JD.Com Running Chicken Program Is A Game Changer For Raising Humane, Healthy Meat

Raising chickens is among the most ancient food production methods in China. For centuries, the Chinese people kept chickens on their farms. This fundamental staple and source of meat protein has always played a central role in the Chinese diet.

But in the wake of the industrial revolution, raising chickens became a factory-oriented process. It made possible the production of massive amounts of meat to feed millions of people every day. But in recent years, people all over the world are re-evaluating the way animals are reared. The fact is, factory farms make for miserable chickens. They spend their short lives in small, cramped cages that don’t allow them to stand up, stretch, turn around or even experience the fresh air and sunshine of the outdoors.

But now JD.Com (Jingdong) is changing all that. The Chinese e-commerce giant recently launched its “Running Chicken” program. What it essentially does is return to the old way of raising chickens – outside in the fresh air and under the beautiful blue skies and sunshine of the Chinese countryside.

At time same time, Jingdong is still able to meet the massive production goals required to feed millions of daily consumers. The Running Chicken program combines the best of “Old World” chicken farming methods with super high-technology applications.

JD.Com recently set up a 27-hectare farm in rural Wuyi County. There, thousands of chickens can spend at least 50% of their rearing lives outside where they can live the natural lives chickens were intended to enjoy. As it turns out, chicken meat raised in this humane fashion has produced a superior quality of meat.

JD.Com analysis of chicken raised in Wuyi County shows that the meat is far higher in key vitamins, including A and E. the meat is also remarkably lower in saturated fats.

JD.Com technicians fit each chicken with a tiny pedometer that makes it easy to track each bird from birth to production. That enables consumers to know exactly where the meat that ends up on their table came from. When customers buy chicken from JD.Com, they know they are getting not just healthier meat, but they can feel good about the humane way these farm animals were raised.

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