Jason Colodne Pushes For New Ways Of Funding Entrepreneurs

The ability to fund entrepreneurs from around the world has been one of the major difficulties of the last decade. Entrepreneurs from around the world have been struggling to find ways of funding their business plans because of the credit crunch that struck the world in 2008 and still has effects for the financial sector in the present day. Private equity and investment specialist, Jason Colodne has been one of the leading members of the distressed lending industry and has more than a decades-worth of experience working with his own Colbeck Capital Management and previously another decade working across Wall Street.

The movement towards becoming a financial specialist began for Jason Colodne in 1994 when he completed studies in history and finance at the University of Pennsylvania. Colodne has built his career on his ability to identify and direct entrepreneurs who are struggling to find new ways of funding their businesses to different lenders around the world. The alternative lending markets have been growing since Colodne became a member of Bear Stearns soon after leaving college and later joined UBS.

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These early career choices proved correct for Jason Colodne as he found himself moving to Goldman Sachs in 1998 to become the head of its Distressed Research, Investing, and Lending department. After almost seven years in this role, Colodne would move on to Morgan Stanley where he would take up the role of Managing Director of Strategic Finance. The roles played at these two companies gave Colodne the chance to expand his abilit9es and skills in the area of distressed lending which would serve him well in the last decade as the co-founder of Colbeck Capital Management.

The decision to create Colbeck Capital Management was not one taken lightly by Jason Colodne as he felt the best decision to be taken when the 2008 economic crisis was in full effect was to help as many investors as possible. At a time when the investment options for the people of the world were as low as possible, Jason Colodne pushed himself forward as the co-founder of the new private equity firm intent on bringing a better quality of service to clients around the world. For Colodne, the chance to develop entrepreneurs with more ways of working to bring success to entrepreneurs in a difficult environment.

In the 21st-century, the people of the world have been stuck in an era of crashing credit and failing financial institutions. Jason Colodne had already departed Morgan Stanley when the financial crash of 2008 occurred and brought his experience to the world of finance in the U.S. To fund entrepreneurs, the experts at Colbeck Capital management have found new ways of exploring the funding options around the world to provide non-traditional ways of raising finances. Entrepreneurs in the U.S. have been ignored by many experts in the financial sector and major banks since the crash of 2008 and now struggle to find simple ways of funding their business plans but they do have the chance to work with Jason Colodne and Colbeck Capital Management t find their way through the current financial maze. Learn More: http://colbeck.com/cgi-bin/team/Jason_Colodne.pl

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