Nick Sarnicola Finds Success As An Entrerpeneur

Nick Sarnicola is a business who was raised in Wyoming, Michigan. Attending Wyoming Park High School, he says he was never taught about entrepreneurship. He also didn’t learn about it at home as his dad was a project manager and his mother had a job in the health care field. Once exposed to entrepreneurship, it became his unique passion. After graduating, he joined a company that sold long-distance telephone service through network marketing. While he was successful at this the company wasn’t and so, a few years later, it went under. Nick Sarnicola and a few business partners decided to open a direct marketing firm, ViSalus Sciences. He is the chief executive officer of this company which sells products designed to help people achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

This includes meal replacement shakes, meal bars, snacks, and energy drinks. They chose two ways of succeeding in this competitive industry. First, they created an online Challenge Platform on which people publicly declare their health goal which motivates them to hit it. Second, they decided to make their products only available through “Promotors” rather than selling them in retail stores. Nick Sarnicola says the two practices have helped them stand out and sell almost $2 billion worth of products since 2005. In addition to the United States and Canada, his company products are also sold in Europe.

In June 2019, Nick Sarnicola appeared at an Italian Entrepreneurs Rally Around Vi Mission event. He congratulated the country’s top Promotors and rolled out a new program, Vi Prime, which will provide free shipping to ViSalus’ customers. Also unveiled was Vi University, which provides a comprehensive training program. He also introduced two new products: Vi Nutra Chips and Vi Meal Bars. Nick Sarnicola launched the philanthropic arm of ViSalus, Vi Cares. The program partners with the company’s Promotors and customers to help nonprofits. Along with his wife, he also founded the Sarnicola Foundation, which teaches young people about entrepreneurship. It also provides college scholarships. They donated $1 million to this foundation to get it started.

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