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The Achievements of Lori Senecal

The current chief executive officer of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky otherwise known as CP+B Ms. Lori Senecal is due to retire from her current role by the end of this year. Senecal got to the office in the year 2015 as the global chief executive officer of MDC Partners agency. She has before that served as the president of MDC Partners Network. She did not cease to hold this position even when she became the global chief executive officer of CP+B. The co-founder and chairman of CP+B Chuck Porter described Lori Senecal as a person with a difference who helped the company become an agency that is flexible and exhibits the characteristics of an entrepreneurial startup.

Under the able leadership of Lori Senecal, CP+B was able to get the American Airlines to work with them. For over 25 years, the American Airlines had been working with TM Advertising until October 2015. Given that only a few months are remaining before Lori Senecal exits, a new structure in the development of the next leaders is underway. With the help of Lori, Chuck Porter is taking his time to carefully and thoughtfully decide on the leadership that will take over the mantle come 2018. In a statement he gave, Mr. Porter says that Senecal is not only a friend but is a partner who has helped the agency become more efficient and smarter. In line with having a new leadership team, Dannielle Aldrich was named the president of CP+B West which has both CP+B Boulder and CP+B Angeles. Before her new position, Ms. Danielle was a managing director of CP+B Angeles. Check out Adweek for more.

For the two years, Lori Senecal has been the overseer of the expansion of the over 10 international offices of CP+B. She has also been paying a keen eye to the global development of the company. This year, Lori was honored by Fast Company for her able leadership in transforming the destiny of businesses. The honor made her the feature of the Most Creative People in Business In 2017. Senecal has previously worked as the chief executive officer of KBS. Before KBS, she was the president of the McCann Erickson’s Flagship New York office.

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