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New Lime Crime Polly Pocket Themed Palettes For 90s Girls Everywhere

Lime Crime is most-known for their eye-popping matte lipstick line of what they like to call Velvetines. However, they have come out with quite a few new products over the years sense launching and their newest addition to their cosmetic brand is eyeshadow palettes that spin off the popular 90s toy brand Polly Pocket’s.

Polly Pockets were not only popular because they came along with my different clothes and other accessories but they were also popular because of their size and availability to take them anywhere with you. Like the Polly Pocket doll’s these new pocket eyeshadow palettes can easily fit right in your pocket or purse so you can bring them anywhere. There are three types of eyeshadow palettes made by Lime Crime that are a part of this new pocket eyeshadow line. These three palettes come in pink, blue, or a yellow case. The yellow case palette is called the pink lemonade palette and it comes with 5 eyeshadow colors.

Three of the pink lemonade palette colors are a pink shade, one is a brown, and the other is a bright off- white neutral color. The blue case palette is called the bubblegum palette which offers 2 pink colors, a blue color, a orangish color, and a bright purple. The last case palette is the pink one. The pink pocket palette is called the sugar plum palette and it provides five eyeshadows of a deeper or darker hue than the other 2 palettes offer. The newest lime crime palettes can be found on lime crime’s website for $34 dollars for one or $90 for all three of them.

If you’re interested in the new pocket palettes by lime crime be sure to check out their hi-lite palettes, lipsticks, and unicorn hair dyes also. Well looking through the lime crime website you may find quite a few other cosmetic items that would go along well with the pocket palettes. The best part about lime crime is that it is more affordable than other popular cosmetic brands out there and it is a great brand with a positive message for women who are looking to be themselves.