Highland Capital Management: How They Different From Other Wall Street Firms

Headquartered in Dallas, TX is a very special investment firm that has changed the way that we all do business. Some of us may not have yet had the pleasure of learning much about this firm, but it is one that you should spend some time with if you get the opportunity. Go To This Page for more information.

The thing about it is that it is so different from what other Wall Street firms are. They seem to legitimately care about the people that they are entrusted to serve, and they are incredibly innovative in their approach to getting things done. Their name is Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital was founded in 1993 by business partners James Dondero and Mark Okada. The two men both had extensive backgrounds in the world of finance, and each was clearly destined to do great things. They decided to team up to work out the best way to use their talents to propel the firm into the future.

Dondero remains at the head of the company even as Okada has announced that he will step down in order to pursue other ambitions in life. He wants to make sure that the people he is leaving behind know how to do his job to the best of their abilities, and he has set them up for success as he is on the way out. Visit This Page for additional information.

The firm remains strong and is looking towards what they will do next. They want people to understand that they have no intentions of going anywhere but up. They love to see how people react when they are told that they can invest in a firm as privileged as Highland Capital Management, and that will continue to be the case. They will find every potential pocket of money that they can possibly find all throughout the world for their clients.


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