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Dr. Johanan Rand offers innovative aging therapies

Dr. Johanan Rand is known for his passion for fighting aging diseases. He is the co-founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. It is an organization that primarily majors on the well-being of individuals suffering from illnesses related to aging. On the top list of his fights includes anxiety, fatigue, low libido, depression and insomnia.


For Dr. Johanan to address these issues, he uses regenerative medicine that assimilate different approach for every individual. The patients also receive programs that help reduce weight and anti-aging therapies.


The difference between elder people and young people is the hormones. Dr. Johanan discovered that every individual has both good and bad hormones, but when one tends to age, the good hormone diminishes. Some of these hormones include human growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA and thyroid among others.


Dr. Johanan has a lot of expertise since he has been in the field for more than 15 years, and the results of his unique therapy practices speak volumes of his excellent work. The collective treatments of physical therapy, diet and hormone therapy results to achieving optimal body health. Older people tend to have a high level of insulin and cortisol; these hormones make people store more fats in the body.


Dr. Johanan Rand is also certified to offer pain relief medications to his patients especially when they are in physical discomfort. He is also certified to apply nerve blocks, steroid and cortisol injections according to patient’s specific conditions.


What makes Dr. Johanan more successful unlike other doctors is the fact that he does not administer synthetic hormones to elder people. Synthetic hormones are dangerous to the well-being of human beings. Dr. Johanan prescribes bioidentical hormones which chemically resemble normal human hormones.


In addition to his practice, he introduced HCG Diet that helps his patients lose excess weight. The beauty of the HCG diet is that a patient cannot suffer from hunger since the diet helps the hormone to reduce appetite. It is a low-calorie diet. After completing the diet, the individuals keep their new bodies because the diet comes with a long-term plan.


Dr. Johanan Rand uses his experience and a complex approach to help his aging patients and has continued to thrive due to his success.