Paul Mampilly Shares His Philosophy on Helping the Average American Achieve Financial Security

For more than 20 years, Paul Mampilly has been an influential figure on Wall Street. He has traded and managed billions of dollars as a portfolio manager and as the manager of a hedge fund. His talents as a hedge fund manager allowed to help his clients earn billions of dollars during the middle of the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis. A few years ago, he walked away from Wall Street and started the newsletter Profits Unlimited. Through Profits Unlimited, Mampilly helps regular Americans achieve financial security by making responsible investments. He doesn’t sell false guarantees that people will get rich by following his advice, but he believes that he can help regular Americans achieve a piece of mind regarding their finances. Visit

He spoke with to talk about his business philosophy, his experiences on Wall Street and if he views the market as rigged.

As a financial consultant, Paul Mampilly’s business philosophy is, to be honest and put others first. Unlike other financial programs, Mampilly never guarantees that the readers of his newsletter will become millionaires. He offers them advice that may help improve their financial situation to live a more fulfilling life.

Paul Mampilly enjoyed his time on Wall Street and doesn’t regret a minute of it. He loved the thrill of trading billions of dollars and generating a profit for his clients. However, Wall Street wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. As a portfolio manager, you are always under a lot of pressure. You are under pressure from bosses and clients who trust you with billions of their dollars. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure and make a mistake. Mampilly believes that paying close attention to the human element behind the money and focusing on helping his clients helped him make responsible decisions.

In a way, Paul Mampilly believes that the marketed is rigged against the regular American. Even in the internet age, large amounts of investing information is still closely guarded by the powerful in the financial sector. Many of the key players in the financial industry believe that if their investment wisdom becomes common knowledge, then their competition will out-invest them to bankruptcy. However, the opposite is true. The more awareness the regular American has about investing, the smarter the decisions they will be able to make. This will improve the economy as a whole and allow it to expand at a faster rate. Check out this link




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