JD.com and Prada Are Working Together


No site sells more items in China than JD.com. It has been this way for a very long time. There are many reasons this is the case. It should not be a surprise that many of the biggest companies in the world want to sell their products on this site.

Prada made an announcement that they will soon be partnering with Jingdong to have a flagship store based on the site. This will be a huge advantage for the Italian company. It will give the hundreds of millions of people who shop on the site the chance to get all of the products that Prada sells.

Prada has wanted to have a flagship store on JD.com for a very long time. This will allow them to sell more of their products in China than they ever have before. JD.com has a customer base that is filled with many very wealthy people. These are the people who Prada is trying their best to attract. Having a platform as big as this site is an advantage that Prada clearly plans to make the most of. They have already said that certain products will be available on the site that will not be able to be bought anywhere else.

JD has been partnering with famous brands for a few years. Forming these partnerships helps both companies to make a lot of money. JD.com sees more traffic as a result of selling more top brands that are desired by the general public. The companies that are partnered with the site are able to reach a huge audience that they could only have dreamed of before. News reports about the Prada online flagship store have been lacking in details. The company is expected to make a more detailed explanation in the weeks to come.

Prada has always felt that the Chinese market had not been tapped into as well as they would have liked. And Prada is hoping that their partnership with Jingdong will change all of that. Only time will tell if that is the case. However, the early reports are looking very good indeed.

In an article with TG Daily entitled “JD . com’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut JD.com has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.


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