Neurocore Offers Drug-free Positive Reinforcement By Technology


“Biofeedback”, also called “Neurofeedback”, is seen by many health professionals as an alternative to treatment of such conditions as anxiety, chronic pain, blood pressure and attention deficit disorder free of medication. Neurocore was founded by neuropsychologist, Dr. Tim Royer and has treatment facilities in Livonia, Michigan and Boca Raton, Florida.

Dr. Royer is a strong advocate for “Biofeedback” as means to retrain the involuntary functions of the brain to control medical conditions mentioned above as well as use within athletics to help struggling players of any sport to optimize their game day performance. Dr. Royer asserts that “Biofeedback” aids performance and assists with the cool-down period, so ultimately sleep is restoring the individual to significantly improved mental health.

Beneficiaries of Neurocore protocol have included NFL quarterback, Kirk Cousins and the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers who have each utilized this program in the last few years. Cousins was able to secure a portable unit that he could utilize on occasion when on the road with his team. The Trail Blazers have once again established themselves as a contender in post-season playoffs. Visit This Page for more information.

Neurocore personnel are trained professionals and take serious their role in customizing “Biofeedback” programs for its consumer base. An initial visit includes a consult, physical exam and QEEG tests to gain awareness of either electrical activity being overly active or slowed challenging activity. Proponents of biofeedback view the brain as changeable, and dysfunction can contribute to issues in body systems such as respiratory and cardiovascular.

“Biofeedback” offered through Neurocore is aimed at addressing behavior, and symptoms of identified conditions such as chronic pain, attention deficit, or sluggish athleticism. Media used may include viewing a movie, listening to music or playing a particular game. The activity continues as long as the brain is engaged in the given pursuit.

Dr. Royer considers “Biofeedback” to be the next frontier for athletics just as weight lifting was over five decades previous. Information about Neurocore and its centers in Boca Raton Florida and Livonia, Michigan, may be secured online.


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