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ClassDojo Connecting Parents And Teachers

ClassDojo is a communication and learning app that assist teachers in communicating with parents and students. The app also has learning tools and videos inside of the app that teachers and students can utilize. Students are involved in the ClassDojo app but the app was primarily created as a communication tool for teachers and parents. The unique thing about the ClassDojo app when it comes to learning is that the teachers can choose what skills that they want to work on. With the ClassDojo app parents will also know how their child is performing in the classroom and what areas the child needs improvement in. The ClassDojo app is also a free app.

The ClassDojo app was created by two gentlemen by the name of Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The purpose of the app was too try and make learning fun and more interesting. The two creators and owners of the app have always had a love for education and children. So they took a variety of different things into consideration when they were creating the app such as culture. In America there are many different cultures so if there is a teacher or a parent who are of two different cultures sometimes there can be a miscommunication because of this. So the app helps to break down these cultural barriers that could occur between the teacher, student, and parent. The app is actually able to translate different languages of individuals into the person who is receiving a message native tongue.

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Cloudwick Redefines Security Through Innovation and Open Source

In a world of ever-shifting security needs, it is not enough to stop an attack that is ongoing. The future of security requires detecting, isolating, and analyzing attacks. In that way, one can learn how to prevent the next attack. Cloudwick’s security solutions leverage innovation and open source to create such a product.

Called the Cyber Data Lake, Cloudwick’s solution detects and isolates security threats and provides the transparency needed to analyze threat data and create new solutions.

Most security solutions use a set of rules to detect and stop ongoing threats. Cloudwick’s solutions go beyond rules. Machine learning helps sort legitimate traffic from security risks. This limits the possibility of false positives due to poorly-written or conflicting rules. At the same time, machine learning allows the system to detect and adjust to emerging patterns. This makes the next threat easier to detect.

Not only does Cloudwick use machine learning to adjust to developing security needs, but it democratizes security analytics. Siloed security renders data and makes it available in a Salesforce-style model. Many vendors can access the same depository of data using the same platform. This transparency of security analytics means information can be shared quickly and efficiently. New solutions can be crafted without a delay in the transfer or location of necessary data.

Cloudwick developed the Cyber Data Lake – or “CDL” – through both open source technologies and partnership with other companies including Solarflare, Bricata, and Corelight. The result is a product that redefines security for a changing world. The goal is to prevent security attacks in the first place, not merely to respond to them as they arise. This requires a seismic shift in traditional security thinking. Instead of focusing on security in the moment, one must prepare for the future. The CDL provides the flexibility needed to meet today’s needs while keeping ahead of the market’s demands.

Witney Wolfe Gets What She Wants

Tons of people are going to take interest in the social media world that Whitney Wolfe is trying to create. She has a desire to do much more than simply create a dating app. Now that there are so many people connected connected through Bumble it appears that she has a desire to get even more people interested in other aspects of what Bumble has to offer. She is expanding her company all while she is making a great amount of progress in her personal life as a new bride.

Many people may wonder exactly what Whitney Wolfe will be able to conquer next. She has already started her own company, and she has found the love of her life all before the age of 30. This is what most women spend their entire lives trying to do.

Women that are in the corporate world are typically looking for an opportunity to break the glass ceiling. Many of these women that actually reach the top and their corporate life will find that dating becomes harder. Finding a suitable mate becomes something that is highly improbable for many women that become executives. What Whitney Wolfe has managed to do is provide the type of fairy tail ending to her life that makes people appreciate what she has managed to accomplish so far.

Her marriage is a testament to who Whitney Wolfe is as a person. She is someone that has definitely been able to build a great life for herself because she has taken time to work hard at it. Even in college she was someone that managed to start several businesses before she graduated. Wolfe has always had her mind on the bigger picture. She knows what she wants, and she has never had any thoughts of backing down when it came to getting what she desired.

People can look at her life in the work world and attest to this. People can also look at her personal life and the marriage that she recently endeavored into with her fiance Michael Herd and see that she goes after what she wants.

There are not a lot of people that are going to take the time to build companies the way that Whitney Wolfe has built her company. She has gone the extra mile to really make sure that more people recognize Bumble as more than just another mundane dating app.


Skout’s New Investor

The new Skout app is a global platform that was specifically designed to fit perfectly with the iOS app. This global platform can be used at home on a desktop or using a mobile platform. The use of Skout expands vastly and can be used for dating, finding new friends, or just for the purpose of meeting someone new. This app encourages chatting with new and different individuals that are located all around the world. As Skout is readily available in over 180 different countries around the world, Skout has become one of the fastest growing social media apps to use in present day. Skout consists of interesting and unique features which sets this app apart from other popular sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

What makes this app such a great app to use is the vibrant community of the app. Though meeting new people can often be a difficult task, the makers of Skout have now made this easy because of the icebreakers that are involved with the app. With addictive features such as the Shake feature and the Chat feature, individuals can talk to anyone. The only requirement is to fill out information with an included picture at start of using the app. This information will automatically match up the users based upon interests, hobbies, and even the dislikes. Skout has truly become a definition of globalization.

The Shake feature on this app enable the app to do the choosing as to who to talk to. Rather than having to choose someone, this app chooses for the user. After using the Shake feature, individuals are matched up with other individuals around the world. People can decide to talk with each other or not. By the end of the conversation, Skout even has a feature that can bookmark the individual in order to keep track of the person when they come on line again.

As Skout increases in both popularity as well as revenue, the company has earned the interest of MeetMe which has recently acquired the company for almost $30 million with the promise of 5 million shares of the company. The agreement of MeetMe is that MeetMe will fund Skout and Skout will be able to continue on as a standalone brand name. The estimated goal for Skout for the year of 2018 is to be able to profit by over $100 million thanks to the new investment.

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Everything a Parent Needs to Know About SKOUT

Skout’s Innate Ability to Help One Expand Their Social Circle

Universally, it has often been said that there is nothing that a good hearty laughter can’t cure. Laughter enables lighten up someone’s moods whenever he or she is feeling blue or is experiencing a hard phase in their life. When one is indisposed, laughter helps significantly reduce the sluggish feeling that engulfs someone when they fall under the weather. It is highly advisable, that people engage more in activities that make them happy, smile and often have a good laugh. Therefore, in order for one to ensure that they laugh more often, it is necessary to expand their circle of friends as compared to staying alone which would likely lead one to depression and a sense of loneliness and often watch films that generally make you laugh.

Having established that having a good hearty laughter is vital for someone’s health and general well being, it is necessary to point out the importance of expanding the friendship circle and at the same time how one can expand their friendship circle to ensure that they remain happy and contended. SKOUT is one of the most prominent global social applications that somebody can meet many people. This is premised on the fact that SKOUT is used globally and has been many people with a common interest of expanding their circle. Generally, a survey carried out has shown that people who exude a jovial mood and laughs more often in their photos are likely to attract more friends and significantly expand their friendship circle. People often find it easier to approach a person who laughs more often than people who rarely do as they come off as uptight.

The application widely used in the United States has significantly helped people who laugh more in their photos connect more often and end up visiting the friends they make through the application in their home in the United States. SKOUT is used around the world and is an excellent social application for people to communicate and make friends. This application is compatible with android devices and can also be downloaded on Windows. The prominence of this application has increased its use in more than 180 countries around the globe and is available in at least 16 different languages. This essentially makes the application user friendly and enables people who are not from the United States expand their circle regardless of the fact that they are English speakers. Therefore to effectively celebrate the National Youth Month, it is necessary to download the application, laugh more often, make more friends and stay healthy. This was similarly reported on PR Newswire which emphatically stressed on the importance of laughter in someone’s life.

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