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OSI Food Solutions: Scaling Food Production through Strategic Positioning

Most global companies are local. An organization with multiple branches in America and China can hardly function as an international brand. Government regulations and cultural nuances often interfere with the operation of such companies. Talent pool can also affect the manner in which the organizations are controlled. In the food sector especially, the list of considerations involves taste buds and other external factors that may affect business. But, one company that has managed to overcome these challenges over the years is OSI Food Solutions.

Becoming a Global Brand in the Food Industry

In business, strategic positioning is the hallmark of success. OSI Food Solutions one such company that has successfully positioned itself strategically in the industry as a leading manufacturer for value added food. Since its establishment in 1909, it has acquired more than five facilities that have strategically been placed in leading business centers across the world. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Foods. This acquisition enabled the company to imprint its operational input in the industry across about 18 countries. Baho Foods has five affiliates expected to catapult major operations across OSI Food’s niche. Another move to expand to major markets was boosted by the purchase of Flagship Europe, a prominent United Kingdom-based food supplier for dressings including sauces and frozen meat poultry. The transaction was completed in 2016, and it meant that Calder Foods had become one of OSI Group’s facilities. To cement its position in the food industry, OSI Food Solutions invested in the chicken processing project in Spain’s Toledo facility. The project doubled the company’s manufacturing ability thereby increasing its demand. OSI Food acquired a processing plant previously owned by the prominent Tyson Foods.

OSI Indulges in Environmentally-conscious Practices

OSI Food has also started a plan to become the market leader in of the industry. The company does not only significant in the manufacture of processed foods but also value-added foods with management focusing on environmentally friendly practices. The commitment has propelled the best food company towards tremendous expansion and public recognition including the Globe and Sword of Honour Awards presented by the British Safety Council in 2015. A year later, the company was presented with the Globe of Honour Award again.

Guilherme Paulus and CVC Tours

Guilherme Paulus is an entrepreneur that finds a new market or service and finds a way to address the need. He started off as a computer technician who worked in the hospitality industry. This was one of the company’s biggest clients. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

He left the computer industry to become a travel salesmen for a tour company in his 20’s. Guilherme Paulus excelled at the job only after three years. He established many connections with business associates and customers. At only 24 years old he started his own business called the CVC Touring Company with an investor.

His company offers fun tours to travelers all over the world. He learned about what works and what doesn’t work on tours in the travel industry. After this he came up with innovative solutions to specific problems. Guilherme Paulus introduced ocean cruises to Brazil and his company now dominates the market.

His company has grown over the years to become one of the largest tour operators in Brazil. He like to socialize and always is thinking about how to make his business better on a daily basis. He invested money in opening up a hotel chain known as the GJP Hotels an Resorts. The hotels provide customers with quality service. Read Guilherme’s profile at Forbes.

The hotels have more than 3,000 rooms and 20 locations across Brazil. They are located in cities like Rio de Janerio, near waterfalls, and beaches. His business targets luxury travelers and budget friendly travelers. Guilherme Paulus wanted to develop hotels that provided customer with great service.

He began his career as an intern in computers with IBM. He left his job to work in hospitality. His company employs over 5,000 people. The idea of CVC came from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a state deputy he met. He offered to invest in the business.

Guilherme Paulus says a trait that helped him succeed in business is that he writes out his weekly schedule regularly.


Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris

American businessman Wes Edens and Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris have gone into an agreement to support Aston Villa Football Club by injecting some amount of capital into the club through NSWE. NSWE is an organization that the two jointly own. According to the duo, the deal will accommodate Tony Xia, a Chinese businessman who bought the club two years ago. Tony will be a co-chairman as well as remaining on the board. Tony argues that it was not a pleasant experience to come too close to achieving promotion in the last season. However, he claims that with the support that will be coming from the two leaders, the club will be able to strengthen and fight back to gain their lost glory.

EFL had accepted the transaction as well as the capital that was injected on Friday according to the club. According to the rules of EFL, the partners will have to go through all the approvals for confirmation as soon as possible. Aston Villa that has been a champion seven times was demoted in 2016 from the Premier League. The club has always been on the top tier for the last 29 years. Unfortunately, the club dropped to the second division something that has cost it much. In the financial year that ended on May 31, 2016, the Aston Villa Group recorded loses worth £80.7 million. Moreover, the club lost another £14.3 million in the following year.

Wes Edens and Nassef will work together with Tony in the coming few weeks to conduct a thorough assessment and evaluation of the club. Nassef and Wes Edens are concerned about strengthening the team as well as the structures ahead of the forthcoming season and beyond.

Nassef who is the wealthiest man in Egypt according to Forbes has a net worth of 6.8 billion. He owns OCI, a leading organization that manufactures nitrogen fertilizer. The company has plants in Iowa and Texas. Wes Edens is a co-Founder and co-CEO of Fortress Investment Group, a global investment manager. The company was founded in 1998 and has over $400 worth of assets in their control. Since he joined the organization, he and other principals have managed to grow the company’s assets to $40.9 billion. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens buy Aston Villa controlling stake

Sheldon Lavin Showcases Exemplary Leadership Skills at OSI Group

When it comes to the meat and food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin will always ring a bell in the minds of many. Well, some people may ask, who is Sheldon Lavin? The simple answer to that question is that Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group. Since the OSI Group has been mentioned, it is good to note that this is a multinational corporation that has emerged as being amongst the leading companies dealing with meat and food processing. With that said, it is now clear that Lavin is famously known for being a leader in such a renowned company. Additionally, his fame arose from being a great leader and leading the company to unimaginable heights.

Background Information

As much as OSI Group is well recognized as a leader in the food provision industry, the journey has been quite long before OSI managed to reach where it is. Well, Otto Kolschowsky is the founder. However, the organization didn’t start as OSI Group; the organization started out as a butcher shop. The butcher shop grew eventually, and even transitioned into a family business that went by the name Otto & Sons; this transition took place after the sons of Otto Kolschowsky became part of the company.

Otto & Sons eventually became the sole supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s entity. Since McDonald’s was growing super-fast, Otto & Sons had to keep up and they, in turn, experienced the challenge of transporting meat products from one town to another due to the long distance. Nevertheless, they decided to look for a solution. Luckily, scientists were able to discover that liquid Nitrogen could be used to preserve products such as meat through a process known as flash freezing. The breakthrough was an awesome one, and Otto & Sons were now able to overcome the challenge that had presented itself.


Since challenges are part of a business, Otto & Sons were in need of capital to finance the construction of a certain plant that was meant to serve the McDonald’s entity. During this tough time, Sheldon Lavin came through ad assisted Otto & Sons to seek funds to finance their project. This was during the 1970’s. Otto & Sons always kept in touch with Lavin. After some time, the company rebranded to OSI Group and the mantle of leadership was passed on to another capable individual. That is how Sheldon Lavin became the chief executive officer of OSI Group, and he has been serving at the organization for more than four decades.

An Look Into The Mind Of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is known as an angel investor that has helped to start up many businesses that are in the healthcare and technology fields. He hopes to be able to combine the two fields to better provide a more beneficial solution to many people that seek out psychiatric help. Ara is also a highly successful entrepreneur with many companies under his belt. On top of that, he has also helped the world in many other philanthropic ways.


Mr. Chackerian has most recently become involved in the founding of TMS. TMS is an acronym for transcranial magnetic stimulation. This is known as a form of psychiatric treatment that Ara Chackerian describes as the third pillar of psychiatric care. The other two forms of psychiatric care are medication and talk therapy. The new and improved treatment is primarily designed for the kind of people that are suffering from major depression disorder. So far, there has been many tests to prove the effectiveness of the TMS treatment and they have all resulted in startling results. In a good way.


When one takes into account all of the different duties that Ara Chackerian is involved in, it is easy to see that it can get tiring. This man must run on a tight schedule and continuously plans his day to day activities. Nope. Ara Chackerian doesn’t roll like that. Ara Chackerian knows better than to try and control the world. He acts but doesn’t expect. In fact, his wife regularly describes him as the most whimsical man on the planet. You can visit their website



Ara Chackerian is a serious businessman, but that doesn’t mean that he runs on a tight schedule. His “go with the flow” attitude towards life is due to his upbringing. He credits his parents with granting him the fortunate way of perceiving life. He recognizes the importance of everything he has to do, but he doesn’t let it affect his mood. He describes it as hitting the lottery. Ara is constantly balancing his entrepreneurial desires with his own philanthropic efforts. They are the things that he primarily focuses on and it has continued to be effective for him.


Eric Lefkofsky One of the Prominent Philanthropists in the US

Eric Lefkofsky is known across the globe for being the co-founder of one of the most popular online platforms named Groupon Inc, which connects the consumers with the relevant merchants providing discounts. It is a company that went on to become a billion-dollar enterprise and is a leader in its niche. Eric Lefkofsky is among the top successful serial entrepreneurs in the US, and he is one of the co-founders of a number of companies including Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, and more. He is also known across the globe for the many charitable initiatives that he supports through his charity organization named Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been working relentlessly in the field of education and medical discoveries. Many of the research and development initiatives in the area of medical inventions and research are funded by the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation is also active in the field of human rights and civic causes. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is known to engage in many different high-impact initiatives to be able to make a positive impact in the community. Tempus is also one of the technology start-ups by Eric Lefkofsky aims to help the cancer patients get better treatment.

So far, the cancer treatment provided across the globe follows the same pattern, but Eric believes that it should not be one size fits all approach with cancer treatment as many different factors influence the outcome of such an extensive and sensitive treatment. Tempus aims at building a centralized system of cancer treatment-related data that would be available to the physicians. It would help the doctors to find the treatment that would be more effective in some instances, and which treatment procedure to avoid as it has been known to fail in the past. Such data can help the patients fight through cancer more confidently and give physicians an upper-hand as well.

Ara Chackerian: Transforming the Healthcare Industry One Startup at a Time

In today’s modern lingo, startup is a term usually reserved for the tech industry, usually based in Silicon Valley. Few understand that startup companies aren’t just reserved for smartphone apps and internet sites, startups at their basic level are the beginning of something new; essentially the act of putting something in motion.


That’s what healthcare startups hope to do. They hope to move the healthcare industry forward in new and innovative ways, using technology to make people’s lives better. Nobody understands this better than entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ara Chackerian.


With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Ara Chackerian has built a career reinventing the United States healthcare industry. As a Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings LLC, Chackerian has focused on investing in startup healthcare companies whose mission is to provide innovative changes to the way healthcare is administered, not only in the United States but globally.


Experts believe there is no better time than the present to consider the technological advancements in healthcare and their impact. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital imaging, and robotics are currently improving patient outcomes while simultaneously streamlining healthcare business models.


With an influx of venture capital and influence, healthcare startups are having a robust and profound impact on the healthcare industry. Chackerian believes this is due to the success and sustainability of some of healthcare’s latest innovations, such as digital recordkeeping and advanced diagnostics. Visit to see more.



In fact, a 2017 study showed that 79 New York City healthcare startup was able to raise $703 million in venture capital funding. This funding was distributed among healthcare startups involved with several different sectors of the healthcare industry, including technology systems, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, and supplies.


Industry insiders are excited about this trend as it indicates a stronger and more efficient healthcare system on the horizon. The fundraising by New York City healthcare startups is also indicative of how important it is to have the right conditions for a healthcare startup to thrive, namely, support from local and state government in addition to access to tremendous amounts of capital.


With the right conditions, healthcare startups can change the face of healthcare dramatically. By providing the groundwork for precision/personalized medicine to take over, Ara Chackerian has become instrumental in moving medical technologies that were once only available in research and development labs to more accessible avenues such as neighborhood clinics.


It is this innovation that provides the most success while helping healthcare companies maintain their bottom line. Thanks to investors like Chackerian, patients can finally receive the quality healthcare treatments they deserve and insurance providers don’t have to worry about cost control.


Its these new technologies that healthcare startups provide and people like Chackerian who believes in them, that will improve the healthcare system beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. You can follow their Twitter page.



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Investment Guru: Wesley Edens

Wesley Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and has been a member of its Management Committee ever since. He also currently holds the title of Co-Chief Executive Officer; holding the responsibility over the private equity and publicly traded investments. Fortress Investment Group is a global investment company who, as of the end of 2017, had over $43.6 billion in assets.Prior to 1998, Edens held positions that gave him the experience necessary to co-find Fortress. Wesley Edens was responsible over the asset investors and the private equity fund at BlackRock Financial Management where he served as both the managing director and a partner.

Before joining the BlackRock team, Edens was a partner and managing director of Lehman Brothers.Wesley Edens earned his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Oregon State University.In addition to his work at Fortress Investment Group. Wesley Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA basketball team based out of Wisconsin. Edens purchased the team in 2014 with Mark Lasry from Herb Kohl for roughly $550 million. As it turns out, this was a great investment for Edens because today the team’s estimated worth is over $1 billion.Wesley Edens takes his responsibility as co-owner of the Bucks very seriously.

Of course, he keeps close tabs on his players while they are on the court, but also while they are off the court. He wants and encourages his players to turn to him for advice when it comes to managing their contracts that are often worth millions of dollars.Edens wants to ensure that when his players retire, they don’t have financial trouble like so many other players. In 2017, Wesley Edens launched FlyQuest an new eSports brand. The League of Legends was the only eSports team that FlyQuest had when it initially launched. The League of Legends was purchased for $2.5 million from Cloud9. FlyQuest was set to begin competing in January in the North American League Championship.

The growth blocks that Kerrisdale capital has according to Sahm Adrangi

Kerrisdale Capital Management is an investment company that is privately owned. One of its founders is Sahm Adrangi who is the chief investor at the company. Before founding Kerrisdale Capital Mangement, He worked with some significant figures such as an investment partnership called Longacre where he worked as an investment analyst in fund management. He has also been holding other vital positions in other companies where he has contributed to the making of their success stories.

Sahm Adrangi’s education is one of the factors that have made him become the man he is today. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from The University of Yale. After his education, one of the first places he worked in was in a bankruptcy restructuring group where he used to represent creditors and give them different advice concerning bankruptcy restructuring, representing bankrupt companies and bondholder committees among others. This shows that he has a vast experience in the financial and investment sector.

As one of the chief investors of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi is concerned about the flaws of the company which if the management of the company will hesitate to make the right adjustments, the company may make continuous negative cash flows over the years which may even lead to its closure. One of the flaws o the Kerrisdale Capital Management is brought about by its bout by the KODAKOne board of director who made a mistake of issuing them some restricted stock before KODAKOne was launched. In the first place, they created a bad name for the company because of their suspicious behavior that led to some investigations on the company’s materials.

Another flaw with Kerrisdale capital is that it has an unreliable background and because the background of any business organization dramatically determines the height of the growth the company might experience, this may be one of the main blocks to the success of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

According to Sahm Adrangi, the value of Kerrisdale Capital Management is unrealistic because the shares of the company topped up in the market at a higher rate than even the investors have become suspicious about them.

How Lori Made It Big In The Business World

Lori Senecal, the Global CEO at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, ascribes her present accomplishments to her early life. She says that the accomplishments of her more seasoned older siblings gave her inspiration to accomplish more prominent objectives throughout everyday life and her profession. Looking to overcome adversity and become successful, it is not hard to conclude that she definitely made her dreams come true and made it big.


As far back as she joined the organization in 2015, Lori Senecal has presented positive change in the Agency’s way of life and methods for working together and in this manner expanded its readiness and cooperation making it a really current organization. Lori as of late found another position of authority at the CP+B Company where she is relied upon to regulate the coordination and development of in excess of eight global organization workplaces. As a result of assuming a key part in the acknowledgment of TAG Ideation, McCann Erickson Worldwide which is a piece of the McCann Worldgroup Inc enabled her to serve the organization in the limit of a Co-Managing Director of TAG-New York. In March 2015, Lori Senecal was the Worldwide Chief Executive Officer of the Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Lori was later designated and served McCann Worldgroup as Accountant Management Director and the Executive Vice President. What makes Lori Senecal considerably more prominent is her capacity to develop organizations inside a brief timeframe. Lori Senecal’s Strengths in Leveling Up a Team Before joining MDC accomplice, Lori Senecal served Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of kbs+.



According to GC Report, Lori’s Ups and Downs on Making it to the Top Not long after in the wake of moving on from the college with a degree in Sales and Marketing, Lori Senecal joined the work world and transformed all that she touched into a win. She developed MDC’s working and models and in this manner presenting and driving vital dreams that advanced joint effort and development of the whole MDC arrange. While at kbs+, she enormously centered around the organization’s worldwide vision and general development.


Lori’s job as Global CEO of CP+B she administers CP+B’s worldwide development and expansion, deals with the coordination of the company’s international locations,and the organization’s global improvement.