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Advertising Through Internet In Brazil

Marketing your product or service in Brazil is not hard if you are connected to the world through internet. Traditional methods of marketing may fail when you are not in contact with a well-established marketing firm or you do not have the right strategies in place. However, with internet, this task is easy because the community that would be your audience can more easily access information on the internet. Your best bet as a marketer or a product salesperson is to be a part of the internet culture that has been growing in Brazil since more than two decade.

People like to think out of the box in Brazil, and this notion can be applied to internet marketing as well. A fashion designer approached a marketing agency run by Cláudio Loureiro to market his designer garments. The agency installed a scripted wall where users could select the dress of their choice and wear it virtually. Then a prompt asked about their real information or anything they could provide. They were given a choice of about a dozen items. The user would make a selection and that selection would be delivered directly to the marketer or seller to hear. From the inventory, people would select their choice and “wear” it. After several tryouts, they would make another selection. For added fun with the crowd, the outfit was programmed to enter the text in chat form where the seller would hear real-time information. The best part was added support from the agency for the marketing needs. This was great fun for the users and creative idea as well. Not only was the selling tactics in context with the compliance, it interacted with real audience. In return, the seller also received information about consumer choices besides real orders.

In much the same way that the fashion designer marketed the brands at Cláudio Loureiro’s agency, you can make an impression with advertising on the internet in Brazil. Many business people are joining this marketing culture and trends and are participating in similar services. Potential customers are encouraged to go beyond the realm of making purchase, creating a shopping experience that is more suited to fun world. With advertising agencies like this, you can establish a classic image and fun purchasing style as being a part of the growing virtual world. Internet, in essence, proves a good audience for promoting your business, products and services and Cláudio Loureiro’s agency will provide all related services to marketing through the internet.

Getting A Good Lawyer In Brazil

Facing a legal matter in your business or personal life? Looking for the right law firm or lawyer in Brazil?

Just because someone have a license to practice law in Brazil, they may not be the right lawyer for legal issues that you are dealing with. It is advisable your time to perform some research before you choose a lawyer to handle your case. Most lawyers value their reputations, so they will be honest about their ability and track record. They will try to be up front with you because they most often get clients through referrals.

Get recommendations from friends, family and other people you know. A personal recommendation is a great way to find a good lawyer. Most people have hired a lawyer at some point and can recommend a good lawyer to you. Even if these people haven’t, they probably know someone who has had contact with good lawyers in Brazil. Try to find a lawyer who handles cases similar to the particular area of law you need help with. You can check with the Bar Association in your area to determine if the lawyer is in good standing. There are also many online resources to find lawyers in Brazil.

Arrange a consultation with the lawyers that have been recommended or the ones that you have chosen as potential prospects. Having a consultation will give you a good idea of how accessible this lawyer will be if you hire him or her. Most lawyers will offer a free initial consultation and you can use this opportunity to ask any questions you may have, present your concerns and have the lawyer present some specific legal issues she has handled that are similar to the case you are dealing with and the result of these cases.

Check out the lawyer’s background, both education and experience in the field, and pay attention to how the lawyer manages his or her law office. If a lawyer cannot manage his or her own law practice properly it is an indication that the lawyer will not do a good job for you. Make sure you discuss legal fees and billing arrangement, to avoid any misunderstanding or problems later on. Always have everything in writing.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is considered a prominent business litigation lawyer in Brazil. He has been in practice for more than 22 years, and is undoubtedly one of the most reputable in the field. Tosto has combined his experience in business law with his superior skill as a competent strategist in the knowledge of Brazilian Law. Mr Ricardo Tosto has represented numerous clients, many of them in high profile cases. He has achieved tremendous success in the practice of law.

Heads Propaganda: The Leading Advertising Agency In Brazil

Heads propaganda is one of the biggest domestically owned firms in Brazil. Its philosophy is to build a corporation that is inspired by life itself. It means that the firm’s commitment is to work with desire, innovation and wisdom to expand. Its main business is to offer ultimate and unlimited advertisement according to the dynamic technology and the great need to contribute beyond just mere advertisement. The company is associated to a congregation of highly competitive communication atmosphere. Its main belief is that they innovative and original ideas can propel them to higher and stronger client relationship especially between consumers and brands.

Claudio Loureiro is a Brazilian, an entrepreneur with an outstanding experience in advertising. He is the CEO and founder of the Heads propaganda that is one of the largest and privately owned firm in Brazil. It has many clients and over the years it has sought to achieve customer satisfaction in the services they offer. Loureiro studied in the University of Pontifica and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law. In the year 1997, Loureiro was awarded as the best advertising executive of the year. He has also served as a producer in the movie industry. In the year 2013 Loureiro received an award of the CRPcom formation in the division of social accountability. Presently he is a member of the Brazilian Branch of Young Presidents’ Group, which is a worldwide network of chief directors and leaders in business.

Via their Facebook Heads propaganda was founded in the year 1989 as an advertising agency. It is said that it was born at a time that only fools were born. It is due to the economic difficulties and situation that the country was going through at that period. The founders dared to start a firm and believed that it would succeed. Since then, most of the advertising history of Parana had a lot to do with what Heads propaganda did for them. The constantly searched for best ways to do their job and impress their clients with the ultimate quality of work they dedicated themselves to doing. It resulted in customer satisfaction and great excellence in the work that resulted. This results went further to catch the attention of two big media groups in America and built an association with them for a period. In the year 2002, the group came back to a swing with a great record of ten percent growth in just three years which is more than the market.

Eucatex Through The Years

On November 23, 1951, Eucatex was established. Eucatex was the first Brazilian corporation to act of the environment and operate the eucalyptus as a key material to produce ceiling tiles and panels. Eucatex jump started their company in 1954 opening their first mill. At this time Eucatex started producing softboards. Shortly after, Eucatex started to progress and mass produce various products in their company line.

In 1956 Eucatex started to transform their company. During the late 1950’s the company inaugurated its first elective divisions in several locations throughout Brazil, including Buenos Aires. Production skyrocketed as the company grew increasing by multiple tons each day.

In 1994, Eucatex brought another factory to the company. This gave Eucatex the opportunity to ramp up their production. They started to develop a complete line of their products. Also, they started to manufacture MDP panels in the upcoming years in 1996. In 1996, Eucatex products received international acknowledgement and became the first South American business of its region to receive the award ISO 9001.

The CEO of Eucatex is Flavio Maluf. Maluf is an entrepreneur and mechanical enginner. He graduated from FAAP, a school located in Brazil. Maluf is also the president of the GrandFood group company. He has been the CEO of Eucatex since 2005. Maluf is responsible for the progression of this company as he has helped it grow throughout the world.

Today, Eucatex is operating at a very high level. In the recent past, a new technology was installed in the facilities. This has led to the mass production of producing panels and exceptional machinery and automated opposition to manufacture a myriad of furniture products. Eucatex has progressed as being one of the markets’ leaders. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2011. Today, the company now has 2,201 employees and exports to 37 countries.

Newspaper Advertising for Brazilians

One of the ways to advertise which is still very effective is through the use of newspapers. People are still buying newspapers and subscribing. One of the best ways to advertise is with the use of the Sunday paper. While every day could use the advertisement as well, it is the Sunday paper that has the most ads. It is the largest paper. It is also the most bought, and most read papers due to all of the promotions and advertising on the issue. It is also because Sunday is the day before the work week begins. People rest from their weekend and read different publications.

The good thing about newspapers is that advertising can be done in color for the biggest newspapers. Most newspapers have the front page in color due to technological advancements. The advertising can also be done in color on the newspaper. However, the newspaper is also a good place to present coupons and other money saving promotions. When companies run a promotion on a product in order to save money, it makes people more excited to buy the product. The company could work with an advertising company or person to look at ways to work the money saving promotion in the ad.

Among the people that are the best at making customers aware of money saving promotions is Claudio Loureiro. Claudio Loureiro knows how to market and encourage people to buy the products that he is promoting. When people are convinced that they are going to get something from the product at a very low cost, then they are more likely to buy it. Even with the best products, people are not that willing to pay full price. They look for deals where they could pay a smaller amount of money for the product especially in the fallen economy. Claudio Loureiro Heads takes full advantage of this.

The whole point in advertising is in letting people know that there is something available for them. Once they know that the product is truly something being offered to them and not just a trick to get them to give out money, then they will be more willing to pay for the product being advertised. Advertising companies are good at making the customers feel important and as if they need to have the product. Finding that kind of advertising in newspapers is where there is a huge advantage for customers because they could save that ad and go to the store.