Clément Perrette Advocates To Save Cetaceans Around The Globe


Ocean conservation is a hot topic these days and Clement Perrette is no stranger to the subject. Perrette is the executive producer of the acclaimed film Ocean Souls. The movie draws attention to the traits of cetaceans and the need to stop countries like Japan from continuing to hunt them.

Ocean Souls highlights the scientific evidence that dolphins and whales are highly evolved creatures who have superior, multi-layered brain functions. Cetaceans are similar to the human species in that they have social structures and communication skills. Ocean Souls shows the viewer that cetaceans are interested in the world around them and can solve issues, much like us.

Although whales are large, they are not dangerous to mankind. Cetaceans are not disruptive to the food chain; they require a constant supply of sustenance but only eat krill, smaller fish, and plankton. While the meat of cetaceans have provided protein to many countries for centuries, there is currently no need to hunt them for food. The movie underscores the intricate relationships, wonder and intelligence that cetaceans have to inform the public and stop the killing.

Clement Perrette is a nationally well-known businessman and philanthropist. He has already spent 25 years dedicated to work in the capital markets. He now utilizes his time and efforts between the cause of ocean preservation and the management industry of the Fixed Income Fund. He has been an expert in finance since 1990 with 3 years of work in asset management and 2 years of work to set up a liquidity buffer team.

Perrette’s career prior to becoming an advocate for cetaceans may seem to be worlds away from his current activities. He holds a master’s degrees in both engineering and finance. His early career path was in Paris, France working as trader for several financial institutions. Read This Article for related information.

Perrette then moved up the ladder at Barclays Capital where he was named the head of EUR rates trading and head of investment function. While he’s not producing in-depth environmental information, he currently works as the senior portfolio manager for RAM Active Investment.


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