Sharon Prince Meets Carrie Mae Weems and It’s Glorious

There are very few artists who impact a generation as Carrie Mae Weems has. Her works span decades, across a dozen mediums. Her recent visit to Grace farms and its founder Sharon Prince may become an indefinite one. Here are a few reasons why their continued work is exciting.

Grace Farms is a non-profit project dedicated to community and promoting justice initiatives. Since their launch in 2015 its 80 acres has been a gathering place for like-minded people, academics, artists, and activists. A top of the peaceful nature reserve sits an award-winning River building. The River building has been host to conversations on important questions. Questions about society, justice, morality, and moral responsibility.

Its founder, Sharon Prince, lead Grace Farms with aplomb as she made it a place of serenity and peace. Ms. Price currently sits on the Board of Next Generation Nepal. Its an organization dedicated to stopping the exploitation of children and families. While her work with Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters is helping to abolish modern slavery.

Having Weems at Grace Farms is the summation of 30 years of work. Her work at Grace Farms is a contemporary retelling of ‘Antigone’, a Greek play more than 2000 years old. She tells the story in a way that draws out several parallels to the modern world, the most salient being a call to action to stand up against injustice.

Both of these women are no strangers to public engagement and have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of a better tomorrow. Their collaboration now only means greater work in the nearer future.

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