Isabel dos Santos Explores the Reality of Women Discrimination

At 45years, Isabel dos Santos is a thriving and among the top wealthiest women in Africa. She is the former chair of Sonangol, a flourishing oil company that bases in Angola. Also, she is currently putting most of her efforts fighting for African women’s better placement in society. Isabel says that it is fundamental to invest in women because they are resourceful people. When women excel, the nation excels. She adds that women usually mind about the welfare and success of their families and the extended communities. Therefore, capitalizing in women is never in vain. Recently, Isabel dos Santos talked about business and gender discrimination as critical concerns. She states that all employed and businesswomen in Africa; those at the lower, middle, and top business levels usually experience some levels of gender bias. The human right activist says that even at her high career level, people still doubt her own views. Additionally, Isabel affirms that people routinely question all her idea presentations as soon as she raises them.

This issue prompts her to think creatively and perform actions effectively so that she may stick to her expertise abilities and values confidently. The flourishing businesswoman adds that it is unfortunate that most women have valuable ideas and viewpoints, yet they have to work hard to gain understanding and acceptance. This concern makes women lose focus at work. Consequently, most women fear to raise this crucial matter in dreading to lose their job or experience dismissals. She says that, sadly, this issue is one problem that women experience quietly, and daily. Isabel dos Santos terms Africa as one major continent facing the serious issue of gender discrimination in both the private and public employment and business sectors. Unlike men, Isabel dos says that it is evident that women in business mostly get lesser funds at their initial business stages.

Thus, they have to place extra efforts and time, planning their businesses until they can receive recognition and approval of the effectiveness of their entrepreneurial activities. Oppositely, people believe in men’s ideas quickly, and they henceforth manage to get funds without much struggle. However, Isabel dos advises that African women should not give up; instead, they should work hard to justify their efforts and competence of their business steps. Isabel dos Santos further states that she believes that Africa can succeed in entrepreneurship and powerfully. Conversely, the only significant limitation lies in the suppression of the businesswomen, through unjust treatments. Nevertheless, there is still hope for women to excel in building the economy. She adds that success is all about courage, confidence, and persistence. Nothing is impossible. She advises young and vibrant women with potentials not to get discouragements. Instead, in following their pursuits, they should first focus on their interests and abilities, then navigate from there. Isabel is also willing to fight for women tirelessly. Click here.


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