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Luke Lazarus Is A Dedicated Startup Consultant Who Works With Clients In Australia’s Southeastern Coast

Luke Lazarus has been working as a startup consultant for two decades and has continues to be a part of many different successful partnerships. He has helped many brands to find the success they are looking for and mainly works with CEOs in the southeastern coast of Australia. Lazarus studied at Melbourne Business School and received his MBA while in his early twenties. Before he was 33 years old, he was able to create and sell a group of firms.


Luke Lazarus brings ideas to life by ensuring that the story of the brands he works with is in alignment with what it has to offer. He believes that storytelling is a very important method to use to reach customers and focuses on solving problems in any industry he works in. When brands couple what they have to offer with an emotion or an idea they can reach many more people, and this is exactly what he works to help them do. He has found that some of his greatest ideas have come from solving the problems that he faces in his daily life.


Today, customers want to feel more connected with the brands and companies they buy from than ever before. Luke Lazarus enjoys working with companies and watching them meet the needs of their customers in new an innovative ways. When a business shares the same values as its customers, this a win-win scenario. This is why he encourages the startups he works with to always prove how their products can make their customers feel.


Luke Lazarus take meticulous notes throughout his working day and ensures that he is able to access his notes wherever he goes. He has found it most productive to jot down quick notes or to take a photo of a note so he remembers its importance. If he could travel back and time and give himself some advice, it would be to relax and not worry so much. He has revealed that he was very anxious when he was younger and that he was, often, preoccupied with what the future would hold. He now realizes this was unnecessary and could have saved himself from a lot of anxiety along the way if he just believed in himself more.


Luke Lazarus has learned that it is good to surround himself with talented individuals who know how to focus on what is important. He has become quite the networker over the years, which has served him well. Luke Lazarus believes there is plenty of room to revamp the medical sector and feels that an UBER for doctors would be a good business idea. He also believes that health care can be made more affordable and hopes to see the field embrace modern technology.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Help Kids Across Ohio Through Philanthropy

Ohio is the home of the personal injury law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick. Since 2005 they have been helping clients recover money after suffering a personal injury at someone else’s hands. They have 10 offices, about 40 attorneys, and 100 people in on their support team. They are one of Ohio’s leading personal injury law firms due to their customer service and extensive legal experience. They also have insider information on how the insurance firms operate when it comes to paying on claims.

At Kisling Nestico & Redick, they don’t stop at just representing their clients and representing their clients in settlements or courtrooms. They also feel a sense of duty for helping others in the community. They have been supporting low-income families across Ohio since the year they were founded. Most of their effort goes into supporting people, especially children, who are food insecure.

They recently got in contact with an Ohio school district director of family and community engagement in order to find out which school they should donate food to. The team at Kisling Nestico & Redick wanted to put their money to the best use by identifying a school with a lot of low-income families. They were pointed to Greenbriar Middle School because nearly half of the students qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program.

Kisling Nestico & Redick spent $1,200 filling up 60 bags with groceries such as bread, fruit, cheese, and peanut butter. These bags went to kids who were going on spring break during which time they wouldn’t have access to food at school. This was part of the KNR Cares About Kids program.

They have also been raising money for the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank since 2004. They do so by participating in the annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. A team of Kisling Nestico & Redick attorney’s and staffers volunteered to take a plunge into a very cold lake. They raised about $30,000 which was enough money to provide 120,000 meals. The CEO and president of the food bank said that they are able to stretch each dollar into four meals.

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Todd Levine Using Art to Solve His Cases

Todd Levine is an attorney working with Kluger Kaplan in the city of Miami Florida. The legal entity has once again been distinguished with the best attorneys in America award. It was recognized for the quality service they provide to their clients with virtues such as dedication, professionalism, and proficiency being displayed in their work.

Todd Levine is one of the attorney recognized as one of the best lawyers from the Kluger Kaplan entity. His efforts were visible in the Real Estate category. He is also the founding member of the legal entity. He takes charge of almost every business dispute that comes that is tabled to them. He handles cases that involve representing contractors, real estate negotiators, and owners of the property, investors, and developers.

Todd Levine is also a passionate musician, and he uses his art and creative skills even in the courtroom to edge out his opponents. In his early days, he found out he had a flair in deliberating court proceedings. It was made possible by his ability to reframe matters and disputes to make them debatable and easier to comprehend. Todd Levine acknowledges his success in the courtroom as a result of the good personal skills and dedication he has kept till date. He recognizes the importance of good preparation and looking at an argument from different angles possible. This preparation has aided to his increased creativity to tackle such predicaments. Todd Levine studied his law degree from the University of Florida and also has a degree in Business Administration, Finance.

The other lawyers at Kluger Kaplan who were recognized for good work were Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan who were awarded in the entertainment law, mergers and takeovers and commercial proceedings category. Bruce Katzen was recognized for noble work in capital market regulations and securities. In the family law category, Philippe Lieberman and Steve Silverman were highlighted for their achievements.

Kluger Kaplan has also been highlighted as one of the best from legal industry with their publications and has continuously been chosen by clients for their great quality service they offer.

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The Man Behind Blockchain

How far does one need to look back into the history of an innovative giant in order to find some indication of what they might become?

Does one simply look into their childhood? If so, then if one were to look at the young life of Serge Belamant, one would see a determined child with not only the drive to succeed, but the willingness to change his course in order to ensure it.

Looking at his young life alone would obviously indicate his future success.

For Belamant though, the need to look back that far is unnecessary. Yes, his childlike tenacity pushed him forward in unforeseeable ways. But to see the true measure of his success, one need not delve deep into his past, or even look at the several patents he holds for breaking various molds in the financial industry. Visit to know more about Serge Belamant

Instead, one need only look at the way he was able to help over ten million South African Social Security Beneficiaries receive their monthly stipends on time without having to worry about technological delays, or thievery. The three ways he did this were inspiring – the one that stood out the most though was the creation of his variable pin.

In order to prevent thievery at ATM’s, a recipient had to call a number on the back of their cards, that put their voice through identification software. Once their identity was confirmed, the system provided them with a one-time only pin. They would then enter this pin at the ATM. The usage of the variable pin prevented countless acts of fraud and theft.

As such, one need not look into what drove a person to become innovative. Rather, one need only look at how their ability to innovate helped others. Read more:

Vinod Gupta Knows That Hardships Exist For All

Vinod Gupta is aware that hardships are present for everyone in life but it is in those times that individuals must push back and find out the gems that are present in each situation. As the old saying goes, make lemonade out of lemons. Every entrepreneur and businessman knows that there will be a variety of obstacles that will present themselves on their journey to success.

These individuals will have several options that are available to them. They can take a chance, spread their wings and fly, or they can regress and stay within the safe cocoon that they always knew. The former is certainly quite difficult to do and Vinod Gupta is aware of this and has experienced this in his life. He had to remind himself that challenges come to those who are in the stages of growth.

As such, Vinod Gupta has continued to keep himself in a state of progress and growth. He doesn’t let the bad situations get him down, he continues to move forward and make moves even when the cards seem to be stacked against him.

Vinod Gupta was once in a small village in India, he then went to a top school in India and then crossed an ocean to go to school in the USA. Think about that. He could have stayed in the small village in India and sought to do what others around him were doing. Instead, he chose to do something that was a challenge.

He left his small village that had no electricity, cars, or even running water and went to school at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He was accepted into the school and progressed without a dollar to his name.

All he had was a desire, talent, ability, confidence in himself and the drive to progress and grow further.

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“James River Capital & The Top 3 Changes it Embraced To Enhance Its Leadership Style “

It takes a great amount of development and skills for a person to manage and lead a team effectively. Although it requires a concerted effort and time to become a good leader, there are several changes that you can do to your style that can spell out the difference. Here are some of these leadership style changes that you could use.


Support, Don’t Lead

Facebook leaders used a fascinating strategy that has greatly improved their leadership style. The leaders made a crucial shift of mentality of supporting instead of leading their teams. This word shift from lead to support totally altered how employees look at the leaders’ role in the organization. This also improved how the leaders communicate and interact with their teams.


Encourage Critical Feedback

According to studies, 85 percent of employees keep critical feedback from their employers. Most often, if employees feel that their feedback could get them in trouble they hesitate to do it. Lack of transparent and open communication will limit room for growth and improvement, innovation, collaboration, and employee engagement. Google conducted research which yielded that leaders should provide psychological safety to their team. In other words, leaders should function in a way that subordinates feel safe whenever they approach you with suggestions, challenges, problems, and improvements in the business. The research further revealed two ways to develop psychological safety. One way is by recognizing and appreciating escalation when it happens. The other way is by ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to air their sentiments, speak, or be heard during meetings.


Every Person’s Opinion Matters

As a leader supporting instead of leading and by providing psychological safety, the most important change is by giving value to everybody’s opinion. Make a list of your employees attending the meeting. Engage with them and ask everyone about their opinion. The quiet ones often have something to say but are most often intimidated or afraid to share their opinions. By doing this, you not only see others’ perspective on the matter at hand, but you are also empowering each of them to bring creative and helpful ideas on the table.


About James River Capital

James River Capital Corporation or simply James River was established in 1986 as KP Futures Management Corp. It served as the investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. In 1995, James River Capital attained its autonomy when Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired the business from Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. during the time when Kidder was acquired by Paine Webber.


Today James River Capital is registered with the SEC as an Investment advisor. It is also registered in the CFTC as a Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor. it offers investment management, commodity trading, advisory, and several other related services. Learn more:


Rebel Wilson Enjoys Cats-themed Frivolity on Her Birthday

Rebel Wilson had a fun birthday. The Aussie-actress recently turned 39 and celebrated her special day with a few highlights. First, she made her own birthday cake at the Milk Bar. Second, she got a surprise party from her friends that features some Cats-esque dancing.

According to Wilson’s Twitter the party wound up in Beverly Hills where Wilson and company enjoyed a thirty-minute dance rehearsal. They promptly recorded the choreographed number, featuring Wilson center with pink fuzzy ears and paws. Wilson jokingly referred to it as “Catzercise”.

Rebel Wilson first made a name for herself in Australia. The actress broke out into T.V. and film, writing a producing many shows and specials. Her career finally took her stateside where she broke out in Bridesmaids. Although her character, Brynn, was a highlight Wilson did not really break out until Pitch Perfect. The film made Wilson and her popular Fat Amy character returned for both sequels. Since then Wilson has played mainly supporting roles. At least that is how it was before “Isn’t It Romantic”.

“Isn’t It Romantic” is the first film in a Rebel Wilson trifecta that will expand across 2019. The film is a rom-com trapped within a rom-com and features Wilson in the lead role. The role is her first time playing a lead and Wilson has performed excellently. Released on Valentine’s Day the film grossed well and served as a great lead in to her other films. Wilson will return to the screen with “The Hustle” next.

A remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, “The Hustle” stars Wilson in the Steve Martin role with Anne Hathaway performing the Michael Caine role. The movie will mark another lead role for Wilson. If that is enough, however, the actress will finish out the year with the film version of Cats. She will join a talented cast as Jennyanydots, hence the Cats-themed birthday party. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Cats is already receiving a lot of attention as it stars some big names and holds the distinction of being popular Broadway fare. Wilson is very excited for the film and tweeted about it. The film co-stars Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden.

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Global Biotech Executive Carsten Thiel Reveals One Of His Biggest Failures

Carsten Thiel is a global biotech executive. During the course of his career, he has worked in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Connecticut, and New York. He had been the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, Inc., which is a clinical-stage firm that creates cell and gene therapies. He also worked for Amgen for several years in both their operations and marketing divisions. He has a Ph.D. in molecular biology that he acquired at Germany’s Max-Planck Institut Gottingen.

He has said that leaders need to be a good example for others to follow. Carsten Thiel says he takes leading others very seriously but doesn’t apply that to himself. His job is to provide Carsten’s team with the tools they need to succeed and guidance on how they can grow. He says each member of his team is critical to the overall success of the projects he has worked on and how well his companies have done.

Asked to describe a professional failure, he brings up the time that his company had a new treatment for colorectal cancer. Just before it was to receive approval, a biomarker was discovered that could tell who would benefit from this treatment. Patients who didn’t have this biomarker wouldn’t benefit at all.

He said that with vast revenue at stake most companies would have released the product and let people figure out whether it worked for them or not. Carsten Thiel says the other choice was to be very transparent and have each patient tested to see if this therapy would work for them. He felt that transparency was the best policy and so the drug didn’t make as much as it could have. This was, of course, the right thing to do so he doesn’t feel any remorse about the lost revenue.

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Article Title: How to Switch to Agera Energy

There are a lot of reasons for you to make the switch to the Agera Energy company. For one, this provider offers electricity and natural gas at more affordable prices. This is allowing people the chance to effortlessly make the change in their homes and businesses.

You will also find Agera Energy to be incredibly active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where you can keep yourself updated on what they are doing. If you would like to learn more about the Agera Energy company, be sure to go on their site and see what they are up to and check out their portfolio. This is a great chance for you to make the switch from your current provider to Agera Energy so that you are going to be able to save quite a bit of money and still get the service that you know you will need.

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Article Title: Eos and RED Helps Fight Against Aids

Article Text:

The famous lip and skin care brand Eos which is short for Evolution of Smooth has teamed up with the non-profit organization RED in order to help end the fatal AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa. The collaboration is aimed to help raise awareness and money to donate to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. To help raise awareness Eos and RED has designed a Pomegranate Raspberry scent Eos package with RED’s signature color and logo followed with an illustration of lips to signify Eos.

Eos lip balm was created to moisturize and protect your lips. With many designs and colors, it is also used as an accessory. Eos comes in a broad range of flavors from pink grapefruit, coconut milk, strawberry sorbet, a variety of mints and even flavors to accommodate for the holidays. These lip balms come in two sphere packages, one being the famous sphere package and the other being stick packages.

This amazing lip balm is even dermatologist approved and has been designed and modified to satisfy customers needs. Eos focuses on using natural ingredients from beeswax, a variety of oils, different kinds of butter and even aloe vera while ensuring that their products are paraben, petrolatum, and gluten-free. Eos has five categories for customers to choose from: natural and organic that is certified 100 percent organic, visibly soft and hydrating which ensures deep hydration and soft lips with use of cocoa and Shea butter, weightless and wax-free, shimmer and tint that is used for enhancing one’s lips and SPF and medicated for those with painful, sore, chapped lips. Find out more about EOS Lip Balm:

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