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Vinod Gupta Supports Business School Students In India


Born in India, Vinod Gupta traveled to the United States after earning a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering at the Indian Institutes of Technology. The reason for this trip was to earn a master’s degree in this subject, something that wasn’t possible in India. After graduating from the University of Nebraska he stayed in the U.S. because he saw a lot of business opportunities.

Not long after graduating, he founded Business Research Services. This company created national directories of retailers that product manufacturers could use to get their products in more stores. This was in the 1970s and so this kind of information was unique and highly valuable. He transitioned his company, now called Infogroup, into an online company with the internet gaining a wide audience in the late 1990s.

He sold his interest in this company and stepped down from his positions in July 2010. He had made hundreds of millions from InfoGroup. Vinod Gupta used a portion of this money to found The Everest Group, a company where he acquires and invests in other businesses through. This is a family-run operation with his two sons working as executives. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Vinod is a big believer in giving back to others. His cause is that of education. Education is the underpinning of his success and he wants to provide this gift to others. He has given the University of Nebraska and the Indian Institutes of Technology large sums of money to carry on their work.

Vinod Gupta had a business school built in India named the Vinod Gupta School of Management. Students earn MBAs here and it is one of India’s top business schools.

Gupta developed a unique structure where non-traditional students can do well and quickly earn their degrees. Students from all backgrounds and ages are welcome at this school.

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Barbara Stokes Makes a Difference

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered. She founded this company in the year of 2008 with her husband Scott Stokes. GSH is located in the state of Huntsville Alabama. The purpose of this company is to to help reconstruct, renovate, and to restore Americans and their lives after inevitable natural disasters occur. This company has become one of the top companies to be contracted for natural disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

Both Babara Stokes and her husband Scott Stokes have very impressive backgrounds that give them the knowledge to be successful in their current careers. Barbara Stokes received two degrees one in biochemical engineering and one in physics. Her husband Scott not only was a pilot but also has knowledge in construction engineering. With both their backgrounds they were able to create GSH to be a reliable, efficient, and gratifying disaster and relief reconstruction company. Read more at Business Insider.

GSH provides temporary homes for those who suffer a loss of a home because of a natural disaster. These homes provided are created to be safe and efficient. Also, they are created to be comfortable for the people during such a hard time. Barbara Stokes has been successful in creating a company that shows a sense of true sympathy for the American people. This company helps keep American life going for those in a time of hardship, pain, and struggle.



Serge Belamant Is the Technological Innovator You Need to Know

These days, athletes, musicians, and Hollywood stars are not the only people who can garner incredible amounts of admiration from the public. With a larger segment of the population becoming technologically savvy, the leaders in the world of technology have also become cultural icons themselves. The late Steve Jobs is one notable example and Bill Gates continues to be a highly admired individual. However, they are not the only ones deserving of admiration and appreciation. Though his name may not ring as familiar, Serge Belamant is similarly deserving to be known as one individual who has changed the way society works today from a technological standpoint and his contributions are likely to impact the world many, many years into the future.

His Work History

According to Everybody Wiki, Serge Belamant began working professionally at the civil engineering company Matrix. Right from his first job, it became clear that he had a knack for working with computers. He continually worked on developing interfaces and statistical models. As he became more comfortable working with computers, his skills continued to grow and he eventually caught the attention of the supercomputer manufacturer Control Data. While there, he would learn more about lineal programming and developed a deeper understanding for how it could be used as a tool for securing transactions. The French native would continue to gather experience and develop his skills as he worked for SASWITCH, and eventually, he founded his own company Net1. One of the key creations of Net1 was the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card that could enable people to finish transactions quickly without having to worry about fraud. He made that card using the funds transfer system (FTS) and universal electronic payment systems (UEPS) technologies.

His Claim to Fame

As noted by, Serge Belamant holds several key patents that were crucial to the creation and continued development of blockchain technology. Because he developed an interest in finding a way to secure financial transactions, many of his innovations are geared toward that goal. To put it simply, the blockchain technology being used to store and secure highly important and sensitive pieces of data would not exist without the work of Serge Belamant. Even today, he is working to further expand the usefulness of blockchain technology with the work he is doing at Zilch Technology Limited together with his son Philip. Serge Belamant has already accomplished a great deal, but it seems that he is not finished when it comes to producing more innovative examples of technology.

Jeunesse Global as a Winner of Direct Selling News Competition

BusinessWire recently acknowledged Jeunesse Global as the winner of Direct Selling News’ competition for one of the best places to work in the article, “Jeunesse Global Selected as One of the Best Places to Work in Direct Selling.” The article indicates that the company was named as one of 2019’s best places to work by Direct Selling News, which worked in partnership with Quantum Workplace to determine the top workplaces in the industry. They seek eligible companies by using engagement surveys and anonymous employee interviews to determine which companies are the best. Companies are required to meet the minimum participation requirements to be eligible for the awards. 

Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global was recently interviewed to demonstrate why they were nominated. They have been winners for the past three years in a row, and Scott Lewis believes it is because of the family culture created at the company. Though they are honored by the award, they reveal they are even more touched by the thoughtfulness of their employees. Lewis indicates they place a high priority on work-life balance for their employees to ensure they have meaningful lives while also reaching their potential. 

Jeunesse Global supports the professional and personal development of its employees by providing leadership training and seminars. They also believe in promoting internally to help people move forward in their careers. Jeunesse believes in making employees family, and when they find someone who is the right fit for the job, they promote them. The large company has a number of different opportunities for employees, and they provide loyal and high-performing workers with the chance to move into different departments and positions if they want to. They recently promoted 47 employees into other positions. 

Jeunesse establishes trust with their distributors and workers by having a focus on open communication at all levels. They also encourage others to become empowered to meet their goals by providing resources to help them succeed. This open-door policy creates a more meaningful conversation that is great for the company and its employees. They encourage collaboration and cross-functional meetings between departments so that each individual can feel recognized for their contributions.

What Happened to Alastair Borthwick

The Scottish writer Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, raised in Troon, and moved to Glasgow with his family at 11. When he was 16, he dropped out of school to write for the newspaper industry. During his years writing and editing for the Glasgow Weekly Herald (1929-1935), Alastair research and wrote on many different subjects. It was while researching and writing about one of these subjects, that mountain climbing and enjoying nature became a lifelong passion. His resulting series of articles were, in turn, instrumental in encouraging the continued growth of the movement.

In 1935 he moved to London to write for the Daily Mirror but the following year he moved back to Glasgow to start working for the BBC. In 1939 he wrote and published his classic mountaineering novel, “Always a Little Further.” It was almost rejected by Faber, but T.S. Eliot, who happened to be on its board at the time, convinced them to do so. The following year he joined Scotland in its part in the war effort against Germany. He would fight in some of the fiercest battles throughout the war in its entirety. Even before hostilities officially ceased, he began work on a war memoir called “Sans Peur: The History of the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders.” 

It would be published just a few months after the war officially ended. It would be reprinted in 1994 with the title “Battalion: A British Infantry unit’s action from El Alamein to Elbe, 1942-1945.” It was also in that same year that Alastair and his wife, Anne moved to the remote Scottish island of Jura. In 1960 they moved back to the mainland in Ayrshire where they would live for the next 30 years. It was during the “60s that he gradually became involved with the television industry as a scriptwriter. Anne and Alastair both died in 2003, just three months apart.

Nature book by Clément Perrette raises awareness of sea preservation

A highly acclaimed nature book by Clément Perrette, Call of the Blue is dedicated to supporting the efforts of scientists and other people who are passionate about protecting the biodiversity of the world’s oceans.

The narrative of the book revolves around presenting the achievements of more than 50 of the field’s top marine biologists and other scientists. The book also celebrates the work of a wide array of sports enthusiasts, actors, performers, authors, explorers, entrepreneurs and ocean guardians.

The first edition of Call of the Blue earned glowing reviews from The Guardian, Sierra Magazine and other respected publications. Experts rate it as one of the year’s best nature books. With the first edition nearly sold out, plans are in the works to produce a second printing.

The book includes 300 spectacular pictures by renowned photographer Philip Hamilton, who opened his vast private portfolio in support of the project. Topics include the scourge of plastic pollution, overfishing, shark fin soup and turtle egg poaching.

After a successful career spanning 25 years in the world of high finance, Clement Perrette now divides his time between the fund management business and environmental pursuits focusing on sea preservation. In addition to Call of the Blue, Perrette is the driving force behind a film series project titled Ocean Souls. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness and provide for support for individuals and groups dedicated to ocean preservation projects. Before turning his attention to philanthropy and environmentalism, Perrette was a senior fund manager with RAM Active Investments. In a previous position with Barclays Capital, Perrette was active in trading bonds and swaps. He also worked for Paribas and Deutsche Bank in government bond trading.

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Neurocore Is Helping Athletes Play Better


Neurocore is based out of Boca Raton, FL and Livonia, MI; and provides services to people looking to strengthen their mental health in ways that don’t require medication. Neurocore is invested in providing innovative mental training to their clients who are both adults and children depending on their specific needs.

While many of the people who use the services of Neurocore are looking to improve their mental health, there are others such as professional athletes like the Portland Trail Blazers who use the options that they provide to improve their performance on the field. One of the professionals that have used the services of Neurocore includes Kirk Cousins, a pro football player who was concerned about inconsistent performances on the field.

While the “Biofeedback” methods that Neurocore uses for athletic training are useful for performance on the field, it is something that has been used to treat issues like high blood pressure and chronic pain for several years. By knowing more about how the brain functions on an electrical basis, patients are able to better control functions that are considered involuntary like their heart rate.

Because of this, it is a tool that many are able to use to take themselves to the next level professionally even if they do not have any medical or mental conditions that they are trying to address. These methods are able to help keep the brain focused while helping them to recover faster from training and playing on the field. Go Here to learn more.

The methods used by Neurocore involve a reward-based system that encourages its clients to stay focused on the task at hand, which is a video playing while their brain is connected to a monitoring device. If the Neurocore client loses focus on the video that they are watching, it stops playing and they are forced to refocus on what they are supposed to be doing.

Neurocore Brain Training was first founded in 2004 and it is headquartered in the Greater Detroit area in Michigan. They are considered an expert in “Biofeedback” and applied neuroscience. Currently, they have nine different centers throughout Florida and Michigan.

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Genucel by Chamonix Introduces New Informative Website

The founder of Chamonix’s line Genucel have recently launched a website that answers consumer questions called The website makes it easier for customers to use the products and to find the items in the Genucel by Chamonix line that work best for their skin.

A spokesperson for Chamonix stated that the company understands that women may be interested in the skin care lines, these consumers will likely have questions about Genucel ingredients and how they work on the skin. The Chamonix team’s commitment to customer service motivated them to create so that those who buy the skin care items can find detailed items to their inquiries and use the products in the correct way to achieve results. was recently launched but is already getting lots of positive feedback from people who have visited the website for answers. For instance, some people asked “what is Eyeseryl” on the website, and the answer to the inquiry is that Eyeseryl is made from acetyl tetrapeptide-5 which is created by Lipotec. The product is created to improve the appearance of the skin under the eye and gets rid of dark circles and puffiness. Genucel has 2% Eyeseryl, and this is twice as much as the clinical concentration, so consumers can see the product making changing to the skin in real time.

Based on, other questions that appear on the FAQ website include inquiries about the ingredients in Genucel. Genucel contains Eyeseryl as well as plant stem cell technology which treats the appearance of eye bags and puffiness. PhytoCellTec Mallus Domestica is the main ingredient in Genucel, which is dervied from a rare type of apples that are native to Switzerland.

Genucel also contains green tea leaf extract, algae extra, marine collagen and goji berry extract. The algae extract nourishes the skin with minerals and vitamins and hydrates the skin to shield it from antioxidant damage. Genucel used the best ingredients and skin care technology to produce youthful skin and a vibrant appearance, particularly in the eye area. For more information, visit

Matt Badiali Sees Huge Future For Cannabis

Matt Badiali really has become a fan of cannabis. In fact, the investment guru has dedicated a whole series of his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist to the subject. Badiali is one of many analysts caught up in the fervor of possible cannabis legalization. A conversation that has caught new fire thanks to Canada’s forthcoming legalization.

Canada’s decision to become the first G7 nation to permit full legalization only marijuana across the board has put markets in a tizzy. Although partial legalization has been enjoyed in various states full legality has been nothing more than a dream. Now, it may be a reality. As the U.S. cannabis market made $6 billion dollars in 2016 alone the full implications of just legalizing medical marijuana are huge. This is what Matt Badiali is talking about in his newsletter.

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The latest issues have described what affect medical marijuana’ legalization would mean

As usual Badiali has followed these projections up with facts and figures. Long story short investors should buy on now, because the market will boom. This is not the first time Badiali has made projections about cannabis, he has been following its journey on social media as well.

Matt Badiali is always fascinated with the implications certain events have. He marvels in the affects they can have on respective markets, which is why he always looks toward the future in his projections. As an accomplished investor as well as trained geologist Matt Badiali has the merits necessary to back up his claims. It is one of the reasons so many listen to him.

The U.S. is still far from full legalization, but 30 states have allowed partial to full use so far. The uses of medical marijuana are growing and gaining more legitimacy, and society’s acceptence is also growing. According to Matt Badiali the time has never been better for full legality. Canada may be just the lynch pin needed to make it happen.

This is why he recommends investing now

The market is already growing and stock will not get cheaper. Buying in now could spell huge returns in the future and Badiali thinks the possibilities are endless. For more information on Matt Badiali, follow him at

Isabel dos Santos Talks about the Success of Women of Africa

Recently, Forbes Magazine named Isabel dos Santos Africa’s most richest businesswoman. The skilled business professional has amassed wealth from various projects and investments in sectors such as energy, finance, retail, media, in addition to telecommunications not only in Africa but in foreign cities too. Currently, she is worth over $2 billion according to the same report. Having encountered several challenges in some of the male-dominated sectors, she has been training female entrepreneurs from Africa to take up various roles in the challenging career fields. Isabel dos Santos believes that the success of these women will catalyze their personal and family growth. Their communities will also be stable economically. As such, Isabel dos Santos implores successful African entrepreneurs to participate in her developmental projects.

Isabel holds that Africa has some of the world’s most promising business professionals because they have an entrepreneurial spirit. But, this has been challenged by the stigmatization of female entrepreneurs at work. It has, therefore, preventing them from becoming successful. This has also robbed them of their economic value since women haven’t been in a position to gain access to education and job opportunities as well as potential growth like men. Isabel reiterates that the transformation of Africa is appended on empowering women to delve into different businesses. Provided the continent’s her entrepreneurial spirit, Isabel notes how aggravating it is for women to be stigmatized at their workplace.

This holds them back from achieving their dreams and utilizing their economic potential. By creating various employment opportunities, Isabel is confident that these women will have empowered their families too. The energy will be felt in their economy also. The story of Isabel has become a beacon of hope for emerging female entrepreneurs. Isabel dos says that these individuals can become successful if allowed to delve into high-end career opportunities. To successfully impart knowledge in these individuals, Isabel dos Santos holds group sessions aimed at mentoring young business professionals and encouraging them to become a skilled professionals in the long run. Isabel dos Santos is also talented in assisting these women in taking up different initiatives at work.