Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Strives For Constant Self-Improvement

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is already a stunning success as an entrepreneur, but he has continued to remain dedicated to self-improvement in his professional and personal life. This is a continuous process that he is always working on even if he is not quite sure of what his next step should be. When it comes to self-improvement, the entrepreneur believes that it’s important to at least be moving in the right direction of your goal even while still coming up with a plan. In addition to this, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez emphasizes that it’s important to recognize that your plans may need to be changed to adapt to new situations or circumstances. This flexibility is something that has always served him well during his career.

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The graduate of Suffolk University values the power of a strong education and believes in the importance of learning. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez attended Suffolk University from 1998 to 2002 and during this time he studied to earn a Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Business Administration. While his formal education taught him a lot, he also values the knowledge that he gained through his experience in his career. He has recently gotten involved in the world of fashion as the President of Hawkers Co. The company that was founded in 2016 produces luxury sunglasses and is hoping to expand its brand throughout the world.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a native of Venezuela and a well-known businessman internationally. He is currently based out of London, England but has business interests located internationally as well. His desire to achieve self-improvement is one of the factors in the business success that he has managed to have during his career. Through these efforts, he has been able to improve himself on a personal level as well as his skills and knowledge. He accredits the history of his family and their values for his desire to improve himself. While he does not know much about his great grandfather beyond the fact that he was the President of Venezuela, he is impressed by the fact that the man did not have much when it came to a formal education despite achieving such greatness in his country.

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