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Kevin Plank Helps The Baltimore Community

Kevin Plank is a Baltimore-based entrepreneur who is best known as the founder, chairman, and CEO of Under Armour. Before founding the sportswear business, Plank established and expanded a variety of other companies. The first of these was Cupid’s Valentine, a rose delivery company he started while studying at the University of Maryland. In the years following the company’s founding, it generated a significant amount of revenue. This led to Plank raising $17,000 for what would eventually become Under Armour, a company he had the idea while still in college.

As a captain of the university’s football team, he realized that there could be a variety of improvements made in the sportswear niche. Kevin Plank believed that he could develop clothing that would keep athletes cool and sweat-free while they played. This led to him developing the idea further as he finished his degree in Business Administration. Following his graduation, Plank began work on the business, which was officially founded mere months later.

Alongside Under Armour, Kevin Plank has founded Plank Industries. Through the company, he is involved in several niches, such as real estate. The firm has diversified its portfolio in recent years, having invested in a whiskey distillery, among others. Through this, the entrepreneur has purchased and renovated several buildings, notably the former Recreation Pier building. Before the premises was closed in 1999, it served several purposes, including acting as a studio for a television show. Following the purchase, Plank had the building improved and upgraded, subsequently reopening it as the Sagamore Pendry Hotel.

Throughout his career, Kevin Plank has been involved in various philanthropic activities. In 2016, for example, he donated $1 million to CollegeBound, a Baltimore-based educational charity. He also serves on Living Classrooms board of trustees. The charity, based between Baltimore and Washington, gives young people access to hands-on education in several industries. Read more about Kevin Plank:

Nitin Khanna Notes The Key To Success In Business

Nitin Khanna has spent several decades in the investment world, with much of this being at the helm of his own companies. Throughout this time, his investment portfolio has included quite a significant number of industries, with this diverse range helping him to minimize the risk involved in his investments. However, Nitin Khanna was first involved in the technology industry, with his first company, Saber Corp, achieving a considerable amount of success in the niche. The Portland-based Saber Corp was founded in 1997 and quickly grew to be the largest IT solutions company serving state governments.

After a few years with Saber Corp, Nitin Khanna sold the technology firm to industry giant EDS before working with the larger business for a few years afterward. However, Khanna soon left the company to continue on his own path, which led to him founding MergerTech, a technology-focused investment and financial advice company that began to expand relatively quickly. As CEO of the firm, Khanna led the majority of the company’s more prominent negotiations and strategies, which subsequently led to success and continued expansion. Aside from MergerTech, Khanna has been involved with a few other companies in recent years.

One prominent example was Cura Cannabis Solutions, which he founded in 2015 to capitalize on the relatively young cannabis market in the United States, which has been growing considerably in recent years. Nitin Khanna has also been involved with philanthropic causes, such as the Portland Children’s Museum and the Urban League of Portland, where he served as a board member.

Though the companies that Nitin Khanna has been involved in have been spread across a broad range of industries, his leadership with them has had a few things in common. One of the most significant of these is the fact that he’s always been execution-focused. Khanna has highlighted the fact that having an idea for a business can be relatively easy; acting on and executing the idea successfully is what takes work, and is one of the more notable aspects of what differentiates winners and losers in an industry. This is especially true given the fact that there can be hundreds of potential competitors at any given time.

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Alec Sellem: Supervising Gold Mines in Sierra Leone

Alec Sellem is the founder of the Sellem Industries LLC, and he currently serves as the company’s chief executive officer. The company is based in London, United Kingdom, and its primary goal is to establish a partnership with other energy firms and individuals who are business minded. The company is also creating strategic visions on how they can grow further. Alec Sellem worked hard to manage the company, and he is working closely with business partners in Latin American and Africa. He is also renowned for his expertise when it comes to gold mining and refining, and he is contributing to the transformation of the industry.

The methods established by Alec Sellem are helping the mining industry, and it brought wealth to many communities where the mining operations are taking place. The rural villages are transforming drastically, thanks to the efforts made by Alec Sellem, and the people living in these communities are directly benefiting from the industry. Born and raised in Europe, he had to transfer to Africa where he managed to create a strong connection with the people and the landscape. It also inspired him to create a mining business, with most of the operators taking place in Sierra Leone.

Alec Sellem built infrastructures, not only to support his business but also to bring wealth and convenience to the locals. He is able to develop a huge portion of Sierra Leone, and the people are thankful for their assistance in helping the country’s economy. Alec Sellem is also pushing for other mining companies to practice sustainable mining to avoid destroying the environment while at the same time, collecting the resources given by nature. He continues to oversee the mines that are set up in Sierra Leone and hopes to locate more resources in the country that can be developed for profit.

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The Career and Life of the Unstoppable Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie’s career journey is an inspiring one having from being a low ranking employee to taking the company’s top job. At the beginning of 2018, he assumed his most recent role as Papa John’s CEO. His has been a journey of great accomplishments having begun his career as a sales rep in 1996 being paid just $6 per hour. Steve Ritchie dedication to the job in the various positions he has served has been the reason for his career success.

From a sales rep, he became a driver for the delivery trucks and later a Store General Manager. From there, it is when his journey as a top decision-maker in the company began. He was promoted to the position of Director of Operation in 2014 he further advanced to be the Chief Operating Officer. After just one year of serving in this capacity, he received another promotion as the company’s President. It is at this point that he started being considered for the top job in the company, and within three years he got it.

Steve Ritchie’s career progress has not been out of sheer luck but because of the commitment, he showed in all the capacities he has worked in the company. There is no other leader other than Steve Ritchie that proved they had the ability to lead the company to its next growth stage. His responsibility now is to take the company global and to promote world-class services. He is also tasked with creating a customer service revolution at Papa John’s and aid in the development and implementation of the brand’s marketing strategies.

Steve Ritchie has expressed that he was humbled by the responsibility that has been bestowed on him and is excited about transforming the company with the support and dedication of the team. He firmly believes that this change will be achieved

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Important Success Tips For Entrepreneurs From Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. He studied at Florida Atlantic University. NICE Global is a company that deals with full-service business solutions provider in Jamaica.

NICE Global’s unique services ensure companies have improved customer retention, increased revenue and lowered overhead cost. It aims to make sure employees are satisfied, skilled and able to grow as professionals at individual levels.

Many people dream of becoming employers and having their companies. Starting and sustaining a successful business is not easy. It takes more than hard work, dedication and know-how for one to succeed.

Paul Herdsman has learned a great deal of information as a co-founder of his own successful company. Paul Herdsman has tips that will help you as a business owner know what you need to do to become a successful business owner.

In the article entitled, “12 Success Tips”, with theBroTalk, Herdsman discussed these effective business tips which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike, that they can use to be successful like himself.

Important Tips for entrepreneurs

According to Paul Herdsman, one of the most important values to have is a positive attitude. Positive thinkers have been associated with better solving skills. A good way of increasing positivity is through expressing your gratitude on things that happen around you. Persistence pays a lot. Be ready to do whatever it takes for you to succeed.

Be prepared to take risks. One cannot know if their idea will work unless they try it out. Risks associated with entrepreneurship are many, and therefore you have to gather relevant information and study the risk carefully before settling on an idea. You should have a vision for your business. A good entrepreneur should have a clear roadmap of what they want to undertake.

Be ready to learn from past mistakes. In most cases, mistakes are inevitable. Those who have succeeded experience mistakes over their business life but they are not afraid of failing again as they learn from their mistakes. There should be no shortcuts to success. While it sometimes happens that someone wakes up successful, most successful entrepreneurs have hard to put in a fight to succeed.


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The Secrets of Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in India and educated in America, Bhanu Choudhrie is a very a good example of how a young man from the East was able to build a very successful and wealthy life in the west. The Founder of C&C Alpha group has had a great career as a strategic investor and philanthropist. He oversees investments that range from banking and hospitality to healthcare, real estate and the aviation industry. He also implemented a successful investment strategy that aims to help new companies as well as mature ones achieve their goals.

Mr Bhanu Choudhrie received his higher education in Boston and Harvard and is currently a member of the board of directors for Atlantic Cost Financial corporation and holds other influential positions in the world of finance in the United States of America. Mr Bhanu Choudhrie excelled both as an entrepreneur and philanthropist making him the recipient of very significant awards such as the United Kingdom’s Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards that recognized him as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. Bhanu Choudhrie’s family started investing in real estate sector around 30 years ago and his father started a TV import/export business with his brother back in the seventies paving the way for Bhanu to grow up in a business oriented environment.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, life must be balanced and credit must given where its due. Work days start early and are well spread among the different business activities that need to be tended to. Of course without marginalizing the importance of having personal time to allow creative thinking to take place. Sports including Boxing and physical fitness are also a daily activity for Bhanu at the end of every day no matter where he might be in the world. When asked, the young investor recommended other younger entrepreneurs to continuously educate themselves and to aim to surround themselves with the best management teams in order to make the transition of ideas into actions a smooth and successful process. He also recommended for investors to be poised and to take time before investing rather than rushing into making fast and less educated investments. Click here.


Alec Sellem Finds Success In The Gold Mining & Refining Industry On His Own Terms


Entrepreneur Alec Sellem is the founder and CEO of Sellem Industries Ltd. His company mines for gold and also refines it.

Alec has localized the process of mining and refining gold. Other companies mine for gold in places such as Africa and then sell it to other companies who refine it in Europe. Instead, he has built refineries in the same communities in which his company’s gold mines are located.

By localizing both the mining and refining of gold in the same community, Alec Sellem has helped remote African communities prosper. People can get jobs both mining the gold and refining it. This is more efficient and profitable for his company while providing needed jobs. Some of the money his company earns is used to further help the communities in which his company operates. This includes funding agricultural initiatives and providing money to educate children.

Sellem Industries performs smaller-scale artisanal mining. Alec Sellem says that he has worked hard to develop trusting relationships with the other stakeholders in his company’s operations including local people and governments. He says that by improving these communities he is able to help his company gain sustainable, long-term success.

His company is based in England. Alec Sellem spends his time working on-site at his company’s gold mines in Senegal and Sierra Leone as well as back home in England. When in the field he manages his company’s day to day operations. When at home, he spends time with his family. Sellem says that he takes a “big picture” approach to how he operates Sellem Industries and prides himself on finding long-term success on his own terms.

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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Built China’s Most Successful Retailer

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese entrepreneur. He founded which is the largest retailer in China. He is this company’s chief executive officer and is worth about USD $12 billion. His business savvy, innovation, and flexibility have resulted in a company that has more than 100 million active shoppers.

He was born in Suqian, Jiangsu. After completing his secondary education, Richard Liu attended The Peoples’ University of China in Beijing. He majored in sociology but was more interested in technology. He taught himself how to do computer programming, for instance.
The first company he worked for was Japan Life. This is an international nutritional supplements provider. He was promoted a few times including to the position of Director of Computers. He wanted to work for himself, though, so Richard Liu Qiangdong left Japan Life and started a retail store, named Jingdong, that sold computer parts. How he garnered business was by only selling authorized parts, unlike his competition.

SARS broke out in China in 2003. A consequence of this epidemic was that many people were confined to their homes. Richard Liu saw a drastic decline in his sales. This event showed his flexibility as he relaunched his company as an online business. He started out selling computer parts and then started partnering with companies in other industries. Much like Amazon, today nearly anything can be bought from

Richard Liu Qiangdong has introduced many products to Chinese consumers. This includes high-end luxury goods. His website has exclusive contracts with luxury brands around the world. He has also partnered with other business entities such as Walmart. He still only sells authentic products which continues to make his company stand out from competitors.

He has made customer service a focus of his at If a customer has any problems they know that will be able to straighten it out. Richard Liu also made sure that his company’s mobile app is very simple to use for even a novice to shopping online. His company can ship goods even to China’s most remote villages within a day of it being ordered.

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Good info on Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

The details of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is described to be a well known alternative loaning website that has managed to assist thousands across the globe and continues on to attack more clients its way with the type of services it offers. This company has been around for nearly two decades and has managed to slowly grow to a global level, being found in many regions of the world as well as providing great services to the clients. This company does so well with providing loans for clients that it manages to rival banks. This company does not heavily focus on the credit score of their clients whether good or bad, which can make banks deter them away. This company manages to provide clients with as much needed help as possible along with giving out a flexible payment plan, in case the client has any issues paying off.

A view of Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Going over Equities First Holdings

One of the hardest parts about running a business is being able to find a proper loan to get it started and distributing it wisely within the company. Banks are usually an ideal option for many but can come to be fairly complicated for some if their credit score is poor. There are several loaning companies currently within market that can contend with banks when it comes to loaning. One company that manages to rival banks would be Equities First Holdings. This company has been within business for 17 years and has made a great impact on several business owners across the world, providing with fair alternative loans. This company has received a good number of reviews for its services and is ideal for those who are planning on starting a business or already within one as well as those that are in high networks.