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MaurícioMendonça Godoy and the Attitude of Patience

MaurícioMendonça Godoy has made clear that though his businesses are based in Brazil, his impact is meant to be international. He wants to make sure that his efforts are not limited simply to his country, as he knows that he is capable of affecting so much more.

It is not arrogance that he moves forward with but the simple knowledge that someone who is willing to demonstrate their commitment to their field of practice can climb as much as they would like. This is a reality MaurícioMendonça Godoy has been put in-tune with ever since he first decided to make his foray into investment in Brazil.

When this occurred years ago, he was introduced to the sheer number of variables that lie along the path to becoming successful, and this has done nothing but make him extremely grateful for the position he is in. He realizes that he is very lucky to be able to reach the entire world on such a great level, and he wants the rest of his community to know that he has not forgotten about them and will do whatever he can to ensure that they are given a proper future.

Something that MaurícioMendonça Godoy believes people have generally been lackluster on is our ability to look out for one another, and he wants to improve this over the course of his career. He believes that if we distribute goods more evenly, we would be able to eradicate millions of unnecessary deaths each year. MaurícioMendonça Godoy is the type of person to think about the benefits of progress.

It is these people who truly end up doing what they set out to do, and this is what he realized when he was studying the industry as a young boy. Knowing that there would be many trials that lay in his wake, he knew when he was a teenager that he would have to familiarize himself with the landscape before he set out. It is this cautious attitude that makes MaurícioMendonça Godoy one of the most desirable figures in his entire industry.

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ClassDojo Connecting Parents And Teachers

ClassDojo is a communication and learning app that assist teachers in communicating with parents and students. The app also has learning tools and videos inside of the app that teachers and students can utilize. Students are involved in the ClassDojo app but the app was primarily created as a communication tool for teachers and parents. The unique thing about the ClassDojo app when it comes to learning is that the teachers can choose what skills that they want to work on. With the ClassDojo app parents will also know how their child is performing in the classroom and what areas the child needs improvement in. The ClassDojo app is also a free app.

The ClassDojo app was created by two gentlemen by the name of Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The purpose of the app was too try and make learning fun and more interesting. The two creators and owners of the app have always had a love for education and children. So they took a variety of different things into consideration when they were creating the app such as culture. In America there are many different cultures so if there is a teacher or a parent who are of two different cultures sometimes there can be a miscommunication because of this. So the app helps to break down these cultural barriers that could occur between the teacher, student, and parent. The app is actually able to translate different languages of individuals into the person who is receiving a message native tongue.

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Betsy Devos – the US Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos serves as the 11th United States Secretary of Education under the Donald Trump administration. Her ardent support for Republican causes and charter schools has defined her time as a politician. DeVos supports school choice. To her, this means giving students in poorer districts the opportunity to receive a better education through charter schools. If you were born in a poorer district with less-than-good schools, you were out of luck in the past. Charter schools changed that.



Two DeVos’s

Grand Rapids residents have struggled to reconcile the DeVos they knew with the DeVos who serves under President Donald Trump. During her time under Trump, the public has viewed DeVos as a controversial figure with some of her choices. In the past, residents knew DeVos as a generous and pragmatic politician, and even if they disliked her political stance, locals still saw her as a positive force in the community.


Contrast that with her time as Secretary of Education, critics have lambasted her as tone-deaf, unprepared and insulated. During interviews with people who knew her, the aforementioned three phrases popped up again and again.



Origins of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos’s mother gave birth to her in 1958. She originally hailed from the wealthy Prince family. As she grew up, she was raised in the Christian Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan. Later, Betsy DeVos enrolled in a Christian school at Calvin College. This happened before she married Dick DeVos, a man whose family co-founded Amway, and he ran for governor in 2006. He lost.



Influential Family

Over the years, the DeVos family has contributed to several conservative, religious and political causes. Their undying support for charter schools has led to a transformation of the educational landscape in West Michigan. Some critics, in particular, those involved in public education, dislike charter schools because of how it siphons funds away from the public schools and make it harder for them to operate. However, if you have a bad leg and you have the opportunity to replace the leg with a better one, would you complain that it takes away funding from your broken leg? A broken school system doesn’t improve through more funding.



Surprising Political Leanings?

Most people don’t express surprise at Betsy DeVos’s political leanings based on her upbringing. Holland, Michigan, had many Dutch immigrants who held similar views that Betsy DeVos holds today. In fact, the Trump administration endorses the same views where equal treatment of making funds neutrally available is important.


People either love Betsy DeVos or they love to hate her. You don’t have a middle ground with this highly polarized and controversial figure. No matter the opinion on her, no one can deny that the DeVos family has held sway. They have a reputation as outspoken philanthropists that have made big changes in the world. In addition, they conduct business in Grand Rapids, and they have made big changes to the Grand Rapids city skyline through funding many of the city projects.


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Fashions’ Future is Bright at the Academy of Art University

If fashion is your forte, the Academy of Art University may be just the place for you! Boasting a beautiful campus in San Francisco, California, and an online option for those who can’t make the move, this University is one of the premiere art institutes in the United States.

The Academy of Art University thrives on building a community of students and graduates that support one another throughout the process of achieving dreams and taking on the global market in all things art. Even online students have the option of chatting with classmates in class discussion areas.

On September 9, 2017, the Academy had their 21st runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square which included two collaborations between graduates. With seven collections provided by ten graduates of the University, this show proved to be yet another addition to the successes of this institution. The graduates proved to be a very diverse group, coming from not only all over the United States but ranging all the way to China. Even though these graduates spent countless days working on their collections, they literally only got “fifteen minutes of fame,” as that’s how long the runway show lasted.

 The designers’ inspirations came from many different places, with Hailun Zhou from China stating that hers came from the personal experience she gained while out and about on a random days conquests and Eden Slezin being inspired by his “love affair” with vintage denim. It is evident that these designers had put a lot of thoughts, feelings, and passion into their collections before constructing and presenting them; one of the many things that were taught to them at the Academy of Art University.

Within the aspirations and beautiful designs shown throughout the fashion show, it is evident that the University is producing graduates who are thriving in their fields. Not only do they offer degrees in fashion, but in an exuberant amount of fields within the art, media, and design world. This is a university that truly cares about growing the art community and providing well-educated people to contribute to an already budding industry.

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The Real Real Is Making Quality Fashion Last

Fashion is always changing and this means that some items are only being worn a few times before being tossed aside. This had led to a great deal of waste and online consignment store the real real is looking to find a solution for. This problem might not be one that most people seem to notice, but it is something that is actually a severe problem that needs to be addressed by people around the world. There have been studies conducted that have shown that fashion contributes a great deal to the carbon footprint that humanity leaves on the world, around 10%. In just the last few decades, people have begun wearing and then discarding 400% more clothing than they had in the past and The Real Real knew that they could do something to address this.

According to, one of the reasons why so many people choose to purchase luxury and high-end fashion products is that they are said to be created to last, which means that it’s possible that more than one owner could enjoy what some of these pieces have to offer by consigning them through locations such as The Real Real. Fashion is important and it is a big contributor to the economy. The real real is no only allowing people to keep clothing out of the landfills, but they are also providing income opportunities for women looking to sell their pieces that are still in great shape and still in style.

Climate change is a real problem that The Real Real is addressing. Fashion can still be fun and affordable while minimizing the impact that it has on the environment. While the problem of disposable clothing is still a problem with some of the big box retailers, The Real Real is keeping the clothing that is good quality out of the landfills and into the closets of women around the world who love to save money while still staying up to date with the latest fashion trends. With luxury items being built to last, there is no reason for their usefulness to be done after just a season. To know more about The Real Real you can visit

Genucel By Chamonix Adheres To Transparency For Customers

One of the key components of aging gracefully while retaining a more youthful look is to use anti-aging skin care products while younger. The millennial generation has realized this and is more into skincare regiments and beauty products that protect the skin. Skincare company Chamonix Anti-aging skincare line Gencucel by Chamonix has hit the market and has prepared to appeal to millennials by offering full transparency about the ingredients in the Genucel Anti-Aging Skincare Line. Chamonix knows that millennials will be one of the largest customer bases and that one core value that millennials consider when shopping for products is transparency and easily identifiable ingredients.

Genucel might seem like a traditional cream, but it is a scientifically formulated cream that uses all-natural ingredients, and Chamonix is not afraid to reveal its ingredients to the public. The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Skincare Line is all about promoting youthful-looking firm skin using the all-natural plant stem cells. Genucel’s ingredients include PhytoCellTec™, Eyeseryl®, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Algae Extract, Goji Berry Extract, and Hydrolyzed marine collagen. PhytoCellTec™ is a trademarked name for a proprietary blend of plant stem cells derived from the Malus Domestica plant or swiss apple trees. Eyeseryl® is another blend.

Based on, there are several products targeting skin on specific parts of the body in the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapeutic Skincare Line include the Stem Cell Therapy Cream for use around the eyes, the Genucel Jawline treatment the visibly reduces fine line, wrinkles and the double chin. The Genucel Eyelid Treatment firms and lifts saggy or droopy eyelids for a younger look: Genucel XV, Genucel Immediate Effects. And Genucel Deep firming all reduce fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin. Genucel uses natural ingredients in combination with new technology to reduce the signs of aging.

Genucel’s transparency applies to all of the products and all ingredients used to create products can be found on the Genucel website. Chamonix hopes that this transparency combined with natural ingredients and autopay methods might appeal to millennials searching for anti-ageing products. To see more about genucel you can visit

Boris Ivanov Gazprom On Remaining One Step Ahead

Boris Ivanov Gazprom knew that his passion rested in sales from a very young age. He has been doing everything within his power ever since he first discovered this piece of knowledge to secure a future in the field of business, and he has been shown to be especially helpful in developing businesses from the ground up. There is something about this organic process that seems to appeal to the talents of Boris Ivanov Gazprom, and because of this, he continues to work extremely hard to cater to as many people as possible. Although he can, from time to time, find it difficult to continue to work given all the challenges and stress he is faced with on a daily basis, it is ultimately his passion in sales that helps him to continue to maintain a level head and push forward even in the hardest of times.

He has been known to persevere, and this is exactly what he has built his brand off of in recent times. Because he is so capable of making changes in the state of the world, and because he is so willing to make a genuine difference, he knows that he has to fully commit himself to his work. This is a small sacrifice for a man like him when compared to the prospect of helping people around the world.

Selflessness has always been in the nature of Boris Ivanov Gazprom, and he dislikes the current trend in the state of sales to secure a deal no matter what the cost might be. This is why he carefully considers the potential ramifications of every avenue he takes; he knows that any missteps could seriously cost not only his brand but the entire state of the world effectively. The field of business has always appealed to him because of the infinite potential to grow and shape the world around you, and this is why he wants to make sure to maintain a continuous level of care for his actions. As long as Boris Ivanov Gazprom does this much, he figures he will be one step ahead of his competitors.

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OSI Group and McDonalds: A Success Story

A powerhouse, global partnership in 2018 began with a handshake deal back in the 1950’s. At that time, two small, basically unknown businesses joined forces. One was Otto, Arthur, and Harry Kolschowsky of Otto and Sons, a locally successful, family-owned Chicago butcher shop, and the other was Ray Kroc, who went on to open the first McDonalds restaurant. It was the beginning of OSI Group McDonalds.

The handshake represented an agreement for Otto and Sons to be the fresh meat supplier for Kroc’s new Illinois restaurant, which opened in 1955. McDonalds experienced rapid success, and became a franchise, with a growing number of regional restaurants. During the expansion, Otto and Sons continued their role as a meat supplier, and meeting the demand became their primary job.

Ray Kroc understood that a lot of McDonalds success was based on delivering a consistent product to consumers. Since McDonald’s best known and loved product was hamburgers, it was essential to Kroc to maintain their consistency by sticking with one of his main suppliers, Otto and Sons. Therefore, over the next two decades as McDonald’s continued rapid expansion, McDonalds and Otto and Sons faced the challenge of providing customers with fresh meat hamburgers in an affordable manner. Read more on Wikipedia.

Fortunately, a process known as flash freezing was discovered in the 1960’s, making the task of transporting meat for long distances easier and more affordable. At this point, both companies were on the fast track to success. Otto and Sons became one of four core suppliers, and in the 70’s began to build plants solely for production of McDonalds products.

Otto and Sons became OSI Group in 1975, with OSI Group McDonalds going strong. Around this time, Sheldon Lavin joined as a partner, eventually becoming chairman and CEO. During the 70’s and 80’s, OSI facilities expanded into various states. Soon, McDonalds began international expansion, and OSI followed with global production. Since that time, OSI Group McDonalds have experienced enormous global success.

Today, OSI is one of the largest United States companies, and is one of the main food providers in the world. Chances are that during that handshake deal so long ago, neither Otto Kolschowsky nor Ray Kroc could have anticipated the monumental results of OSI Group McDonalds.


Fortress Invesement Group: Ahead of the Curve

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and was originally founded as a private equity firm. In 2007 the company went public and was the very first equity firm of its size to enter the sock exchange as a public entity. They manage a diversity of assets and has investing control of over $43 billion from its clients. The company is based in New York City and has over 900 people working for them. This company thinks long-term when it comes to investing for its clients, with a long-term strategy, Fortress Investment Group takes measured risks in order to get the most reward. One of the things this company specializes in is investments that are asset based investment.

These would include things like capital or real estate. This lends well with the unique investment strategy of this company because these asset-based investments do really well over a long period of time, allowing for money to come in for years to come. When it comes to managing operations, this firm excels at considering facts and strategy before making any investments. They are particularly experienced when it comes to capital markets and are well-versed in a lot of different fields. This can be seen in the diversity of its employees, all of whom hold different expertise in their specific field. This gives Fortress Investment Group an edge over its competitors, with an ability to read the marketplace and a vast array of knowledge on investing and capital. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman founded Fortress Investment Group and decided they wanted to create a private equity firm that would function differently from its competitors.

Early on, the company chose real estate sector to invest in and from there the company diversified its investment strategy. Since its origins, Fortress Investment Group have been ahead of the curve in terms of anticipating the marketplace and the surrounding trends that would affect investing. Since they were the first company of this type to become a public company on the stock exchange, they have led the way in other similar companies doing the same. Recently the company began focusing more adding international opportunities for investing in its funds. They have also acquired other large companies to add to its pool of investing. This global growth has propelled the company to be a world player when it comes to private equity investments. Ten years after first becoming a public company, they were purchased by a Tokyo-based investment group.

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Jeremy Goldstein a Highly Successful Attorney Committed to Giving Back to the Community

A fabulous Gala in honor of Mental Illness Champion Jim Finkel was organized in New York City on May 21st by Jeremy Goldstein. The gala was a wine dinner that was labeled Mental Illness: You are not a Rhone and was held at the Nomad Hotel roof deck. The event began at 6 pm and lasted for about 4 hours. The event attendees each paid 5000 ticket fee, and in return, they were served with a fantastic meal and a collection of high-quality wine that was prepared by the renowned winemaker E. Guigal. All the proceeds from the event were dedicated to Fountain House, a mental illness organization. The organization for years has been at the forefront in fighting the condition that has been ignored for quite some time. Mental illness is a global issue that affects millions of people annually. The disease needs to be given the attention that it deserves by the government and the concerned agencies.

Fountain House is an organization that was founded by people who understand the pain and suffering of people with mental illness go through. The founders of the organization were all former mental illness patients who decided to come up with an organization that will help others recover from the condition and lead healthy independent lives. The organization first opened its doors in the year 1944 and was known as We Are Not Alone. Four years down the line the organization after purchasing a building on the West 47th Street in New York that had a Fountain changed its name to Fountain House. Fountain House, since it’s founding, has been dedicated to helping its members get back on track contribute positively to the community. The organization mission is supporting the men and women with mental illness recover and become contributing members of society.

Fountain House has accomplished many successes since its inception. Among its achievements, the most notable ones are providing employment opportunities to over 42 percent of people with mental illness. The foundation has also ensured that over 77 percent of its members graduate from high school and has also provided decent housing to about 500 people with mental illness annually. The organization is focused on not only reaching people with mental illness in New York but globally. Recently it organized a global mental illness conference that was aimed at creating awareness of the condition on a worldwide stage. The conference brought together more than 300 mental health professionals from different parts of the world.

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading New York lawyer who is passionate about the plight of the underprivileged in society. Goldstein is committed to the work of philanthropy and is a board member of the Fountain House organization. He is an experienced legal attorney and a seasoned entrepreneur with his private practice known as Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates.


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