Carsten Thiel Sees A Bright Future In Medicine With New Technology

Technology is changing constantly in ways that can help patients throughout the world that are suffering from different conditions. As a professional in biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, Carsten Thiel has seen many of the ways that it has been able to impact these patients and has been involved with some of the innovations himself through his work with the companies that produce these life-changing products. Carsten Thiel is fascinated with the fact that things that were seen as impossible to do just decades ago are completely normal procedures and treatments now when it comes to medicine and healthcare.

One of the areas that Carsten Thiel sees a lot of potential in is through the study of the human genome. It used to take several years to decode the genome of just one person and now this process can be completed in just days. By knowing the information that is held in our genetics, doctors can help prevent different diseases before they develop while also coming up with more individualized and effective treatment plans once a disease is found in a patient. This information can potentially save lives if implemented correctly and Carsten Thiel sees it being used even more in the future.

Carsten Thiel has a strong education in science and biology through both Bristol University in the United Kingdom as well as from the Max Planck Institute where he had earned his Ph.D. The first leadership position that he held after graduation consisted of spearheading different marketing efforts and Carsten Thiel is now the Chief Commerical Officer and Vice President of Alexion Pharmaceuticals as well as the President of EUSA Pharma as of 2019. He has learned a lot about medicine and healthcare through his experience in his career and he is looking forward to what the industry brings next.

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