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TJ Maloney Talks Business

A Brief Chat

Since launching in 1986, Lincolnshire Management has served as a lifeline to middle market firms across New York utilizing their extensive experience for over three decades. However, when CEO TJ Maloney stepped into a leadership role with the company, it had found the figurehead to take them into the new millennium and beyond. Maloney recently sat down for a short question and answer session covering a wide range of topics and offering readers valuable advice.

Business in the Blood

TJ Maloney was bit by the business bug early in life while working for his father’s businesses in roles such as collections, engineering, and quality control. After earning a bachelor’s at Boston College and Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University while serving on the Board of Trustees at both schools, Maloney would also take on the role of chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council. Following his time in college, he then went on to practice business law in New York City before finally arriving to Lincolnshire Management as the company’s current CEO and President.

A Day in the Life

After going into a little family background TJ Maloney is asked to describe a typical day for him on the job. He discusses how he starts the day with two cups of coffee while planning out his priorities. The key is a strong balance throughout the day between group tasks and independent projects.

Exploring New Horizons

According to TJ Maloney, acquiring a new business is an intricate process with many steps to it. Depending upon the industry this might include bringing in an outside consultant in some instances if necessary. In a general sense, it involves a collaborative effort with all team members involved in the decision making process.

Trust is Vital

Maloney talks about good habits such as a desire to continuously learn and grow, as well as looking for ways to improve the business at all levels. He also advises his younger self and others to trust their instincts with business investments.

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Iskandar Safa Guides Privinvest To Safe Waters


Nobiskrug is one of Germany’s highest-profile shipyards. Currently headquartered in Rendsburg, Nobiskrug’s operations have a long and storied history that dates back more than a century ago to 1905. The shipyard is home to some of the world’s most famous superyachts, and Nobiskrug has a reputation for building some of the yachting industry’s most well-known boats.

Past projects have included the world-famous Tatoosh, totaling almost 100 meters in length. In addition to the Tatoosh, Nobiskrug also features superyachts like theSycara V, the Mogambo, and the Sailing Yacht A among is world-renowned fleet. The Sycara V, for example, comes in at a length of 68.15 meters and an asking price of more than $65 million. The Mogambo superyacht, by contrast, was built in 2012 and is listed at more than 70 meters in length. Read This Article to learn more.

Although Nobiskrug is famous around the world, it is the brainchild of an even more famous Lebanese entrepreneur named Iskandar Safa. As the CEO of Privinvest, Iskandar Safa is one of the most influential men in the yachting industry today. Not only does Privinvest own a substantial stake in Nobiskrug, but this shipbuilding conglomerate also owns stakes in multiple shipyards around the world.

Privinvest’s current collection of shipyards includes the French yard CMN and the German yards Kiel and Lindenau. As a graduate of the world-renowned INSEAD Business School, Iskandar Safa has proven time and time again that he is well-equipped to steer Privinvest in the right direction.

Safa is known for implementing a diverse investment strategy across Privinvest, and his company is involved in a lot more than just superyachts. Privinvest is also quite active in the global real estate market, digital media, and shipping operations throughout the world. Find Related Information Here.

In summary, Iskandar Safa successfully combines his academic background with real-world business leadership. The ability to do this is fairly rare among executives, but Privinvest has certainly benefitted from his efforts.


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Highland Capital Management: How They Different From Other Wall Street Firms


Headquartered in Dallas, TX is a very special investment firm that has changed the way that we all do business. Some of us may not have yet had the pleasure of learning much about this firm, but it is one that you should spend some time with if you get the opportunity.

The thing about it is that it is so different from what other Wall Street firms are. They seem to legitimately care about the people that they are entrusted to serve, and they are incredibly innovative in their approach to getting things done. Their name is Highland Capital Management.

This firm was founded in 1993 by business partners James Dondero and Mark Okada. The two men both had extensive backgrounds in the world of finance, and each was clearly destined to do great things. They decided to team up to work out the best way to use their talents to propel the firm into the future. Refer to This Article for related information.

Dondero remains at the head of the company even as Okada has announced that he will step down in order to pursue other ambitions in life. He wants to make sure that the people he is leaving behind know how to do his job to the best of their abilities, and he has set them up for success as he is on the way out.

Highland Capital remains strong and is looking towards what they will do next. They want people to understand that they have no intentions of going anywhere but up. Highland Capital has garnered a unique reputation as an alternative investment operation that manages hedge funds, mutual funds and various structured investment vehicles.

In 2004 and 2005, they acquired Columbia Management Advisors, which is a bank loan mutual funding operation, NexBank and ING Capital Management.

They love to see how people react when they are told that they can invest in a firm as privileged as Highland Capital Management, and that will continue to be the case. They will find every potential pocket of money that they can possibly find all throughout the world for their clients. Go Here for additional information.


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GPB Global Resources Thrives In Africa’s Resource Extraction Scene

Internationally, there has been groundbreaking progress for GPB Global Resources B.V. Their exploration, as an oil firm, has reaped great rewards for the Russian founder and also Managing Director, whose name is Boris Ivanov. Although GPB has found Amsterdam, Netherlands to serve as a headquarters location quite well, the bulk of GPB’s new opportunities actually lie thousands of miles elsewhere. More specifically, it is Africa that takes Ivanov’s interest, as well as South America, albeit to a smaller degree.

With regards to these territories, which GPB Global Resources seeks to inhabit, there is a unique legal ecosystem around the oil operations. Some of these, thankfully, have solid oil regulation already sufficiently in place, but, of the 54 total, there are a striking amount of these lands that do not have such resource extraction rules determined as of now. For a GPB related project, well-established orders when it comes to the sphere of resource extraction are a great help.

Regulatory extraction hurdles obviously present GPB Global Resources with some interesting challenges, but there exist for the aforementioned GPB additional physical challenges. Among these, the often extremely remote coordinates that these nations’ resources lie in are subject to inferior infrastructure, which will ultimately make such resources even harder for GPB to attempt to extract.

This particular sector, resource extraction that is, is likely moving towards more renewable sources and also highly reduced consumption by certain economies. GPB Global Resources has a team and leader who acknowledge this. Accordingly, Boris Ivanov noted that this trend will surely impact both resource prices and the nature of his long-term oil investments. Ivanov believes that technology investments will now return GPB and similar entities better, and environmental adaption, Boris says, is inevitable.

Timely information, therefore, is what GPB Global Resources will naturally need to rely upon, and governmental disputes, as Ivanov noted, can severely impact international businesses like GPB. Avoiding local conflicts is key to doing such international negotiations in the resources extraction industry, and maintaining a strong, mutual information flow is the vital professional glue that can ultimately hold such operations like GPB’s Africa endeavor together.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Strives For Constant Self-Improvement

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is already a stunning success as an entrepreneur, but he has continued to remain dedicated to self-improvement in his professional and personal life. This is a continuous process that he is always working on even if he is not quite sure of what his next step should be. When it comes to self-improvement, the entrepreneur believes that it’s important to at least be moving in the right direction of your goal even while still coming up with a plan. In addition to this, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez emphasizes that it’s important to recognize that your plans may need to be changed to adapt to new situations or circumstances. This flexibility is something that has always served him well during his career.

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The graduate of Suffolk University values the power of a strong education and believes in the importance of learning. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez attended Suffolk University from 1998 to 2002 and during this time he studied to earn a Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Business Administration. While his formal education taught him a lot, he also values the knowledge that he gained through his experience in his career. He has recently gotten involved in the world of fashion as the President of Hawkers Co. The company that was founded in 2016 produces luxury sunglasses and is hoping to expand its brand throughout the world.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a native of Venezuela and a well-known businessman internationally. He is currently based out of London, England but has business interests located internationally as well. His desire to achieve self-improvement is one of the factors in the business success that he has managed to have during his career. Through these efforts, he has been able to improve himself on a personal level as well as his skills and knowledge. He accredits the history of his family and their values for his desire to improve himself. While he does not know much about his great grandfather beyond the fact that he was the President of Venezuela, he is impressed by the fact that the man did not have much when it came to a formal education despite achieving such greatness in his country.

The Success of Sheldon Lavin in the Meat Business

Sheldon Lavin is the current chairman and CEO of OSI Group LLC. Over the years, he has built a name in the corporate sector by building a highly successful food company. His efforts through the OSI Group are like no other in the food industry. He has seen this company rise from unknown to a now globally recognized business in the entire world. Today, the company has meat processing facilities in 17 countries and still aiming at expanding further to other regions. The goal of Sheldon Lavin is to see the company reach out to people in all corners of the world. Learn More about Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin’s history with OSI Group started in the 1970s when he joined as a managing partner to spur the growth of the then little-known food business. Armed with knowledge and skills acquired from years of working in the banking sector, Sheldon Lavin was ready to help OSI Group, then called Otto & Sons, become the leader in the meat business.

Through his efforts, OSI Group is now an internationally recognized business. In recent years, its goal has been to expand operations further, especially in Europe.

Under the guidance of Sheldon Lavin, the company has acquired food production facilities in the United States. The purchase of the formerly Tyson Foods production plant in Chicago is one of the achievements made. After this purchase, the company can now produce sufficient food products for its customers in North America.

There has also been the acquisition of two food companies in Europe. Baho Food and Flagship Europe are two companies that were recently acquired to help OSI make entry into the European market. While these companies will benefit from a wide pool of resources to boost their operations, OSI will be making an entry in one of the lucrative markets in the world.

In 2016, there was an expansion of one of the food production facilities in Spain. After the expansion, the production of chicken products is expected to reach 24,000 tons per year. This is double the amount that the facility was producing in the past.

Looking at the expansion initiatives that the company has made so far, it is clear that Sheldon Lavin is interested in establishing a meat business empire that will outlast the current generation. Having survived the past century, the company is now in a better position to conquer many more.


Jeremy Goldstein Discusses His Legal Career Success and Philanthropy

In the corporate world, Jeremy Goldstein is revered as an outstanding lawyer. This is primarily because of the role that he has played in mergers and acquisitions in this sector. He has focused his legal carrier on leading mergers and acquisitions, and in this, he has heard a lot of success. Jeremy is also the founder of the prosperous New York-based law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates, LLC. This law firm is committed to providing corporate advisory on mergers and acquisitions and other related matters. Recently, Goldstein came out to discuss his legal career success and philanthropy.


The Informal Approach to Success


Jeremy pointed out that his legal career success is by part because he takes the informal approach. He stated that he prefers to meet his clients in a relaxed setting where they can make a personal connection. This is contrary to what most professionals in the corporate sector do, but it works well for him. He advised any budding professional or entrepreneur to try this approach if they are looking to be successful.


By building a personal relationship, it’s much easier to understand what their client wants and be able to deliver beyond expectations. Additionally, you will be able to build lasting business relations this way. This celebrated attorney pointed out that building lasting business relationships with clients is a sure way to success.


Getting Into Corporate Advisory


It’s through building lasting relationships with clients that Jeremy Goldstein got into corporate advisory. He pointed out that it was through this that he observed CEOs and their management teams having a rough time making decisions, especially during tough times. It was then that he also decided to provide corporate advisory to the CEOs and management teams.


He mentioned that his advice helps CEOs and their management terms pick the right legal strategy in their decision making. This has helped them put in place proper managerial structures that guarantee effective delegation of duties. Through Jeremy Goldstein’s advice, CEOs and management teams can avoid any legal ramifications that may come as a result of managerial negligence or inadequate due diligence.


Philanthropic Initiatives


This New York-based lawyer also takes part in numerous philanthropic initiatives besides work. He is the part of Fountain House’s board, a charity organization that seeks to improve the lives of the mentally challenged patients in New York. Recently, he hosted a party where $5,000 was the minimum entry fee and donated the proceeds to this charity organization. Besides this, Jeremy Goldstein also takes part in other community uplifting projects as part of his philanthropic endeavor.


About Jeremy Goldstein


This top-notch legal expert studied for his J.D. at the New York University School of Law and his M.A. at the University of Chicago. He also holds a B.A. cum laude from Cornell University, achieving a distinction in all subjects. Before founding his boutique law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, Jeremy worked as a partner New York law firm. He is also a writer and focuses his pieces on covering corporate affairs such as executive compensation and performance goals.


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Sharon Prince River Building Offers Opportunity For All

Critical issues of crisis are being resolved through a recreational platform called Sharon Prince Grace Farms, at the River Building. The model diagram, mapped out an advanced agenda to restore a lifeless piece of land and strategically improve the endangered wild and plant life in the area. Aiming to expand the sustainability of life and save endanger species.

Grace Farms leveraged with other businesses to nurture societal relationships. Impacting human life in a significant way. The practical retreat achieved the goal of securing “10 native habitats, including eighty bird species” according to Sharon Prince, the executive director of Grace Farms Foundations. As well as 120 million dollars to fund the project.

The historic pastures are a place where man-kind’s inter-connection with nature is not alter by a false society of traditional city life. View Additional Info Here.

Apart from the scalable demand to develop a geographical structure in a location were the residents depended on Grace Community Church for social engagement. The area was in desperate need of new ideas and new development. The 200 ft glass panels of the “River Building” introduced explicit character.

The flow of sunlight, and no front door created a complete view of the surrounding landscape. The Community Center continues to engage guest with a wide range of activities for individuals of all ages to enjoy. There are many paths for walking, an area for performances, a library and much more.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms encourages everyone to participate in civil rights causes, nature preservation activities, performances by a well-known dance company and the opportunity to utilize the work space.

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Nina Vaca and the Value of Working Hard

For many people, the American Dream is being able to start their own business. Nina Vaca and her family realized the importance of achieving this dream. By the age of 17, Vaca was helping lead her family’s business.

Flash forward and Vaca has realized this dream once again. Following college, and a two-year stint in New York, she moved back to Texas where she came up with the inspiration for Pinnacle Group, an IT workforce solutions firm.  Pinnacle Group was a thriving company, until an unexpected tragedy on September 11, 2001, sent shock waves throughout the global economy.

Down, but not out, Vaca began working long hours, many of which were unpaid, to see her business through the challenging times. Fortunately, this determination paid off in a major way. Vaca started receiving much-deserved recognition from the business community.

When’s she’s not running Pinnacle, Vaca spends her time helping others. She is a vocal supporter of efforts to involve more women and minorities in business. In addition, Vaca founded At the Table: Women in Business and Leadership. The goal of this organization is to help more women succeed in obtaining board positions.