Isabel dos Santps Explains How Agriculture Can Change Africa In The Future

With a personal fortune of more than $2 billion earned on her own work and ability to fight for the future of herself and her family, Isabel dos Santos has become one of the leading business leaders in Africa. The Angolan entrepreneur has spent the majority of her career seeking to advance the cause of women in business across the African continent with her philanthropic work taking in the development of clean water programs across the nation of Angola.

In the last few years, Isabel dos Santos has been looking at how best to aid the people of Angola and the African continent by bringing greater access to agricultural practices to create more opportunities. The culture of Angola and Africa does not generally provide women with access to the entrepreneurial world or to the developing world of the internet. For Isabel dos Santos, the main problem she saw was finding a way of achieving the business goals women in Angola could find access to while helping shift the culture to become more open and gender-neutral. A successful businesswomen Isabel eventually found herself looking at the agricultural sector as the main source of philanthropy for herself and a way of pushing women to achieve more than they could imagine in the future.

Women have already involved in the development of the agricultural sector and those in rural areas are often in charge of family-owned land. Isabel dos says bringing the agricultural sector into the modern age with internet access for rural parts of Angola will aid further female entrepreneurial activities. Pointing to the rising middle-classes in Angola, dos Santos explains the changing diet of most Angolan’s is being matched across Africa with better quality and more diverse foods called for by many. by bringing greater levels of internet access to the people of Angola and the wider continent of Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes she can help women across the nation achieve more than ever before as they fight for their rights. Click here.


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