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Tigerswan Role in Political Risk Management

James Reese TigerswanRisks are the future uncertainties that could cause harm. People, nations, and even organizations are faced with different risks. Political risk is one that affects the three at the same and causes a lot of instability. It is therefore wise to set up ways of curbing such risks to avoid losses. Tigerswan is a global security consultancy firm that was founded by James Reese, a retired U.S Army Lieutenant. It is a company that has been equipped with qualified personnel to help either prevent, control, or reduce political Risk. This has helped it conquer in areas where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver.

As time passes by and technology keeps evolving, so should the political risk management strategies. Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart’s article, “Managing 21st Century Political Risk,” has explained how times have changed over the last two and a half decades politically. This has called in for a change in the way the whole situation is handled. In the past, these risks could be solved by just cold wars and defined borders in terms of opinions. Today according to Rice and Zegart, the affected political base includes “rising states, declining states, failed states, rogue states and non-state actors like terrorist groups and cybercriminals.” The previously set strategies, such as wars and defined borders, cannot resolve today’s political risks.

Tigerswan was established with a good understanding of the evolved 21st-century political uncertainty. It’s been able to capture the four major steps Illustrated by Rice and Zegart as a framework for global risk management:

  • Understanding the Risk
  • Being able to research more about the Risk
  • How to reduce exposure to the Risk
  • How to effectively respond, in case the Risk occurs

Every of its personnel understands the political Risk they are faced within each level of their work. They all know the processes of responding to the Risk and eliminating it as soon as they can. This ensures they are all alert and ready to control it and reduce losses.

Among the different departments at this firm are the global security operations center, the crisis management experts, and the guardian angel platform. These are some of the key sectors that help deal with the various political risks, with every department playing a key role. The global security operations center helps in understanding the anticipated Risk. The crisis management experts use their military intelligence to configure the threats and reduce the Risk. The guardian angel platform uses advanced technology to check the different information systems and try to detect any threat that could arise from the data streams. Every department plays a significant role in managing risk.

Tigerswan has had successful projects in risky danger zones such as the Middle East, where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver. Among some of those projects are;

Reconstruction of the 39 Villas in Saudi Arabia.

This was a 720 days project. It was faced with the responsibility of undoing the previous structures, reconstructing the villas, and providing security during the entire project.

Roofing of the four, 100-room quarters for Marine Corps in North Carolina

It was entrusted with furnishing the apartments with quality security equipment such as generators, lights, landscaping, and water retention ponds. The roofing of the apartments was done correctly with a clear mark of professionalism.

Saudi Arabia’s Gate Entry and Watchtower

This involved building a gatehouse and watchtower with robust security, as stated in their contract.

Being a firm that has always delivered whenever called upon, it has earned its name internationally. Also, working closely with qualified personnel and its flexibility to change are some of the factors that have and will continue contributing significantly to its success.

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Iskandar Safa: Taking A Look at Nobiskrug


When you look at the shipbuilding industry, it may seem relatively quiet. However, it’s doing remarkably well, and there is a giant leading way that happens to own several shipyards. The company is known as Privinvest, and one of the founders is Iskandar Safa.

Mr. Iskandar Safa is an innovative entrepreneur. He has a passion for the work he has been doing at Privinvest for several decades. Safa was born in Beirut in 1955. He has lifelong memories of his childhood days spent at the sea.

Iskandar Safa is not one for a lot of interviews and his shipyards don’t really get a lot of advertisements, but he makes the best yachts in the world, so it’s not necessary. When your work does the speaking for you, it’s early to focus on other things that need to be done.

Nobiskrug happens to be one of many shipyards in Germany that are owned by Privinvest. Some of the best superyachts were built at this shipyard which includes Mogambo, Sycara V, and Odessa II. There is a fleet of approximately 10 of these superyachts in that shop yard alone. Go To This Page for related information.

Nobiskrug is sitting on Eider River and has been in business since 1905. Although this shipyard has been making yachts since that time, the first boat didn’t make its first appearance in water until 2000. Iskandar Safa doesn’t really brag about the fact that he has a vast fleet of superyachts nor does he talk about the many shipyards he holds in various countries. Privinvest is still on top when it comes to building these special yachts and also for building a host’s naval fleets.

Nobiskrug is one of the top producers of these fabulous superyachts and Iskandar Safa has a very reliable team running it so that he does not have to be present all the time. The only time he really intervenes is when a sale is getting ready to happen. Privinvest also has endeavored in real estate and other activities that keep the company in very steady growth. Visit This Page for more information.


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Mark Holyoake Is A CEO Who Knows How To Bring People Together To Work Towards A Common Goal


Mark Holyoake is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who is able to spot trends in the food sector before they take place. He is excited about an international shift occurring in the way that people think about their health and wellness and longevity.

Holyoake has also noticed that more people are learning about the many ways that the food they eat affects their mental state and happiness. Instead of sticking to same old outdated ways of the past, more people are educating themselves about the many different food products available to them. Go Here for additional information.

Mark Holyoake is glad to be a part of the food industry during a time when companies are able to fulfill people’s health needs by providing them with the products they love. As more people become interested in eating for their health, new food concepts can be introduced to the market.

In the past, many kinds of healthy foods could only be found in specialty store, but there are now many grocery stores that are carrying these kinds of foods. Mark Holyoake is glad because this is creating new opportunities for companies to enter into the health and wellness sector by creating products that were previously unpopular.

Mark Holyoake serves as the chief executive officer and founder of more than one successful enterprise. His ability to create sustainable growth within the companies he serves with has allowed him to continue to put together a profitable portfolio for his investment company. That company is Oakvest Holdings, and it oversees a variety of ventures in the private food industry.

Holyoake was able to make a key investment in Iceland Seafood International during a time when the economy in Iceland was looking bad. While his investment appeared to be risky, it has paid off tremendously as he has been able to revitalize the fishing company.

Nowadays, Mark Holyoake stays very busy with the many different projects he is involved with. He has learned to stay flexible throughout his working week as anything can change at any moment. Holyoake likes to stay busy during the earlier hours of the way when he feels he is most productive, and he has become known for his ability to bring people together to work towards a common goal.


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TJ Maloney Talks Business

A Brief Chat

Since launching in 1986, Lincolnshire Management has served as a lifeline to middle market firms across New York utilizing their extensive experience for over three decades. However, when CEO TJ Maloney stepped into a leadership role with the company, it had found the figurehead to take them into the new millennium and beyond. Maloney recently sat down for a short question and answer session covering a wide range of topics and offering readers valuable advice.

Business in the Blood

TJ Maloney was bit by the business bug early in life while working for his father’s businesses in roles such as collections, engineering, and quality control. After earning a bachelor’s at Boston College and Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University while serving on the Board of Trustees at both schools, Maloney would also take on the role of chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council. Following his time in college, he then went on to practice business law in New York City before finally arriving to Lincolnshire Management as the company’s current CEO and President.

A Day in the Life

After going into a little family background TJ Maloney is asked to describe a typical day for him on the job. He discusses how he starts the day with two cups of coffee while planning out his priorities. The key is a strong balance throughout the day between group tasks and independent projects.

Exploring New Horizons

According to TJ Maloney, acquiring a new business is an intricate process with many steps to it. Depending upon the industry this might include bringing in an outside consultant in some instances if necessary. In a general sense, it involves a collaborative effort with all team members involved in the decision making process.

Trust is Vital

Maloney talks about good habits such as a desire to continuously learn and grow, as well as looking for ways to improve the business at all levels. He also advises his younger self and others to trust their instincts with business investments.

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Iskandar Safa Guides Privinvest To Safe Waters


Nobiskrug is one of Germany’s highest-profile shipyards. Currently headquartered in Rendsburg, Nobiskrug’s operations have a long and storied history that dates back more than a century ago to 1905. The shipyard is home to some of the world’s most famous superyachts, and Nobiskrug has a reputation for building some of the yachting industry’s most well-known boats.

Past projects have included the world-famous Tatoosh, totaling almost 100 meters in length. In addition to the Tatoosh, Nobiskrug also features superyachts like theSycara V, the Mogambo, and the Sailing Yacht A among is world-renowned fleet. The Sycara V, for example, comes in at a length of 68.15 meters and an asking price of more than $65 million. The Mogambo superyacht, by contrast, was built in 2012 and is listed at more than 70 meters in length. Read This Article to learn more.

Although Nobiskrug is famous around the world, it is the brainchild of an even more famous Lebanese entrepreneur named Iskandar Safa. As the CEO of Privinvest, Iskandar Safa is one of the most influential men in the yachting industry today. Not only does Privinvest own a substantial stake in Nobiskrug, but this shipbuilding conglomerate also owns stakes in multiple shipyards around the world.

Privinvest’s current collection of shipyards includes the French yard CMN and the German yards Kiel and Lindenau. As a graduate of the world-renowned INSEAD Business School, Iskandar Safa has proven time and time again that he is well-equipped to steer Privinvest in the right direction.

Safa is known for implementing a diverse investment strategy across Privinvest, and his company is involved in a lot more than just superyachts. Privinvest is also quite active in the global real estate market, digital media, and shipping operations throughout the world. Find Related Information Here.

In summary, Iskandar Safa successfully combines his academic background with real-world business leadership. The ability to do this is fairly rare among executives, but Privinvest has certainly benefitted from his efforts.


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Jingdong And Agility Join to Boost the Supply of JD’s Products Across the Borders’s JD Logistics struck a deal with the Agility to collaboratively operate in an effort that will ease the access of’s products in the fastest-growing markets. Both JD Logistics and Agility are Logistics Companies, whereby Agility is the leading Logistics Company in the world while JD Logistics majorly operates in China. After signing the Memorandum of Understanding, the two Logistics Companies will have a focus on the procurement, logistics, and retail of Jingdong’s products across the borders of the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Africa.

Agility will use its strong air freight capacity in Southeast Asia to provide the services of cross-border business-to-Customer (B2C) of the products. They will also offer the Business-to-Business (B2B) warehouse in the area. Agility will also provide two primary services in the Middle East and Africa on behalf of Firstly, it will be the first logistics company for Jingdong. Secondly, Agility will help in clearing customs at terminals and deliver products for B2C: this will significantly bring an improvement in the JD Logistics’ Local Logistics System and lead in the completion of its transport service network.

The union of Agility and will, on the other hand, give rise to cross-border stump excursion and local Business-to-Customer services. It will promote the products with high quality that are either manufactured or assembled in Africa and the Middle East to Chinese merchants. Procuring and Retailing these products: will, in return, lead to a robust international supply chain for Jingdong. As extends its expertise in the industry and extends its logistics network, Agility will also grow its prominence to the Chinese, which will increase its overall operations efficiently.

While signing the MOU in Beijing during the 4th Global Supply Chain Summit of Jingdong, the Agility’s Chairperson, Henadi Al-Saleh said that this union would provide an opportunity for them to strengthen their efforts of exploring the emerging markets to deliver specialized services. They anticipate meeting the demand in these markets that are growing so fast by connecting businesses.

JD Logistics’ CEO, Zhenhui Wang, was confident that together with Agility, they would reach their customers through all the possible means of transport that will lead to a reduction of the costs amid increasing efficiency.

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Finding a Cure for Cancer Is Vehemently Coming Closer Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a 49 years old gentleman who has launched at least five companies, each worth a minimum of $250 million. Tempus is one of his most significant investments as it uses data to solve cancer-related issues.

After Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he realized that very little data was used to contribute to her care. This ultimately launched Tempus, whose goal is to analyze information and thus help doctors customize treatment for each cancer patient.

How Does Tempus Work?

A doctor collects a tumor sample and sends it to Tempus for genomic sequencing. Consequently, Tempus identifies the reason behind cell growth and division. This analysis helps doctors to prescribe better treatment other than chemotherapy.

Although genomic sequencing costs between $1000 and $5000, Tempus loses money while doing it. Why? Probably because they do extensive analysis contrary to what other organizations do. Nonetheless, the company has licensed its library to insurers, researchers, and drug companies, and it increases their revenue. In fact, it collects seven figures from seven out of ten leading drug companies.

Several people have invested in Tempus with the hope of achieving better results on cancer, depression, and diabetes. It has, however, published less than 20 peers reviewed manuscript in four years while its competitor has published 400 in nine years.

Entrepreneur Journey of Eric

Eric Lefkofsky’s journey started at the University of Michigan. He studied history but ventured into entrepreneurship as he began by selling carpets. He later co-founded InnerWorkings, which was a marketing company. He then started a transportation company, Echo Global Logistics, and MediaOcean, an advertising software.

Lightbank is another company that he invested in, and it’s known as one of his most significant achievements. Eric Lefkofsky has done other projects from different industries, and all the experience has led to the creation of Tempus. He hopes to produce more data following the genomic sequence his company is predicted to carry.

Tempus has made a significant milestone as it is currently working with 30% oncologists from the USA. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky:


Wes Edens is, as of now, a popular figure in the sporting world. Wes has been able to transform Bucks to a top competitive team in the league. Bucks is at the moment on top of the ‘Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association.’ They are even viewed as serious title challengers against a strong team like ‘Golden State Warriors.’ They have built a new stadium, expanded merchandise sales and extended their brand around the world. This growth has been greatly contributed by one of their quality players know as Antetokounmpo. After a successful venture in the basketball scene, Wes has his eyes focused on the global sports. He has bought a majority of shares in a promising soccer team in England.

The team is in England’s most elite league (Premier League), which has turned out to be one of the most respected and revered leagues around the globe. The league has featured top talents over the ages, like Thierry Henry and Christiano Ronaldo. Premier League teams generate millions of dollars annually through partnerships, player deals, merchandise, endorsements, and matches. Proprietorship in the premier league acts as a smooth path for great returns. It’s a worthwhile opportunity for any investor, for example, Wes, who saw the potential and value of his new investment. So Wes decided to make use of this rare opportunity of investing in these rewarding teams.

Wes Edens has a majority of stake in the ‘Aston Villa Football Club.’ At the moment the team is fighting for its position in the Premier League. Most competitive teams contend in this league, which is closely followed by many people across the globe. The premier league is highly competitive, and teams that register poor results can be kicked out at the end of the season. Wes Edens is a graduate of the University of Oregon State. He has his broad experience in the investment market of the United States. Additionally, he has a role that he plays in the Fortress investment group. Fortress Group has worldwide recognition as the most innovative investment and forward-thinking investment group globally. Wes Edens is one of the Fortress Group board members, where he guides the direction that the company will take into the future.

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Buisnessman Sudhir Choudhrie Enjoys Wide Range of Cultural Pursuits

International businessman Sudhir Choudhrie is best known for his entrepreneurial accomplishments, but his wide array of side interests arguably qualify him to be considered a true Renaissance Man of our day. Sudhir is a published author. His recent book, From My Heart, is selling well and tells the incredible story of his ordeal in undergoing a heart transplant in 1998. He remains among the longest survivors of this procedure in the world today. His heart transplant was performed at Columbia University Medical Center in New York by the famous TV personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

His impressive gratitude for the excellent care he received at Columbia University prompted him to donate $2.5 million to establish a professorship of cardiology at the school. He also generously supported HealthCorp, a health program for young people spearheaded by Dr. Oz. Sudhir is a noted published poet and ardent patron of the arts. Along with his wife, Anita, Sudhir Choudhrie established the Stellar International Art Foundation. This nonprofit entity holds more than 600 pieces, including works by Andy Warhol, Picasso and Renoir. The Stellar Art Foundation also provides support for artists in Asian nations and gives them greater opportunity to display and sell their work in western nations.

In addition to his passionate interest in the arts and literature, Sudhir Choudhrie is an avid collector of vintage automobiles. His fascination with cars dates back to his early childhood when he collected toy Matchbox and Dinky cars. Several decades ago he made his first project purchase – a 1938 Mercedes convertible found in a junkyard. Mr. Choudhrie became enamored with the idea of restoring the Mercedes to pristine condition. Little did he know the project would take years.He discovered that the car had been custom made. That made finding parts and other original replacement equipment an epic effort requiring a world search and painstaking innovation. The project was eventually completed, however. The experience was so fulfilling, Sudhir Choudhrie knew he had found a lifetime pursuit. He currently holds a collection of 37 restored vintage automobiles at a garage in his native Delhi, India.

The Best Investment Advisory By Igor Cornelsen

Decision making regarding the money is a hell of a difficult task. Many of us don’t know how to manage or multiply their money even if they earn a lot. Managing the assets and making the right investments is what financial advisory service is known for. There are few investment advisors who come up with the most practical and efficient investment options. Igor Cornelsen is among those geniuses who show you the best way of investment and asset management.

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazil-based investment advisor who was born in 1947. He took engineering as his initial profession and got himself enrolled in 1965 at the Federal University of Parana. It was considered a big achievement at that time because it was the only engineering university available in the region. Soon after his studies, he realized he was more interested in the field of business and economics. He did his degree in his subject of interest in 1970.

Igor Cornelsen began his financial advisory agency and was soon known as one of the most reliable investment planners. He is known as a dedicated investment advisor whose efforts make his clients get the most out of their earnings and savings. He has worked for Libra Bank PLC as an investment advisor and earned the repute of being the most reliable person in the industry.

Soon, Igor Cornelsen decided to open his own firm with his own brand name. He started Bainbridge Investment Inc. in 1995. Since then, the company has been able to advise many valuable clients and to manage its assets. Igor believes in taking some bold steps and risky decisions and is particularly interested in making investments in lower performing areas. He knows his job and knows how to make the best even from scratches. He believes in buying even the lowest of the worth of property, and that is managed in a way that it gets sold in a much higher value.