Mark Holyoake Leaves a Positive History at Iceland Seafood International


Mark Holyoake is one of the prominent businesspersons in Britain.

He is among the most influential leaders in ISI, Iceland Seafood International. Mark led the company with Benedikt Sveinsson, the Chief Executive Officer for nearly a decade. However, the tenure of the two executives ended to pave the way for another team.

The signing of the deal took place on February 2, 2019, during a shareholders’ meeting held in Reykjavik. The former CEO of Icelandic Group was one of the senior members appointed to hold one of the top positions. Another appointee included the managing Director of MAR Advisors, Magnus Bjarnason.

According to the meeting, Jakob Valgeir Flosason became one of the reputable Iceland Seafood International’s shareholders. His company, Jakob Valgeir purchased Icelandic Iberica, Iceland Freezing Plants Iberica. The Chief Executive Officer facilitated the acquisition that saw the freezing plant join Solo Seafood. Another top official that joined the new ISI team was the former airline WOW Chairperson, Liv Bergthorsdottir. Although the Chairperson’s post remained vacant, the shareholders included Ingunn Agnes Kro in the team because of the expertise as the Skeljungur oil company’s communications director. View Additional Info Here.

Bjarni Armannsson became the new Iceland Seafood International leaving his previous position as the Chairperson. He made headlines after facilitating the merger between Icelandic Iberica and ISI. He pointed out in an interview with undercurrent news that the company decided to include the largest of Iceland’s quota owners. Bjarni noted that the move was beneficial to both the company and its customers. Benedikt Sveinsson’s expertise spanning over four decades in the company helped him understand its operations better. He has served ISI in the UK, the US and Iceland before settling as CEO in 2006 and Chairperson in 2010.

However, Mark Holyoake purchased Iceland Seafood International in 2010 through ISH, International Seafood Holdings. He became the largest shareholders for some time before selling his stake to allow the entrance of other players. They included Utgerdarfelag Reykjavikur, Nesfiskur, FISK-Seafood, Jakob Valgeir, and Icelandic Iberica. Bjarni Armannsson was quick to thank Mark Holyoake and Benedikt Sveinsson for helping the company achieve significant success over the years. Mark thanked Benedict for his remarkable contribution as the Chairperson.


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