Interview With Edwin Miranda

Surrounding yourself with people you trust isn’t the only piece of advice that Edwin Miranda gives. He also gives plenty of advice in a recent interview that would help any inspiring entrepreneur accomplish their goals. He says by surrounding himself with people you trust is a good idea because running a growing business takes a lot of time. Sometimes there are things that need to be done that you cannot do yourself so by delegating the job to someone you trust is important. Edwin Miranda was asked what one failure he had as an entrepreneur and how did he overcome the situation. Mr. Miranda says that no matter what failure he has be it the larger one or smaller ones alike, they have both helped him get closer to his goals and life purpose. He says that without failures he has nothing to continue to push him forward and that failures only leave room for growth. To-do lists are also something that keeps Edwin Miranda on track. He says that he likes to make himself a list of goals that he wants to accomplish during the day, and he checks the list a few times a day to make sure he is meeting his standards. Edwin Miranda says that a lot of people don’t agree with him on making to-do lists, but it helps him stay focused and driven. It also allows him to see the small successes as they come opposed to waiting for the bigger picture. The best business advice that Edwin Miranda gives is always be willing to try something that scares you. He continues with saying when you are stagnant you cannot move forward and grow.

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