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Online Reputation Management Is Critical For Automotive Dealerships

The automotive industry has shown a lot of evolvement over a period of years. Many of the slower moving industries are still playing catch up. Yet automotive dealerships quickly embraced digital marketing. They used their marketing funds and went beyond the traditional direct mail, television and radio advertisements. They saw the opportunities available.

There are numerous digital channels that are competing for the marketing dollars of the dealerships. This includes search engine optimization, social media, pay per click advertising and display ads. Mobile optimization and video content have become incredibly important and a strong strategy in e-commerce has become critical for dealerships. The specific area that has been neglected is online reputation management.

Google statistics reveal 62 percent of all individuals looking to purchase a vehicle begin by checking the online reviews of the dealerships. They also show 95 percent of all buyers begin a search for their vehicle online. The numbers are enormous and easily show the importance of a good online reputation for a dealership.

Since every vehicle sold reflects a high sale price the loss of just one sale significantly impacts the dealership. Even a dealership with a good online reputation can loose an enormous amount of money because of a few negative reviews. A bad review will blemish the imaging, brand and all of the other marketing done by the dealership. This can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Due to this particular problem online reputation management has become critical to all businesses, especially automotive dealerships. There are agencies at work trying to find a solution to this specific problem. One agency in specific is comprised of successful entrepreneurs and has already signed up many of the biggest automotive groups located in the United States.

Dealerships have attempted to handle their reputation management with outdated methods and limited resources. The results were not effective. Even dealerships with good online reputations will see more dealer traffic and leads when they address this area with the latest and most effective methods available. Online reputation management has become crucial for the success of businesses.