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Genucel By Chamonix Adheres To Transparency For Customers

One of the key components of aging gracefully while retaining a more youthful look is to use anti-aging skin care products while younger. The millennial generation has realized this and is more into skincare regiments and beauty products that protect the skin. Skincare company Chamonix Anti-aging skincare line Gencucel by Chamonix has hit the market and has prepared to appeal to millennials by offering full transparency about the ingredients in the Genucel Anti-Aging Skincare Line. Chamonix knows that millennials will be one of the largest customer bases and that one core value that millennials consider when shopping for products is transparency and easily identifiable ingredients.

Genucel might seem like a traditional cream, but it is a scientifically formulated cream that uses all-natural ingredients, and Chamonix is not afraid to reveal its ingredients to the public. The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Skincare Line is all about promoting youthful-looking firm skin using the all-natural plant stem cells. Genucel’s ingredients include PhytoCellTec™, Eyeseryl®, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Algae Extract, Goji Berry Extract, and Hydrolyzed marine collagen. PhytoCellTec™ is a trademarked name for a proprietary blend of plant stem cells derived from the Malus Domestica plant or swiss apple trees. Eyeseryl® is another blend.

Based on, there are several products targeting skin on specific parts of the body in the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapeutic Skincare Line include the Stem Cell Therapy Cream for use around the eyes, the Genucel Jawline treatment the visibly reduces fine line, wrinkles and the double chin. The Genucel Eyelid Treatment firms and lifts saggy or droopy eyelids for a younger look: Genucel XV, Genucel Immediate Effects. And Genucel Deep firming all reduce fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin. Genucel uses natural ingredients in combination with new technology to reduce the signs of aging.

Genucel’s transparency applies to all of the products and all ingredients used to create products can be found on the Genucel website. Chamonix hopes that this transparency combined with natural ingredients and autopay methods might appeal to millennials searching for anti-ageing products. To see more about genucel you can visit

EOS Lip Balm Launches Stick Lip Balm And Flavor Lab Flavors

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, round lip balms are currently available in money-saving four packs. The deal includes the popular flavors; Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Vanilla Bean. If you buy an assorted package, you’ll also receive a Pomegranate Raspberry stick. Yes, EOS has launched stick lip balms, along with have cream and lotion. The company’s products sell well because they don’t contain any parabens, gluten or petroleum jelly. Instead, the hydrating lip balms use sustainably sourced ingredients, such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter.

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Target initially carried the latest EOS collection called Flavor Lab but they are now available in Ulta and Kohl’s stores. Flavor Lab has six delicious flavors out, including Eucalyptus. Lavender Latte, Sweet Grapefruit, Beach Coconut, Watermelon Frosé and Lychee Martini. In a novel way to develop new products, EOS brought together 19 social media influencers to help create the new flavors.

The influencers will promote the irresistible flavors with #eosflavorlab on Instagram. They will create content superior to other social media influencers since they were a part of the product’s development. EOS has relied on celebrities and tastemakers from the beginning; early marketing efforts had the noticeable round lip balm in Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus music videos.

Jeunesse Global as a Winner of Direct Selling News Competition

BusinessWire recently acknowledged Jeunesse Global as the winner of Direct Selling News’ competition for one of the best places to work in the article, “Jeunesse Global Selected as One of the Best Places to Work in Direct Selling.” The article indicates that the company was named as one of 2019’s best places to work by Direct Selling News, which worked in partnership with Quantum Workplace to determine the top workplaces in the industry. They seek eligible companies by using engagement surveys and anonymous employee interviews to determine which companies are the best. Companies are required to meet the minimum participation requirements to be eligible for the awards. 

Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global was recently interviewed to demonstrate why they were nominated. They have been winners for the past three years in a row, and Scott Lewis believes it is because of the family culture created at the company. Though they are honored by the award, they reveal they are even more touched by the thoughtfulness of their employees. Lewis indicates they place a high priority on work-life balance for their employees to ensure they have meaningful lives while also reaching their potential. 

Jeunesse Global supports the professional and personal development of its employees by providing leadership training and seminars. They also believe in promoting internally to help people move forward in their careers. Jeunesse believes in making employees family, and when they find someone who is the right fit for the job, they promote them. The large company has a number of different opportunities for employees, and they provide loyal and high-performing workers with the chance to move into different departments and positions if they want to. They recently promoted 47 employees into other positions. 

Jeunesse establishes trust with their distributors and workers by having a focus on open communication at all levels. They also encourage others to become empowered to meet their goals by providing resources to help them succeed. This open-door policy creates a more meaningful conversation that is great for the company and its employees. They encourage collaboration and cross-functional meetings between departments so that each individual can feel recognized for their contributions.

Genucel by Chamonix Introduces New Informative Website

The founder of Chamonix’s line Genucel have recently launched a website that answers consumer questions called The website makes it easier for customers to use the products and to find the items in the Genucel by Chamonix line that work best for their skin.

A spokesperson for Chamonix stated that the company understands that women may be interested in the skin care lines, these consumers will likely have questions about Genucel ingredients and how they work on the skin. The Chamonix team’s commitment to customer service motivated them to create so that those who buy the skin care items can find detailed items to their inquiries and use the products in the correct way to achieve results. was recently launched but is already getting lots of positive feedback from people who have visited the website for answers. For instance, some people asked “what is Eyeseryl” on the website, and the answer to the inquiry is that Eyeseryl is made from acetyl tetrapeptide-5 which is created by Lipotec. The product is created to improve the appearance of the skin under the eye and gets rid of dark circles and puffiness. Genucel has 2% Eyeseryl, and this is twice as much as the clinical concentration, so consumers can see the product making changing to the skin in real time.

Based on, other questions that appear on the FAQ website include inquiries about the ingredients in Genucel. Genucel contains Eyeseryl as well as plant stem cell technology which treats the appearance of eye bags and puffiness. PhytoCellTec Mallus Domestica is the main ingredient in Genucel, which is dervied from a rare type of apples that are native to Switzerland.

Genucel also contains green tea leaf extract, algae extra, marine collagen and goji berry extract. The algae extract nourishes the skin with minerals and vitamins and hydrates the skin to shield it from antioxidant damage. Genucel used the best ingredients and skin care technology to produce youthful skin and a vibrant appearance, particularly in the eye area. For more information, visit

EOS Lip Balm Review: Sweet Mint Organic Lip Balm By EOS

EOS lip balm is back at it again for the summer season of 2019. This amazing lip balm brand has introduced another extraordinary product to the market. This product is known as Sweet Mint, and it’s taking the industry by storm. Giving your lips the moisture that it craves is what this lip balm is all about. In addition to that, its refreshing flavor lasts longer than normal, and the smell is tantalizing. EOS lip balm goes on very smooth with just the swipe of your wrist. Its silky smooth texture glazes the lips with a nice, even coating of bliss.

So, what makes this particular lip balm different from other brands? Well, EOS lip balm is known for using organic ingredients that can be found in nature, and the company has been doing this since its inception. These ingredients just so happen to be skin-smart, natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients include shea butter, bees wax, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, aloe vera and many more. When these ingredients come together, a synergistic explosion can be expected. To empower the consumers, EOS lip balm’s demonstrates a commitment to excellence via transparency.

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New Eos Lip Balm Flavor Lab Collection

Eos Lip Balm has released a new series of flavors for summer called the Flavor Lab Collection. With summer nostalgia as the inspiration, six new beautiful flavors are designed to take you to the beach wherever you are. The flavors include: Eucalyptus Spearmint, Sweet Grapefruit, Lynchee Martini, Watermelon Frose, Lavender Latte, and Beach Coconut.

Eucalyptus Spearmint is meant to be energizing and reviving, providing notes of Indonesian Oolong tea, along with eucalyptus and spearmint. Sweet Grapefruit is a sweeter flavor, with hints of rose, bright pink pomelo, and pear. Lynchee Martini is intended to bring you to the heart of summer, with sweet hints of tart raspberries and a hint of passionfruit. Watermelon Frose makes it easy to remember that it is always five o’clock somewhere, with sweet watermelon scent and an icy rush of frose. Lavender Latte has a lavender base with notes of espresso, to give a quick pick-me-up without a caffeine crash. Beach coconut takes you right to the beach, with coconut being the main scent within the profile.

The Flavor Lab Collection is meant to be compared to Pantone’s “Color of the Year,” where the best of the best is put through the ringer in order to create the ultimate color. EOS Lip Balm has used this same process when creating the Flavor Lab collection. With the assistance of flavor experts and intense critiquing from influencers, these flavors have surpassed taste and smell tests with flying colors.

The new flavors from EOS Lip Balm come in the traditional pots as well as lip balm sticks, both being convenient for travel and everyday use. With so many delicious flavors available, trying them all will be a must.

Changing Your Look With Jeunesse Global

If you have ever looked in the mirror and thought that you looked older than you feel or you see grey beginning to sneak its way into your hair, you may need to start using products that can reduce these aging signs and revitalize your entire appearance. Getting the right products to use is the beginning of your skin and hair care search. You can do a lot of research online to find the names of companies that have some products available but, if you are looking for a place to find everything you may need, then, look to Jeunesse Global. This company has been increasing their product line since they began in 2009.

The company is dedicated to using the best ingredients in all of their products and have tested them time and again to see the results that their customers will get. They have many different items available for both young and old consumers who can use them on any area that needs work. The skin care line is outstanding and has been rated excellent by users of the products. Hair care is another area where the company has seen a deficit on the market. The hair products they sell will put moisture back into your hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy.

Jeunesse Global works with their partners in order to educate people on what they need to do to keep the aging process at bay. The people who are partnered with this company use the products themselves and are a testimony to how well they work. Many of their partners began as customers and liked the products so much that they signed on to sell it. They believe in these products that much.

When the company was started, the two founding partners believed that they could bring the best, all natural products to women all over the world and they have succeeded in doing so. They have partners located in over one hundred and fifty countries around the world and are continuing to grow and expand. They are also constantly developing new and better products to offer their clients.

The Success of Jeunesse

Early Years

Jeunesse is a prominent beauty company that is expanding in various countries. There are multiple reasons for the success of the company. Not only does Jeunesse offer amazing products at an affordable price, but the company genuinely cares about customers. Anyone who wants to make a positive difference for others should consider working at Jeunesse.

Jeunesse also offers a direct selling program for people who want to earn extra money each month. This program allows participants to operate their own business for a small investment.


Jeunesse has hundreds of products available for customers to purchase. The most successful products are beauty items that use natural ingredients. There is a significant demand from customers for products that use quality materials. Some beauty products cause issues to the skin. Unlike other companies, Jeunesse does not degrade the quality of products to increase profits.

Charitable Giving

Jeunesse is a company that gives a substantial amount to charity each year. The founders of the company wanted to create a beauty company that would make a positive impact on the world.

Each year, Jeunesse works with dozens of charities around the world that provide resources to people in need. This commitment to helping others is another reason that so many people enjoy working with the company.

Direct Selling

A direct selling program is an excellent option for anyone who wants to make extra money. Most of the sellers got started selling a few products each month to people in their social circle. Some of the sellers have become wildly successful.

Jeunesse encourages people to invest their own money in advertising the product. The most successful sellers treat the selling program like a business. With the rapid growth of Jeunesse, it is an excellent time to join the selling program.

How EOS Took Over The Lip Balm Industry

The Small Startup With The Big Idea

The idea of making hundreds of millions of dollars selling lip balm may sound absurd but this is exactly what Evolution of Smooth is doing. Understanding the trends Millennials follow and how to catch onto them has made EOS the second most popular brand of lip balm. The use of social media to spread the message about EOS has redefined marketing in an otherwise stagnant industry as well. You can even EOS lip balm in music videos by artists as popular as Miley Cyrus and in the selfies of Kim Kardashian. There simply aren’t any limits to how far Evolution of Smooth ( can grow.

Star Power And Word Of Mouth

The marketing success of EOS lip balm is partially due to celebrity appeal and the spread of social media. EOS maintains Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to keep up its message, but most of the social media publicity comes from celebrities. Millennials pay attention to the social media stars and the trends they create. Not surprisingly this has led to a “word of mouth” campaign of sorts. Most of the sales of EOS have not come from traditional advertising like commercials.

A Futureproof Business Model

The success of Evolution of Smooth isn’t a flash in the pan. It uses a business model with an eye towards the future of commerce. All EOS products are produced at fully automated plants giving EOS an amazing profit margin. In a matter of a few years these profits have exceded $100 million dollars and made EOS one of the most popular brands on eBay among shoppers. When a brand manages to secure the loyalty of an entire generation that speaks to its success. Evolution of Smooth has achieved a virtually impossible goal in its rise to the top.


Lip Balm for Irresistible, Kissable Lips

We’ve come a long way from your grandma’s Chap Stick! Say bye – bye to the days of Blistex or Vaseline Lip Therapy. There’s a better alternative to those waxy, petroleum tasting, outdated products; but with so many new lip balm products out on the market, how do you know which ones to choose?

Give Evolution of Smooth a try. These little spheres are fun and convenient; fitting in your pocket or easily found in your purse. There’s Organic Smooth Spheres in flavors: Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew (my personal favorite), and Medicated Tangerine. The Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres offer: Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, or Blackberry Nectar (another favorite). Shimmer Smooth Spheres offer a light shine to your lips in Pearl or if you prefer a hint of color, try the Sheer Pink. For the outdoor enthusiasts, the Active Protection Smooth Spheres (on are for you. Flavors of Lemon Twist or Fresh Grapefruit both have a refreshing taste with added SPF 30 for the ultimate protection that stays on long.
If you’re the traditional type, you’re covered too with Organic Smooth Sticks: Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, or Sweet Mint in the traditional tube sticks, of course. Multi packs are also available if you’d like some variety.
Free of petrolatum, paraben, phthalate, and gluten, EOS is proud to be 99% natural; containing shea butter and vitamins C & E for lips feeling moister and softer than newly bloomed, fresh rose petals. Your hardest decision will be choosing which Evolution of Smooth lip balm, as they’re all delightfully, lip smacking sensational and sure to leave you with irresistibly, kissable lips.

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