Sharon Prince River Building Offers Opportunity For All

Critical issues of crisis are being resolved through a recreational platform called Sharon Prince Grace Farms, at the River Building. The model diagram, mapped out an advanced agenda to restore a lifeless piece of land and strategically improve the endangered wild and plant life in the area. Aiming to expand the sustainability of life and save endanger species.

Grace Farms leveraged with other businesses to nurture societal relationships. Impacting human life in a significant way. The practical retreat achieved the goal of securing “10 native habitats, including eighty bird species” according to Sharon Prince, the executive director of Grace Farms Foundations. As well as 120 million dollars to fund the project.

The historic pastures are a place where man-kind’s inter-connection with nature is not alter by a false society of traditional city life. View Additional Info Here.

Apart from the scalable demand to develop a geographical structure in a location were the residents depended on Grace Community Church for social engagement. The area was in desperate need of new ideas and new development. The 200 ft glass panels of the “River Building” introduced explicit character.

The flow of sunlight, and no front door created a complete view of the surrounding landscape. The Community Center continues to engage guest with a wide range of activities for individuals of all ages to enjoy. There are many paths for walking, an area for performances, a library and much more.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms encourages everyone to participate in civil rights causes, nature preservation activities, performances by a well-known dance company and the opportunity to utilize the work space.

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