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Ara Chackerian and the Healthcare Industry

For any healthcare company that is in its early stages of development, Ara Chackerian is the go-to angel investor. His only condition is that the company must have the intention of reinventing the health care system in the United States. Ara Chackerian is a business mogul and investor who is committed to humanitarian works. Ara has more than twenty years of involvement in the development of healthcare establishments.

The 49-year-old Caucasian, Ara Chackerian holds a B.S in Marketing and Business Management from the University of the State of Florida. He is the current Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, a company that invests in healthcare establishments. Chackerian has a passion for anything that has to do with healthcare and dreams of a world with better health care services that are available to all individuals, hence his willingness to invest in companies that show similar interests.

Being a mogul that he is, Chackerian has collaborated the founding of several companies. Among these companies is a California based Diagnostics Company by the name BMC that deals with the provision of diagnostic imaging services as well as tele pharmaceutical services. After the establishment of BMC, Ara Chackerian worked as its Chief Executive Officer until its purchase by Health diagnostics in 2017. Other than BMC, Ara also founded TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRX, two companies to which he served the role of Executive Chairman, a global medical distributor firm called PSS where he was Executive Vice President and Embion which is currently known as Provider Links. He currently is a board member for many of the companies he founded including PipelineRX. All these leadership roles gave him tonnes of experience in leadership and the field of healthcare in the United States. Check out his page.

Ara Chackerian with the support of his entire family has become fond of giving back to the society. For more than ten years, his family has supported and established numerous nonprofit organizations that are aimed at promoting education and supporting the youth in progressing in all aspects of their lives. Their acts of philanthropy extend further than just the United States, they have worked in other nations like Armenia and Nicaragua.

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George Soros thinks plea bargain holds key to criminal justice reform

The American criminal justice system has a number of peculiarities that make it unique throughout the world. One of those things is the number of people that the United States incarcerates each year. America has just 5 percent of the world’s total population, but it has over 25 percent of all incarcerated people on the planet. There are many reasons for this outsized incarceration rate, but one of them is the plea bargain.

The plea bargain originated as a way to reduce the massive case loads that were clogging up the United States’ judicial system. Today, over 90 percent of all criminal cases are decided by plea bargain. Without this important tool, which allows judges and prosecutors to efficiently handle the extremely large numbers of cases that come through the U.S. criminal justice system, the system itself would quickly become bogged down with an incredible number of criminal cases, leading to total gridlock of the judicial system, especially within larger American cities, where crime rates tend to be much higher. Read this story at about George Soros.

But the plea bargain has a number of serious problems. Most people are familiar with the fact that prosecutors have wide discretion regarding whom they charge with crimes and whom they simply let go. It is also widely understood the prosecutors have great leeway in determining the amount of time that those who do decide to plead guilty through the use of a plea bargain will spend in jail.

What’s far less widely understood is that the plea bargain gives prosecutors more de facto power than judges, juries or anyone else in the criminal justice system. This is an evolved trait, which was never intended in the original conception of the U.S. criminal justice system. Today’s prosecutors, in terms of impact on people’s daily lives, are the most powerful elected officials in the country. The source of this power is the plea bargain. And the real reason the plea-bargain confers so much power on prosecutors is because it gives prosecutors the ability to decide effectively who is guilty and who is innocent.

Through tactics such as what’s referred to as loading, a situation where prosecutors will charge defendants with a host of serious crimes, carrying 20, 30 or 40 years of potential prison time, prosecutors who are determined to send someone to jail can almost always force them into a plea bargain where they will end up doing time.

George Soros has recognized this flawed aspect of the U.S. justice system and as set about to permanently change it. He is doing so by replacing hard line conservative prosecutors with more progressive minded and liberal ones. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

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Heads Propaganda: The Leading Advertising Agency In Brazil

Heads propaganda is one of the biggest domestically owned firms in Brazil. Its philosophy is to build a corporation that is inspired by life itself. It means that the firm’s commitment is to work with desire, innovation and wisdom to expand. Its main business is to offer ultimate and unlimited advertisement according to the dynamic technology and the great need to contribute beyond just mere advertisement. The company is associated to a congregation of highly competitive communication atmosphere. Its main belief is that they innovative and original ideas can propel them to higher and stronger client relationship especially between consumers and brands.

Claudio Loureiro is a Brazilian, an entrepreneur with an outstanding experience in advertising. He is the CEO and founder of the Heads propaganda that is one of the largest and privately owned firm in Brazil. It has many clients and over the years it has sought to achieve customer satisfaction in the services they offer. Loureiro studied in the University of Pontifica and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law. In the year 1997, Loureiro was awarded as the best advertising executive of the year. He has also served as a producer in the movie industry. In the year 2013 Loureiro received an award of the CRPcom formation in the division of social accountability. Presently he is a member of the Brazilian Branch of Young Presidents’ Group, which is a worldwide network of chief directors and leaders in business.

Via their Facebook Heads propaganda was founded in the year 1989 as an advertising agency. It is said that it was born at a time that only fools were born. It is due to the economic difficulties and situation that the country was going through at that period. The founders dared to start a firm and believed that it would succeed. Since then, most of the advertising history of Parana had a lot to do with what Heads propaganda did for them. The constantly searched for best ways to do their job and impress their clients with the ultimate quality of work they dedicated themselves to doing. It resulted in customer satisfaction and great excellence in the work that resulted. This results went further to catch the attention of two big media groups in America and built an association with them for a period. In the year 2002, the group came back to a swing with a great record of ten percent growth in just three years which is more than the market.

Yeonmi Park Becomes a Human Rights Activist after Fleeing North Korea

At 21 years of age, Yeonmi Park has gone through what most people only imagine. She was born in North Korea at a time when the regime had no respect for human rights. The state controlled every detail of the citizen’s lives. The people were not allowed to speak at will or to go where they wanted. Years after Park and her family fled North Korea; the situation has not changed much. Park has dedicated her life to fighting for universal freedom. She has transformed from a defector to a human rights activist.

Park has traveled across the world, telling her story. She has been on a number of platforms including Women in the World Summit. She has also published a book titled In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

Life in North Korea changed drastically when Park’s father was arrested and taken to a labor camp for smuggling metals to China. It became hard living as a prisoner’s daughter. When the family couldn’t take it anymore, they decided to flee to China. They had to cross a river, as there were guards stationed at the border ready to shoot down anyone who tried to escape.

Park of youngvoicesadvocates and her family faced even worse experiences in China. Park’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer and did not make it out of the country, Park’s mother was raped right before Park’s very eyes and Park got to experience the horrors of human trafficking for the first time, as they were all sold to human traffickers. Through the extremely cold Gobi desert, Park and her mother crossed over to South Korea in search for better lives.

When Park told her inspiring story to an audience at the Women in the World Summit, they all rose up and applauded. Some even broke down in tears. As Park put it, she felt like she belonged to herself for the first time in her life. She was master of her own destiny. She wants people to experience the same freedom not just in her country but in the whole world.

While people like Park are fighting for freedom, there are others who are working harder to counter their achievements. Some have tried to discount Park’s version of the story, and others have threatened her for speaking out. The western media is also doing a shoddy job in depicting the horrors in North Korea. Instead, they focus on Kim Jong Un’s sideshows. North Koreans are also depicted as blind loyalists who don’t do much to change their situation.

If we are ever going to win the war against human rights violation, Park believes that we must stop looking at North Korea as an isolated case. Human rights are a global concern.