Nina Vaca and the Value of Working Hard

For many people, the American Dream is being able to start their own business. Nina Vaca and her family realized the importance of achieving this dream. By the age of 17, Vaca was helping lead her family’s business.

Flash forward and Vaca has realized this dream once again. Following college, and a two-year stint in New York, she moved back to Texas where she came up with the inspiration for Pinnacle Group, an IT workforce solutions firm.  Pinnacle Group was a thriving company, until an unexpected tragedy on September 11, 2001, sent shock waves throughout the global economy.

Down, but not out, Vaca began working long hours, many of which were unpaid, to see her business through the challenging times. Fortunately, this determination paid off in a major way. Vaca started receiving much-deserved recognition from the business community.

When’s she’s not running Pinnacle, Vaca spends her time helping others. She is a vocal supporter of efforts to involve more women and minorities in business. In addition, Vaca founded At the Table: Women in Business and Leadership. The goal of this organization is to help more women succeed in obtaining board positions.


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