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Gareth Henry: Blazing A Path In Today’s World

When it comes to the sports world there are a lot of famous athletes. Often times these athletes are well known. But then there are times when the not so well known athlete has given such an impressive performance that they now become famous. This is where the Jamaican born Badminton player Gareth Henry has claimed his stake to fame. Even though he was born in the little town of Kingston, Jamaica it did not stop him from becoming a world wide sensation.

Gareth Henry came onto the scene in 2011 to represent Jamaica in a Badminton Tournament that was held in the Pan-American Games. Since that time Gareth Henry has won numerous medals. He was a part of a combined men’s team that represented Jamaica in the 2018 Pan-Am Men’s Championship that won a bronze medal for Jamaica.

He and his partner Samuel Rickets have dominated the sport of badminton on the world stage. Together they went on to win the gold medal in the 2018 Central America And Caribbean games. Gareth Henry has not just been a leader on the field when it comes to playing sports but he’s also been an advocate for leading gay rights activism.

Because Gareth himself is gay, he has used his platform of notarity and fame to help others just like him. Individuals who are a part of the LGBTQ community in Jamaica are always at risk because same-sex marriage is not legal there. So Gareth spends most of his free time helping others to report crimes against gay individuals. He also spends his time volunteering with nonprofit facilities that assist LGBTQ individuals with relocation due to living in persecution.

Gareth himself left Jamaica for the same reason and he now resides in Canada. He has made it a mission to help others relocate to other countries where they can be accepted for who they are. Gareth Henry continues to defy the odds in humanity as well as in his athleticism. The determination that helped him to win so many medals is the same determination that has helped him to reach out to others.

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