Iskandar Safa: Taking A Look at Nobiskrug


When you look at the shipbuilding industry, it may seem relatively quiet. However, it’s doing remarkably well, and there is a giant leading way that happens to own several shipyards. The company is known as Privinvest, and one of the founders is Iskandar Safa.

Mr. Iskandar Safa is an innovative entrepreneur. He has a passion for the work he has been doing at Privinvest for several decades. Safa was born in Beirut in 1955. He has lifelong memories of his childhood days spent at the sea.

Iskandar Safa is not one for a lot of interviews and his shipyards don’t really get a lot of advertisements, but he makes the best yachts in the world, so it’s not necessary. When your work does the speaking for you, it’s early to focus on other things that need to be done.

Nobiskrug happens to be one of many shipyards in Germany that are owned by Privinvest. Some of the best superyachts were built at this shipyard which includes Mogambo, Sycara V, and Odessa II. There is a fleet of approximately 10 of these superyachts in that shop yard alone. Go To This Page for related information.

Nobiskrug is sitting on Eider River and has been in business since 1905. Although this shipyard has been making yachts since that time, the first boat didn’t make its first appearance in water until 2000. Iskandar Safa doesn’t really brag about the fact that he has a vast fleet of superyachts nor does he talk about the many shipyards he holds in various countries. Privinvest is still on top when it comes to building these special yachts and also for building a host’s naval fleets.

Nobiskrug is one of the top producers of these fabulous superyachts and Iskandar Safa has a very reliable team running it so that he does not have to be present all the time. The only time he really intervenes is when a sale is getting ready to happen. Privinvest also has endeavored in real estate and other activities that keep the company in very steady growth. Visit This Page for more information.


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