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How LocationSmart Helps Businesses Step Into the Future

In order for a business to thrive in the current economic climate they must remain relevant when changes in technology. This isn’t just a question of meeting industry standards for performance, but prioritizing communications with partners, employees, and customers in order to provide the best e-commerce experience possible. That requires partnering with a company like LocationSmart, experienced in assessing data and making it usable for businesses.


As the largest location-as-a-service company in the world. LocationSmart has the capacity to make sense of data coming from over 15 billion mobile devices spread out all over the world. That number may seem daunting at first, but considering the actual usage statistics, it’ll only increase with time. Presently, the average person has access to more than three mobile devices every single day, and in 2020 that number can increase to as many as six. With everyone using multiple mobile devices to get online and conduct business, companies are having a tough time making the incoming data useful. LocationSmart has solutions for that.


IP geolocation, for example, makes a user’s physical location known to the network they’re connected to, and as a result a business knows how to better communicate with them. For marketing specialists, this is an opportunity to learn about demographics and appeal to them with specific offers that appeal to them on that and their actual location.


Though a useful assistance in selling to the right customers, businesses can use geolocation to bolster network security. Geolocation can assist in monitoring incoming traffic to a network, making sure that those connecting have the proper credentials. Hacking attempts can be spotted sooner so countermeasures can be deployed in time to secure the network. It can also alert a business to other suspicious activities like users attempting to conceal their identity behind proxies or VPNs.


It’s an alert system for instances of fraud, but LocationSmart provides more solutions in the form of IP intelligence and location data that tracks mobile devices and their IP addresses as users move and connectivity changes. This keeps data relevant and up to date, it also can alert them to piracy attempts to copy data and media, or cases when credentials are being applied from multiple IPs, indicating a personal network of password sharers.


Aside from simpler examples of commerce or content streaming, larger companies, like those dealing in transportation and shipping, have had to rely on hardware solutions like GPS to keep track of valuable cargo and vehicles. LocationSmart bypasses that with a cloud-based solution in the form of Global Site ID.


With Global Site ID, cell sites and Wi-Fi connectivity moves beyond traditional mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to include vehicles and shipping containers. With coverage stretching over 200 countries, LocaitonSmart informs its partners about the movements of vehicles hardware,and personnel deployed to the field to act as a first line in asset protection, leaving behind cumbersome solutions.


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The Meatless Impossible Burger Is Now Available Through Meat Giant OSI Industries

One of the country’s largest meat producers will soon be non-manufacturing a meatless burger. OSI Industries is a U.S.-based multi-national, food production company. It has been a supplier of food solutions to restaurant chains and retail establishments for many decades. The decision to take part in the production of meat-free burger patties is a major strategic move for OSI.

The organization recently announced its plan to enter into a partnership agreement California-based Impossible Foods. This firm is a fast growing leader for its production of a plant-based burger product. Impossible Foods has created a tasty alternative to the infamous beef hamburger, and the product is in high demand in many of the world markets including the United States. Consumers are trending towards healthier food options, and this includes a desire to cut back on the consumption of meat.

OSI Industries has the industry reputation for being a forward-thinking, innovative organization. They are responsive to the changing needs of their customers to meet consumer demands. OSI’s largest customer is McDonald’s, and the firm serves as its primary meat supplier. OSI Industries and Impossible Foods will work together to supply the meatless burgers to the fast food chain and others. Early this year, Burger King added the Impossible Burger to the menu in their restaurants. Burger King is also one of OSI’s major customers as are Starbucks, Papa John’s, Subway, Yum, and many other leading organizations.

OSI Industries is a century-old, private American company with 20,000 worldwide employees. Mostly considered a meat producer, OSI also manufactures a broad range of foods in other food categories. Its food production plants are located across the world, and the company caters to a wide diversity of people and cultures. The food processing plants operate with the highest industry standards of food handling and safety. OSI Industries was established in Illinois, and its worldwide headquarters are located in Aurora, IL.

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OSI Group, the McDonalds supplier of hamburgers partners with Impossible Foods Inc.

Impossible Foods, one of the fastest-growing startups in the American food industry, recently partnered with OSI Industries to ramp up production of their plant-based burgers. OSI Industries is one of the oldest food companies in the country. OSI Group partnered with the McDonalds in the early 1950s, and they have been supplying McDonalds outlets with high-quality meat products since then. Impossible Foods seeks to tap into OSI’s potential to meet the ever-growing demand of plant based burgers. OSI Industries has already commenced the production of impossible Burger in their Midwest-based processing facilities. OSI announced that it would start producing Impossible Burger in other facilities soon. Impossible Foods Inc. became a household name because of its plant-based substitutes for meat products.

The company was established in 2011 to provide nutritional benefits and taste of meat without the risks attached to the consumption of quality meat products. Impossible Burger is the company’s signature product. Impossible foods are also producing plant-based sausages. Impossible Burger was launched in 2016, and it has become a favorite for many customers seeking to reduce consumption of meat products. For the last few months, the demand for impossible Burger has been overwhelming. Impossible Foods Inc. has been struggling to meet demand from its customers, including renowned outlets like Burger King and White Castle. In April, they tried to double the number of employees in their Oakland-based processing facility, but still, it wasn’t enough. Amidst the production crisis, Impossible Foods announced that it would begin selling popular impossible burgers in grocery stores in September.

Impossible Burger was sold at 5,000 restaurants at the beginning of the year, but the number has doubled. Woodside, the president of Impossible Foods Inc., says that OSI Industries will help his company to increase its production by the end of the year. OSI Industries currently operates more than 65 food processing facilities located in 17 countries. Besides helping Impossible Foods to increase its production capacity, OSI Group will also help the company to develop new food products. Impossible Foods Inc. is already testing meatless Burger in a few restaurants. Two months ago, Impossible Foods Inc. was given the go-ahead by the FDA to use soy leghemoglobin, a key ingredient to their meatless products.

Kevin Plank Thinks Its Time To Pay Student Athletes For Money They Generate

It’s been a long-simmering debate in the realm of college athletics. Sports teams, and especially the high-profile stars of nationally-ranked teams, generate millions of dollars for the colleges and universities they play for, but the athletes themselves don‘t receive a dime.

A classic example was the enormous popularity of Tim Tebow, the quarterback for Florida State University and winner of the Heisman Trophy. Sales of his jersey alone made Florida among the top three universities in the country for merchandise sold. That figure (which includes all merchandise) was nearly $6 million. But Tebow didn’t see a penny of it.

Now the owner and CEO of a major athletic apparel company said it’s high time the system is changed. Kevin Plank is the founder of Under Armour. He told reporters recently that athletes should receive compensation when their names, images or likeness are used to make money for others. Companies like Under Armour and Nike also benefit from the arrangement because they contract with the universities to manufacture, promote and sell merchandise using the popularity of star student-athletes.

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The entrepreneur said the current system is not fair. He said the using athletes to generate millions in profits while they get nothing is hypocritical. The amount of money associated with the selling of college sports stars is astronomical. For example, UCLA recently inked a $280 million deal with Under Armour.

While it’s true it helps athletes by providing them with first-class sporting facilities, equipment and training, Kevin Plank thinks the athletes themselves are being left out in the cold. Even if the top tier athletes are getting their college paid for by sports scholarships, Plank said the situation remains patently unfair.

There are signs that the system is changing. For example, the California legislature recently passed its Fair Play to Play Act. It will allow student-athletes to sign endorsement deals, hire agents and enter into licensing contracts. The NCAA has come out strongly against the bill, but Kevin Plank is in favor of it.

Kevin Plank played football in NCAA Division I for the University of Maryland Terrapins during his college career.


The Best Investment Advisory By Igor Cornelsen

Decision making regarding the money is a hell of a difficult task. Many of us don’t know how to manage or multiply their money even if they earn a lot. Managing the assets and making the right investments is what financial advisory service is known for. There are few investment advisors who come up with the most practical and efficient investment options. Igor Cornelsen is among those geniuses who show you the best way of investment and asset management.

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazil-based investment advisor who was born in 1947. He took engineering as his initial profession and got himself enrolled in 1965 at the Federal University of Parana. It was considered a big achievement at that time because it was the only engineering university available in the region. Soon after his studies, he realized he was more interested in the field of business and economics. He did his degree in his subject of interest in 1970.

Igor Cornelsen began his financial advisory agency and was soon known as one of the most reliable investment planners. He is known as a dedicated investment advisor whose efforts make his clients get the most out of their earnings and savings. He has worked for Libra Bank PLC as an investment advisor and earned the repute of being the most reliable person in the industry.

Soon, Igor Cornelsen decided to open his own firm with his own brand name. He started Bainbridge Investment Inc. in 1995. Since then, the company has been able to advise many valuable clients and to manage its assets. Igor believes in taking some bold steps and risky decisions and is particularly interested in making investments in lower performing areas. He knows his job and knows how to make the best even from scratches. He believes in buying even the lowest of the worth of property, and that is managed in a way that it gets sold in a much higher value.

Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings has partnered with several states and countries inside the United States and places like the United Kingdom. One thing Equities First Holdings promises their customer is the collateral they hold, they promise to give it back once your loan is paid in full and if for whatever reason the collateral you have goes up in the stock market then Equities First Holdings will provide refinancing.

Iskandar Safa Proves His Devotion To Faith And France


The move to the city of France of Iskandar Safa took place in the late-1970s when he left his home in Beirut, Lebanon and studied in France for his MBA. Safa had already studied for his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Beirut in Civil Engineering as he prepared for a career that would lead him to the French nation. In France, Iskandar Safa is known as an impressive business leader who is known for his impressive philanthropic efforts in the European nation and around the world.

Iskandar Safa has pushed many of the investments made by the Privinvest brand he shares with his brother, Akram towards France. In the 21st-century, the different markets enjoyed by Iskandar Safa and Privinvest take a range of options including the media that was identified as an area of interest for the company in 2015.

The development of superyachts takes place in the shipyards of the French builder, CMN that is owned under the Privinvest umbrella by Akram and Iskandar Safa. Although he has taken Privinvest to France, Safa has also looked outside the nation for his investments in the shipbuilding industry with purchases made by Privinvest in Germany and the U.K.

Despite the development of Privinvest in various areas of technology, Iskandar Safa has also looked to invest in the classic industries and never lost track of his religious faith. The decision to combine his ownership of a quarry in the South of France comes after Iskandar Safa was deeply affected by the fires that swept through the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris, France. Find Additional Information Here.

By maintaining his faith, the Privinvest co-founder believed his best way of helping was to donate as much marble to the restoration efforts as was needed from his 150-acre quarry. See This Article for additional information.


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LocationSmart’s LaaS Platform Proves Useful for Businesses Across the World

Devices have been connected in the twenty first century like never before. Still, the world is large when a company has to enhance coordination among employees leveraging different differences as well as electronic interfaces in their daily activities. Company data and assets are spread throughout the world. Then, access to the data bank is limited because of the geographical barriers.


LocationSmart recognized the problem early enough. The mobile location- as-a-service provider has proven instrumental in the enabling of location services for over 15 billion connected devices across the world. Enterprise application developers can leverage the single API to come up with a number of location technologies via the cloud. That enables ease of interoperability, peace of mind, as well as flexibility.


With the number of connected devices growing rapidly, number of device-hopping has increased significantly. It has become difficult for companies to gather data from as well as communicating with customers, assets as well as their workforce. Therefore, enterprises require simple location-based services while maintaining anti-fraud protection as well as privacy.


Enterprise application developers are leveraging the opportunities through the LocationSmart’s LaaS platform to create location-aware solutions. The LaaS has many advantages to businesses including network security and traffic management, use of geo-targeting to enhance customer engagement, reduce online fraud, copyright protection, as well as compliance with iGaming regulations.


With the IP geolocation capabilities provided by the LaaS, businesses can boost customer engagement no matter the devices they are using or their geographical location. Therefore, companies are able to provide relevant content to customers that is most specific to their location. IP geolocation can also ensure companies are safe from online threats via non-invasive practices that leverage the automatic detection of potential threats from unidentified locations or via unauthorized proxies. Businesses are also using IP location as well as IP intelligence to take IP address identification practice to the mobile world. Copyright violations have been reported over the past few years prompting for action. Luckily, LaaS is capable to safeguard businesses’ published materials as well as licensed content. What’s more, operators of iGaming as well as mobile lottery platforms have found cover under LaaS because it gives them an opportunity to be compliant with the government’s regulations.


LocationSmart leads in location APIs in the world. It has a widely recognized platform that allows for compliance, verification, cybersecurity, asset tracking, as well as operational efficiencies. The company offers a sophisticated comprehensive location platform for anyone in tech industry to perform context-aware application development. When it comes to assets, its customers can easily track their assets located across the world. Internet of things has increased interconnectivity in the world and therefore, there was need for a sophisticated tool for identifying customer’s identification in hiding in warehouses, as well as while roaming. As a result of LaaS’s capabilities, companies can improve their remote visions. Businesses can track resources in terms of where they are located to who and when they were allocated. It also provides real-time job status as well as communicate assignments.


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Clément Perrette and Sharon Prince Have Both Helped the Environment

Clement Perrette has worked a great deal to help the natural world with his Call of the Blue organization. In supplementation of these spectacular endeavors, Perrette also contributed to the forthcoming “Ocean Souls” movie. The “Ocean Souls” film is designed to put an end to the illegal hunting of dolphins and whales.

This moving piece of cinematic excellence aims to achieve this arduous goal by disseminating some valuable in-depth research about the day to day lives of these gentle giants of the sea. Hence, the idea is that this data will help to create a whole new level of empathy between the human race and these priceless and endangered species. However, Clement Perrette has also done much more than help aquatic wildlife to escape the predations of poachers.

For example, Perrette has additionally spent many years intimately involved with the financial sector of the economy. On a global level, Mr. Perrette has enhanced the capability for organizations to do business in areas outside of their immediate local regions. This modification of the standard business processes has offered many new options for both investment bankers and investors.

These individuals can now be part of a plethora of bespoke opportunities that are most in tune with their personal and individual requirements. Through his professional endeavors, Perrette also initiated many advances in the world of business. Following countless developments in the global financial industry, Clement Perrette Barclays also helped the continued and effective roll-out of STRIPS in the European Union.

This step was a significant and successful accomplishment for the many financial practitioners who were responsible for the development of the new STRIPS framework. In tandem with this extra scrutiny of investors, the STRIPS process also gives an investor a new level of confidence. Thus investors can know how their investment will be reimbursed.

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Laerte Codonho A Rep for Now and The Future

Laerte Codonho is a Brazilian representative known for making and running Dolly, a soda pop organization that works broadly in the Latin American nation. The business visionary established the organization in 1987 at 26 years old. In spite of the fact that it would not ascend to unmistakable national quality until the 1990s, the organization picked up consideration directly from its begin by being the primary soda pop maker to carry an eating routine soft drink to residential markets (Thenewsversion).

Before that first diet soft drink was presented, no-calorie refreshments were restricted in Brazil because of falsehood encompassing the security of their sugars. Around then, in a move that would review his duty to quality control all through the organization’s life, Laerte Codonho set to work with an examination group to dissect the wellbeing of fixings fundamental for such a refreshment. In the wake of winning endorsement from the administration, Laerte created Dolly Guarana flavor and had the option to discharge guarana and lemon kinds of his eating regimen soft drink, pioneering a trail for the new business. 

The specialist is additionally broadly known for his advertising capacities and has utilized them to incredible impact to advance his organization’s image, yet additionally to battle unreasonable practices by global companies. Endeavors towards the last interest have included work with the national media and open warning announcements. Laerte Codonho is likewise in charge of the production of Dollynho, the organization’s mascot which has picked up acknowledgment both at home and abroad.

At the point when endeavors by an organization venture over that line with an end goal to dishonor rivalry, it takes a specific measure of comprehension of showcasing so as to battle back. Such is the situation with Dolly originator Laerte Codonho, who has not just turned out to be generally known for the brand he has worked throughout the years, yet in addition for the way in which he is fighting negative informing gone for his business.

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