Isabel dos Santos- True Definition of Women Power

Isabel dos is one of the most influential figures in the world of business and especially in Africa. She is a businesswoman and boasts being at the top of charts of the richest women in the region. Isabel is the elder child of former Angolan president dos Santos Senior and his Russian wife. According to reports from Forbes and other magazines, she acquired her wealth by taking huge stakes and investing heavily in Angola and Europe. Isabel dos Santos has accumulated over 2 billion dollars in wealth, making her the wealthiest woman in Africa.

Isabel dos was born and raised in Baku, where she acquired primary education. She later traveled to Europe for her high school studies. She completed her studies in an all-girls boarding school based in England. She then joined Kings College for her university education. In the college, she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and met her Congolese husband, Sindika Dokolo.

For over two decades, Isabel dos Santos has been managing high-end companies with global recognition. She started her career as a project manager in the early 1990s after her return to Africa. She later started investing, and her first business was a trucking business, and after a short period, she opened Miami Beach Club, a restaurant based in Luanda Islands. Her entrepreneurial skills and expertise in electronics have contributed significantly to her dominance and success in the technology industry. She continued investing in large businesses before going back to Europe in 2017.

Isabel dos Santos interest in telecommunications made her launch a considerable bid to take over Portugal telecom which was later accepted and approved by the commission of Portuguese security markets. Also, in January 2017, she purchased 2 percent of BFA Bank for around 28 million euros, and she now controls over 50 percent of the firm’s capital.

Back in Africa, Isabel dos Santos has investments in major companies that operate in Angola. In 2011, she signed joint ownership with a Portuguese based company for the establishment and operation of a retailing company in Angola. She holds various companies based in Africa and Europe that operate in many fields ranging from motors, banking, mining, energy, and precious metals, among other sectors.

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