Jeremy Goldstein Discusses His Legal Career Success and Philanthropy

In the corporate world, Jeremy Goldstein is revered as an outstanding lawyer. This is primarily because of the role that he has played in mergers and acquisitions in this sector. He has focused his legal carrier on leading mergers and acquisitions, and in this, he has heard a lot of success. Jeremy is also the founder of the prosperous New York-based law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates, LLC. This law firm is committed to providing corporate advisory on mergers and acquisitions and other related matters. Recently, Goldstein came out to discuss his legal career success and philanthropy.


The Informal Approach to Success


Jeremy pointed out that his legal career success is by part because he takes the informal approach. He stated that he prefers to meet his clients in a relaxed setting where they can make a personal connection. This is contrary to what most professionals in the corporate sector do, but it works well for him. He advised any budding professional or entrepreneur to try this approach if they are looking to be successful.


By building a personal relationship, it’s much easier to understand what their client wants and be able to deliver beyond expectations. Additionally, you will be able to build lasting business relations this way. This celebrated attorney pointed out that building lasting business relationships with clients is a sure way to success.


Getting Into Corporate Advisory


It’s through building lasting relationships with clients that Jeremy Goldstein got into corporate advisory. He pointed out that it was through this that he observed CEOs and their management teams having a rough time making decisions, especially during tough times. It was then that he also decided to provide corporate advisory to the CEOs and management teams.


He mentioned that his advice helps CEOs and their management terms pick the right legal strategy in their decision making. This has helped them put in place proper managerial structures that guarantee effective delegation of duties. Through Jeremy Goldstein’s advice, CEOs and management teams can avoid any legal ramifications that may come as a result of managerial negligence or inadequate due diligence.


Philanthropic Initiatives


This New York-based lawyer also takes part in numerous philanthropic initiatives besides work. He is the part of Fountain House’s board, a charity organization that seeks to improve the lives of the mentally challenged patients in New York. Recently, he hosted a party where $5,000 was the minimum entry fee and donated the proceeds to this charity organization. Besides this, Jeremy Goldstein also takes part in other community uplifting projects as part of his philanthropic endeavor.


About Jeremy Goldstein


This top-notch legal expert studied for his J.D. at the New York University School of Law and his M.A. at the University of Chicago. He also holds a B.A. cum laude from Cornell University, achieving a distinction in all subjects. Before founding his boutique law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, Jeremy worked as a partner New York law firm. He is also a writer and focuses his pieces on covering corporate affairs such as executive compensation and performance goals.


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