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NexBank Provides Opportunities Gaining Supporters


It’s always exciting when companies can say they have completed a big goal they set for themselves. This was especially the case for NexBank, based out of Dallas, Texas when they were able to secure a private placement of their unsecured notes. With this completion, they were able to bring their total issuance to one hundred and fifty-five million.

These notes bear an interest rate of five-point five percent for five years and are callable starting March 15, 2021. The notes have a stable outlook and the company is happy to report the investment rating of BBB. NexBank’s goal with the money is to pay back some debt.

John Holt is NexBank’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He believes that this securement shows the confidence that customers have with his company. He feels that they, along with the company, can see the long-term business strategy of making these investments. He notes as well that NexBank has a known track record of strength and stability, as well as, choosing their investments wisely.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielsks feels the same way as Holt, going on to say that this is among many accomplishments NexBank has had in its lifetime. He also notes that the company has raised two hundred million dollars of debt and equity within the last year.

NexBank prides itself on providing its customers with three core offerings- Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. NexBank mission is to provide uncommon value every opportunity that they get. As the years have gone on, they are proving their worth in the Texas marketplace more and more. Currently, they are the fourth largest bank in Dallas and tenth largest in the state.

NexBank is also giving back, having provided accommodative housing and consumer loans for over 2,200 Texas Veterans; as well as helping over a thousand low- to moderate-income families secure home loans. In order to assure that our next generation is financially savvy, they support finance classes in eight schools throughout Dallas County.

With all the good they have going, it is no wonder their customers see the vision and NexBank, along with Dallas, is going to continue to be a leading force in the state and in the nation. See This Article for more information.


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PSI Pay Becomes a Trendsetter in the World of Ever Evolving Technology

Walmart and PayPal customers now have something to smile about after the two financial institutions teamed up to offer financial services that will benefit their shared customers. Walmart has millions of customers who rely on their financial products and services that are reliable, convenient and affordable. PayPal gives its customers an online platform that enables them to make and receive payments conveniently. PayPal customers will be able to withdraw money from Walmart ATMs after the deal is finalized in November.


This is among the emerging trends in e-commerce. Technology has advanced a great deal and businesses that accept online payments have an advantage in the competitive market. Buyers are using the internet to make purchases using credit cards and debit cards. For a business to accept payment for products and services online, they must make some special arrangements and open a merchant account.


With many people using the internet to get reliable and convenient payments, a research has shown that buyers are getting worried about identity theft day-in-day-out. PSI Pay has taken the security of its customers seriously. The financial company combines sophisticated security features with a reliable rules-based system to keep your business protected. The analysis of both behavioral and transactional data helps to combat threats early enough. PSI-Pay applies those measures along with hiring “outside” data brokers to curb fraud and verify the identity of account holders.


PSI Pay also has a host of cybersecurity experts who are working around the clock to identify and investigate any suspicious activity in an effort to minimize exposure to fraud. These efforts have helped them a great deal even as they are venturing into the contactless payment market.


PSI Pay offers contactless payment, a system that uses credit, debit as well as smart cards to enable people to pay for goods and services more conveniently. PSI Pay and Kerv combined efforts to come up with a ring designed for both comfort and durability to offer contactless payments. According to PSI Pay, contactless payment is the future and it has been embraced widely. Even charity organizations stand to benefit because, with contactless payment, it is easier to make donations.


About PSI-Pay


PSI Pay is a regulated financial institution that offers sponsorship financial solutions to businesses. Since 2009, the company has been a principal member of MasterCard and it offers prepaid credit cards, debit cards among other payment products which are regulated. The electronic payment products that the company offers are used widely in over 173 countries and the services are available in 44 different currencies.

Anil Chaturvedi- Seasoned Banker With Years of Experience

India is one of the developed countries in Asia. It is a country that is made up of so many business minded people. The opportunities for investment are also very many. Anyone looking for investment opportunities should consider visiting India. There have been numerous changes in the law which previously prevented investors from other countries from investing in the country. Right now, the government is accepting international investments with open arms. As a result, there are numerous companies which have moved their businesses. Today India has many trading partners in Europe and America, and billions of dollars are traded each year between India and other countries.

Some brilliant business minded Indian have already taken advantage of the good trade ties the country enjoys with the other countries. Anil Chaturvedi is one of them. He is currently the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. He has been facilitating partnership deals between India and other countries. He has helped in bringing many investors to India through his engagement with investors in the international financial sector. He has worked in foreign countries for a long time and knows the areas to explore to attract a high number of investors to India.

Anil Chaturvedi has worked with various banking institutions and has helped them grow into top companies in the financial industry. Before joining Hinduja Bank where he was working for the past 6 years, Chaturvedi was the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch, an American financial organization. For 17 years, he was at Merrill Lynch where he assisted the bank in maintaining a top tier position in the financial industry. The Barrons also recognized anil Chaturvedi as a top financial advisor. Apart from offering advice to the bank, he was also being sought by other organizations to help them manage their fortunes.

Ail Chaturvedi is popular in the industry because of the personal commitment he has shown to making the financial sector fit for many businesses. He has good interpersonal skills which endear him to many of the people he has worked with. There are also a good number of people who look up to him for mentorship.