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Smart living has arrived to the residents of China through online partner and their partnership with many real estate brands., otherwise known as Jingdong, is a retailer that was invented by an entrepreneur known as Jingdong. In regards to smart living, the article from JD Corporate blog lists automated air conditioning and primed elevators as residents enter the lobby.

Other features include a security system that can be viewed while at work and more. All of this has been brought to customers in the form of the (IoT) platform, otherwise known as the “Internet of Things”. The market for smart living has grown tremendously within the past couple of years, valued at around $7 billion and set to skyrocket by 2025, according to details in the JD blog post.

In addition, the amount of smart home appliances plan to jump from 4.6% to 13.7% by 2023. has also seen popularity in smart locks and curtains ordered right from their website. Real estate companies can work with Jingdong to fix issues more conveniently and efficiently with their smart system to fix issues like a broken lamp. Jingdong has already partnered with more than 20 real estate brands to bring hi-tech features to apartment buildings and residential homes.

The brands are split across 30 cities and include highlighted features mentioned prior like facial recognition, QR code access for visitors, smart parking, and much more. One of the brands includes a real estate company named Tianrun Real Estate in Beijing that is already using a host of smart features for their apartment complexes. Refer to This Page for more information.

Another apartment building located in Changsha is using all of these smart features. John Zhou, the president of the IoT platform, issued a statement summarizing that Jingdong has serviced over 25 million homes providing customers with smart technology. Residents are now able to enjoy these living arrangements provided by the IoT platform of in conjunction and agreement with various real estate companies.


Additional reference: and Philips Aim at Making Marketing more Personal with AI

Things are about to get personal for and Philips. The two companies have partnered up and are working together to create precision marketing for retail. The initiative will utilize’s AI-led marketing solutions to develop smart marketing strategies. The solutions will focus on product development, analysis, and management. It will also seek to decode both structured and unstructured consumer data using motivational analysis, behavioral analysis, portrait analysis, as well as natural language tech and computer vision.

The partnership was announced in last August’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference. Philips is the most recent partner to launch a virtual store on Jingdong’s site. The company has a long-standing philosophy of personalizing their service, and JD itself is dedicated to providing the best marketing options for its partners. Should the initiative be successful it will provide Jingdong with new strategies to integrate with all its products.

The collaboration will see creating the solutions and Philip’s applying them into their virtual flagship store. has been using AI for some time now. It has also instigated many innovations into online marketing. One of its latest forays being augmented reality. The end goal of precision marketing is to uncover nuanced consumer behavior, ergo making the marketing process much more personal.

Most marketing is aimed at groups. Even if the groups are getting smaller the overall strategy still deals with some form of generalization. Precision marketing attempts to focus on the person. In its long history of innovation has utilized many advanced concepts and tech to increase its marketing focus. This time it plans to use unstructured data to sift through minute details of consumer behavior.

Unstructured data is the more personal of the two data types and is harder to follow. It is the data that is taken from reviews, ratings, feedback, as well as consumer response to advertising and product pages. A consumer’s response to a web page with a brightly colored backdrop is one example. Their feedback to a page hosting large images as opposed to one with smaller images is another. Such nuanced details can help a company like Philips advertise on almost a person-to-person scale and this is the ultimate goal. Go To This Page for related information.


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Jingdong Is Bringing Their Customers New Ways To Recyle

An article entitled “JD Launches New Green Initiatives in Partnership with WWF Earth Hour Movement”, discusses JD’s partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) this year in the ongoing support of the Earth Hour environmental movement, launching a range of initiatives that include country-wide recycling programs and sustainable green packaging. has been known for its impressive sustainability efforts from the beginning and they have recently teamed up with Nespresso to reduce waste even more. Many people are concerned about the environmental impact of throwing away the popular coffee capsules, but now customers can recycle their used cups from their own doorstep thanks to a partnership between Nespresso and Jingdong.

This is being made possible through the logistics capabilities of the Chinese online retailer that is the most popular in the country. Customers can now use a WeChat mini program from Nespresso to schedule a courier from the online retailer to pick up their used coffee capsules so that they don’t end up in the trash. In the past, this service was only available to larger customers like hotels, restaurants, and offices, but it has now been expanded to be available to the average consumer.

There are three recycling plants being used by this program in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. Depending on where the customer is located, a courier from will pick up the used cups from the customer and then bring it to the nearest recycling site.

The coffee grounds in the cups are then used to fertilize an eco-farm that is run by Nespresso while the aluminum is used to make items such as novelty knives and more that are branded with the company’s logo. Nespresso has stated that they are happy to be working with Jingdong on this recycling initiative.

There are many more green initiatives that are operated by both and Nespresso, but this is one that customers will be able to personally see the impact of. JD is working hard to keep waste out of dumps so they can be recycled into something else.

By working together, JD hopes to be able to have a positive impact on the environment as well as the view on how waste from Nespresso makers is treated. Through this program, customers can enjoy the convenience of single-serving coffee capsules while being conscious of how their waste from it is handled afterward. A representative of Jingdong stated that there will be similar initiatives in the future.


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Serge Belamant Is the Technological Innovator You Need to Know

These days, athletes, musicians, and Hollywood stars are not the only people who can garner incredible amounts of admiration from the public. With a larger segment of the population becoming technologically savvy, the leaders in the world of technology have also become cultural icons themselves. The late Steve Jobs is one notable example and Bill Gates continues to be a highly admired individual. However, they are not the only ones deserving of admiration and appreciation. Though his name may not ring as familiar, Serge Belamant is similarly deserving to be known as one individual who has changed the way society works today from a technological standpoint and his contributions are likely to impact the world many, many years into the future.

His Work History

According to Everybody Wiki, Serge Belamant began working professionally at the civil engineering company Matrix. Right from his first job, it became clear that he had a knack for working with computers. He continually worked on developing interfaces and statistical models. As he became more comfortable working with computers, his skills continued to grow and he eventually caught the attention of the supercomputer manufacturer Control Data. While there, he would learn more about lineal programming and developed a deeper understanding for how it could be used as a tool for securing transactions. The French native would continue to gather experience and develop his skills as he worked for SASWITCH, and eventually, he founded his own company Net1. One of the key creations of Net1 was the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card that could enable people to finish transactions quickly without having to worry about fraud. He made that card using the funds transfer system (FTS) and universal electronic payment systems (UEPS) technologies.

His Claim to Fame

As noted by, Serge Belamant holds several key patents that were crucial to the creation and continued development of blockchain technology. Because he developed an interest in finding a way to secure financial transactions, many of his innovations are geared toward that goal. To put it simply, the blockchain technology being used to store and secure highly important and sensitive pieces of data would not exist without the work of Serge Belamant. Even today, he is working to further expand the usefulness of blockchain technology with the work he is doing at Zilch Technology Limited together with his son Philip. Serge Belamant has already accomplished a great deal, but it seems that he is not finished when it comes to producing more innovative examples of technology.

June of 2019 Anniversary Campaign Quite Successful for had an anniversary sale in June of 2019 and it was quite successful as they were able to reach in $29.3 billion in sales.

JD has been one of the most successful retailers due to Chinese consumers liking the high-quality products that they sell.

In 2019, the focus of JD’s retail strategy has been on selling new products. JD uses an exclusive platform to sell these new products as well to bring them to market. This channel also makes it easier for consumers to find and help brands get to the consumers that want them. If you are a consumer of products from lower-tier cities, you can upgrade to products form higher-tier cities.

In lower-tier cities, makes twice as much. The amount of new users from lower tier cities is usually higher than the amount of new users. has created two campaigns that involve about 100 million users. One campaign was called the “birthday red campaign” that rewarded and encouraged consumers to interact on social platforms. The other campaign was to get users in their cities to win, share and vote for rewards.

One of JD’s most powerful marketing tools is called Consume-to-Manufacturer (C2M). This tool uses databases and consumer surveys to know what possible future products would be right for certain consumers. JD believes that the transaction volume of C2M products and new products increased by about 300% from the previous year. Last month’s anniversary campaign sold about one of three products sold were C2M products. Zhan 66 laptop, an HP product, sold 100% more during June of 2019’s anniversary campaign.

The Prada Group was also a great beneficiary of last month’s marketing campaign as it authorized some of its brands to be part of this campaign. The Farfetch network became a part of JD during this campaign. This network has 1,000 boutique and brand partners.

Marketing campaigns and new partners made last month’s campaign successful for A great book entitled “The Story: An E-commerce Phenomenon” by Li Zhigang features the unique story of’s growth and evolution and the strategies and philosophy of its charismatic founder are featured in this fascinating book.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Contributions to the Growth of E-Commerce in China and Asia


Richard Liu Qiangdong — one of the most respected business executive in the world — is a perfect illustration that change in business is important. He has been in business for the last two decades, and during this time, he has been able to bring different changes. These changes include how people shop and more importantly, how companies interact with customers. In addition to streamlining relationships between different stakeholders, he is responsible for the following changes.

Prior to Richard Liu Qiangdong, the business space in Asia was hugely under-invested. Fortunately, under, Liu has illustrated the importance of investment and funding. As one of the most knowledgeable business professional, he has adopted two approaches to funding. However, the primary source of financing, according to him, is working with other stakeholders and investors. Through this model, he has successfully avoided commercial loans without affecting his company’s growth.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has also redefined how corporate interacts with each other. He is a believer that apart from competing for customers, working together is important for stakeholders. In the last 48 months, for example, he has made decisions that will change the future of business in this part of the world. For instance, he has created a space where businesses can use resources they do not have to reach a wider market.

He is also a firm believer that companies have a responsibility to protect their clients from substandard products. Under the management of Richard Liu Qiangdong, the company has made some changes in how they handle products. In the last decade, for example, the company has changed the goods movement from manufacturers to customers. Thanks to removing the intermediaries Jingdong has streamlined its distribution process. The policy has also helped the company in ensuring that each of the products meets the quality standards.

Finally, he is a believer that the corporate world has responsibility for training young and talented professionals. Under his company, Liu Qiangdong has created policies that allow his company to mentor young people for months. Under his management, the company has not only mentored thousands of people, but Richard Liu Qiangdong points out that the company has given the young people a chance to work with the company.


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No site sells more items in China than It has been this way for a very long time. There are many reasons this is the case. It should not be a surprise that many of the biggest companies in the world want to sell their products on this site.

Prada made an announcement that they will soon be partnering with Jingdong to have a flagship store based on the site. This will be a huge advantage for the Italian company. It will give the hundreds of millions of people who shop on the site the chance to get all of the products that Prada sells.

Prada has wanted to have a flagship store on for a very long time. This will allow them to sell more of their products in China than they ever have before. has a customer base that is filled with many very wealthy people. These are the people who Prada is trying their best to attract. Having a platform as big as this site is an advantage that Prada clearly plans to make the most of. They have already said that certain products will be available on the site that will not be able to be bought anywhere else.

JD has been partnering with famous brands for a few years. Forming these partnerships helps both companies to make a lot of money. sees more traffic as a result of selling more top brands that are desired by the general public. The companies that are partnered with the site are able to reach a huge audience that they could only have dreamed of before. News reports about the Prada online flagship store have been lacking in details. The company is expected to make a more detailed explanation in the weeks to come.

Prada has always felt that the Chinese market had not been tapped into as well as they would have liked. And Prada is hoping that their partnership with Jingdong will change all of that. Only time will tell if that is the case. However, the early reports are looking very good indeed.

In an article with TG Daily entitled “JD . com’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.


Visit their channel on Expands Plus Benefits Into Global Hospitality has taken its membership privileges global. Now, the ten-million-plus subscribers to’s paid service, JD Plus, may enjoy exclusive perks at over 15,000 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.

China’s E-commerce giant announced the news earlier this month. Having partnered with nineteen luxury hotel chains, the Fortune 500 company now offers a broad range of travel and lifestyle discounts and benefits to its paid subscribers.

Lifestyle rewards represent a growing trend for, which recently partnered with Sam’s Club. Offers on travel bookings, restaurant reservations, financial planning, and even healthcare are already afforded JD Plus members.

Chunhai Meng, who manages the JD Plus program, believes these new membership benefits are the ideal way to say thank you to its loyal subscribers. According to the company’s own demographic research, the average Plus member is educated, young, and has a degree of disposable income. They are someone, in other words, who is likely to travel.

Meng also believes the new benefits will fortify JD Plus’ position as China’s premier subscription membership service among discriminating consumers.

Wanda Hotels and Resorts, Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, The Ascott Limited, and Accor Hotels are among the luxury hospitality brands now partnered with Membership deals, the specifics of which vary depending on the hotel, include free upgrades, discounts on rooms, exclusive lounge access, extended check-out times, bonus points, and priority check-in, among other perks.

Since 2016, when JD became the first Chinese e-commerce business to offer a paid membership subscription, JD Plus has enjoyed a large, loyal membership of sophisticated shoppers. With this new foray into the global hospitality industry, offers Plus members another first–benefits that may be used worldwide.

Announcement of the new Plus benefits coincides with the company’s upcoming ‘6.18’ anniversary sale as well as’s recent partnership with Italian fashion leader, Prada.

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