focus on the business.

He got the working capital for his late grandfather, and after buying the establishment he spent two years working 14 hours every day in order to keep the business afloat. According to Ritchie, this made him learn the value of hard work, and as a result of his refusal to fail, he kept the business moving for longer than he should have been capable of. Despite this, the business didn’t take off.

His relationship with Papa John’s began in 1996, when he was making $6/hour in order to take phone orders at a store in St. Matthews. He rose through the ranks, becoming manager, multi-unit supervisor, then major franchisee, director of global operations, and finally president and COO before being appointed the company’s CEO.

Ritchie was used with having responsibility before taking on the role of CEO. In 2010, 8 years before being at the helm of the company, he rejoined Papa John’s full-time and he was in charge of all 650 stores that were owned by the company. Moreover, 2 years later he became responsibly for the global operations of the company, being in charge of 4,200 stores worldwide, in 35 countries.

How To Capture Leads For Your Business with Classified Ads

There are many free online/offline classified ad out there. Some people thinks that it doesnt really work to get the prospect with that service. The fact is that many new marketers using it, posting their offer over and over again. Why? because its easy and FREE. leolist
I’ll show you the right way to advertise with it. You must use a two step ad. this is the working example:
Ordinary people are making EXTRAORDINARY money WORKING FROM HOME on the Internet! Get FREE info by email. Send your request to:
You can see that the Ad is short eye catching, but the reason why it calls a two steps Ad is because it does’nt lead your prospect directly to your promoted website. It works two steps: step 1 asking the prospect to send email to the autoresponder address. step 2 the autoresponder capture the email and then send an offering email with your website link in it. You can send blank email to the above address to see how it work from inside.
Most of the time this is the most effective way with Classified Ad, where you can only put a very short Ad in it. So the job of your ad only to grab the attention and drive them to send an email for complete information, make them curious about your product!
In order to execute this type of promotion you need to have your own autoresponder, there are some free autoresponders out there.

The autoresponder will capture the email and send the offering email automatically so your job only placing your ad to many free classified ads out there. You need to set up the offering letter first in your autoresponder before placing the ad.
I have used this strategy with local yellowpages and I put my ad only once a week and I got new leads/subscribers everyday with the little effort I’ve done.
Happy List Building!

The New Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has grown to be a leader when it comes to asset management. Over the years, the company has made strides to improve their productivity; and create prosperous opportunities for it’s investors.

Recently, the asset management leader embarked on a straight-forward loan fund. The idea behind this move is to assist investors via exclusive credit efforts. This will be groundbreaking for the fact that more general investors can now attain private credit lines. The growth of Fortress Investment Group also allots new funding for intellectual property and real estate debts, to name a few. The new round of direct funding, in the total of $2 billion, was achieved during fall of 2018.

The innovation of this vision tremendously benefits small and medium sized businesses. This is because this population of companies will receive a higher yield on their loans. With the addition of open asset funding, unlimited amount of investments can be made. This allows investors to put their efforts together in a melting pot. For most investors, this is a very exciting situation; because combining money with other investors can help achieve the end goal faster.

Fortress Investment Group was taken over by SoftBank in 2018. This new union brought two powerhouses together and created an abundance of investor opportunities. Although Softbank required Fortress, the investment group remains the lead decision maker. Fortress Investment Group has a trailblazing way of investing; and this approach is what attracted SoftBank to the acquisition.

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Article Title: How Organo Gold Makes An Effort To Push Coffee Culture To Its Limits

Organo Gold is slowly making a name for itself in the coffee industry. Over the past years, this brand has become one of the most sought-after coffee brands by consumers as it utilizes some of the healthiest natural ingredients found in coffee products. Today, Organo Gold is pushing the limits of coffee culture as we know it.

For coffee enthusiasts, coffee culture highly mimics jazz culture. As American jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong said, if you ask what jazz is, you may never know. To truly define what coffee can do for you, you have to experience the beverage firsthand, rather than give it its own description.

In the past decade, there has been an evident rise in the number of coffee shops in countries around the world. To best describe the coffee culture, you have to at least visit your local coffee shop. As you may have noticed, it possesses unrivaled energy at so many social gatherings.

Organo Gold pushes the limits of coffee culture as it makes coffee more accessible – this much is true. With coffee as social lubricant, there is a noticeable social atmosphere that elicits a series of social behaviors from people. This type of culture found in coffee houses is made up of one-part interaction and one-part coffee, and Organo Gold is making efforts to push it to its limits.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Attains Feat As His Company Is The First Chinese Company To Be Publicly Traded In The U.S.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a well-known businessman in China who founded, one of that country’s largest retailers. He’s a celebrity due to his wealth, strong personality, and youthful age for an entrepreneur. His company, which is traded on the American NASDAQ, has a market cap of about $44 billion.

He was born in Suqian which is located in the Jiangsu province. Liu Qiangdong grew up in a typical household for that part of China and his parents shipped coal for a living. After completing his secondary education, he became a student at the Renmin University of China. He studied sociology but was more interested in computers. Richard Liu Qiangdong is a self-taught computer programmer who used this knowledge to build

His company started out as an electronics retailer store in Beijing in 1998. He opened dozen stores before the outbreak of SARS severely impacted his company as many people were unable to leave their homes. Richard Liu decided that he needed to transition his business activities from physical stores to an online one.

Richard Liu’s company started out focused on selling electronics. The success of caught the eye of companies in other industries who wanted to sell their products on Richard Liu Qiangdong signed partnerships with many companies where they were able to open up virtual storefronts on his website. His company now is now similar to Amazon in that it sells huge range of products from many different categories.

How Richard Liu Qiangdong stays ahead of the competition is by staying at the forefront of technology. His company, for instance, has a huge fleet of drones that are used to deliver goods in the rural parts of China. In cities, has human and robot couriers who deliver packages. His logistics network is so good that packages can be delivered either same or next day.

Richard Liu’s company became publicly traded in 2014. His company was the first Chinese companies to ever do so in the United States. On the day stock debuted it shot up by 15 percent and was invested in by big tech companies such as Google.

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Equities First Holdings; A Lending Company

Equities First Holdings has been a lending company since 2002. Providing capitol for businesses and individuals alike has been its main goal. Their ability provide capitol depends upon the client’s ability to demonstrate that they have a substantial value of net worth. Then Equities First Holdings can let them have a freedom with their cash.

Investors were given a relief to their banking financial difficulties when the market in the US started to deal with liquidity. That was when Equities began their operations that helped solve their problems. For many years, Equities had the ability to access loans for clients that even had start-up capitol. It became worldwide by expanding operations from the US to China, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Japan.

With almost five operating principles that are different, each one needs to have the ability to manage a particular part of business. Equities still goes on to provide all individuals and businesses with financial relief. They are well-known in their expertise to give financial advice on how to handle any economic crisis especially to business owners. The performance of shares and stocks is what determines what credit is given.

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