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Boris Ivanov Gazprom On Remaining One Step Ahead

Boris Ivanov Gazprom knew that his passion rested in sales from a very young age. He has been doing everything within his power ever since he first discovered this piece of knowledge to secure a future in the field of business, and he has been shown to be especially helpful in developing businesses from the ground up. There is something about this organic process that seems to appeal to the talents of Boris Ivanov Gazprom, and because of this, he continues to work extremely hard to cater to as many people as possible. Although he can, from time to time, find it difficult to continue to work given all the challenges and stress he is faced with on a daily basis, it is ultimately his passion in sales that helps him to continue to maintain a level head and push forward even in the hardest of times.

He has been known to persevere, and this is exactly what he has built his brand off of in recent times. Because he is so capable of making changes in the state of the world, and because he is so willing to make a genuine difference, he knows that he has to fully commit himself to his work. This is a small sacrifice for a man like him when compared to the prospect of helping people around the world.

Selflessness has always been in the nature of Boris Ivanov Gazprom, and he dislikes the current trend in the state of sales to secure a deal no matter what the cost might be. This is why he carefully considers the potential ramifications of every avenue he takes; he knows that any missteps could seriously cost not only his brand but the entire state of the world effectively. The field of business has always appealed to him because of the infinite potential to grow and shape the world around you, and this is why he wants to make sure to maintain a continuous level of care for his actions. As long as Boris Ivanov Gazprom does this much, he figures he will be one step ahead of his competitors.

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OSI Group and McDonalds: A Success Story

A powerhouse, global partnership in 2018 began with a handshake deal back in the 1950’s. At that time, two small, basically unknown businesses joined forces. One was Otto, Arthur, and Harry Kolschowsky of Otto and Sons, a locally successful, family-owned Chicago butcher shop, and the other was Ray Kroc, who went on to open the first McDonalds restaurant. It was the beginning of OSI Group McDonalds.

The handshake represented an agreement for Otto and Sons to be the fresh meat supplier for Kroc’s new Illinois restaurant, which opened in 1955. McDonalds experienced rapid success, and became a franchise, with a growing number of regional restaurants. During the expansion, Otto and Sons continued their role as a meat supplier, and meeting the demand became their primary job.

Ray Kroc understood that a lot of McDonalds success was based on delivering a consistent product to consumers. Since McDonald’s best known and loved product was hamburgers, it was essential to Kroc to maintain their consistency by sticking with one of his main suppliers, Otto and Sons. Therefore, over the next two decades as McDonald’s continued rapid expansion, McDonalds and Otto and Sons faced the challenge of providing customers with fresh meat hamburgers in an affordable manner. Read more on Wikipedia.

Fortunately, a process known as flash freezing was discovered in the 1960’s, making the task of transporting meat for long distances easier and more affordable. At this point, both companies were on the fast track to success. Otto and Sons became one of four core suppliers, and in the 70’s began to build plants solely for production of McDonalds products.

Otto and Sons became OSI Group in 1975, with OSI Group McDonalds going strong. Around this time, Sheldon Lavin joined as a partner, eventually becoming chairman and CEO. During the 70’s and 80’s, OSI facilities expanded into various states. Soon, McDonalds began international expansion, and OSI followed with global production. Since that time, OSI Group McDonalds have experienced enormous global success.

Today, OSI is one of the largest United States companies, and is one of the main food providers in the world. Chances are that during that handshake deal so long ago, neither Otto Kolschowsky nor Ray Kroc could have anticipated the monumental results of OSI Group McDonalds.


Iskandar Safa Role in Privinvest Growth

Iskandar Safa is a successful businessman and an industrialist. He was born in 1955 in Beirut at the time that war tension was amid the air. Despite the war disrupting his childhood, it also gave him the desire to become a leader so that he can make a global difference. He was very good at discus and at one time he represented the Arab countries in the Olympic games. He graduated in 1978 from the American University of Beirut with a major in civil engineering. He furthered his education by joining the European institute of business administration and got his MBA.

Iskandar Safa believes in establishing a good relationship with employees and mostly valuing them. To executives, he believes the best way to manage them is by giving them authority and allowing them to make decisions which they see fit. He is philanthropy whose impacts are felt mostly. He is a charitable man, and he puts determination to everything he does.

Iskandar Safa has built churches in France, Dominican Republic and in Lebanon. He is also sponsoring Lebanon special Olympic team. One of his major accomplishment was in 1980 where he played a crucial role in the release of five French citizens who were held hostage by the Lebanon government. Iskandar Safa joined the international business when he bought CMN, a shipyard construction company that was on the verge of collapsing. He turned the company around in just two years. Read This Article to learn more

Privinvest was founded by Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa. Privinvest is an international shipbuilding company which is available in the united kingdom, France, Mediterranean, Germany and the middle east which houses its headquarters. It engineers and constructs foreign ships, naval, commercial vessels, and mega yachts.

The company has around 2500 employees who are dedicated to listening to the client’s needs. They respond to them appropriately and construct the designs according to their specifications. This reputation has seen the company grow to become one of the world leaders in the ship construction company. Privinvest is committed to ensuring that they don’t impact the environment negatively. This is the reason they provide that they use renewable energy in their constructions. Visit This Page for more information.






Sheldon Lavin Doubles Down On His Commitment To Making OSI A More Sustainable Company

Sheldon Lavin is a business leader who doesn’t seem to have the word impossible in his vocabulary. During his lifetime, he has been able to accomplish what might take many people multiple lifetimes. Where others would have surely given up years before, he has continued to push forward with an optimism like no other.

Sheldon Lavin went to work with OSI Industries about five decades ago and immediately began to help the company expand into new territory. In fact, it is very possible that the company wouldn’t even be close to being as successful as it is now without him. Lavin has made sustainability a key point of focus in recent years and as he wants to ensure his company will be able to stay around in the future. He also wants to be sure the company he runs is friendly to the environment and respectful of the communities it operates within.

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Sheldon Lavin has been very open to new technologies that can help OSI to become more sustainable. He has won quite a few awards for the direction he has steered his company in, and one of these was the Globe of Honour, which was given to him by the British Safety Council. Lavin also helped his company to be awarded with the California Green Business Award. While he appreciates all of the awards, what he really desires is a company that can operate in a way that is environmentally sound and sustainable.

Sheldon Lavin has always been an ambitious person who knew he was meant to do something big in the world. He started out his career by serving in the finance sector as a bank executive and investment professional. It was his hard work that helped OSI to build its first plant in the 1970s. Today, with Lavin at the helm, the company has more than 20,000 employees who work in facilities that are located in many different regions of the world. Forbes recently revealed that OSI is worth over $6 billion, and he expects to continue to grow the company even more. The world needs more CEOs like Lavin who truly care about how their companies affect the cultures and regions they serve in.

Connect: Becomes A Trendsetter in New Zealand’s Agribusiness Sector

When it comes to diversification, is perhaps the perfect example of this trend. Although the company never sold agricultural products on JD official website before, they have currently tapped onto the market. Their zeal to succeed in the agricultural sector was driven by the unmet needs that they saw in the Chinese market. Eventually, their efforts have culminated in them delivering apple and kiwifruit harvest to China from New Zealand.

Sales Driven by Dynamic Consumer Preference’s market entrance has strengthened their ties with other critical players such as Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. One of the main factors that has contributed to the success of’s retail in fruits is the change in consumer tastes. Over the years, the majority of’s customers have preferred to consume imported high quality products as opposed to locally available produce. Data available form their database proves that a large portion of’s sales emanated from fruits imported from overseas. The 20% increase in imports was due to the need by their middle class and younger customers’ inclination to keenly watch on their nutrition and health. Available data reveals that exports from New Zealand to China have increased exponentially by over 80%. The sales currently stand at NZ$ 606 million.

Market Growth Spurred by Fruit Exports

New Zealand’s most famous export to China is Kiwifruit. Such positive indications point out that horticulture is a vital part of New Zealand. For instance, the industry currently employs more than 18,000 people in New Zealand alone, with over 2,600 growers of Kiwifruit in New Zealand. Another factor that has led to an increase in sales is the setting up of a flagship store on by Zespri. Such moves have enabled Zespri to tap into different consumer groups and increase their market share. Additionally, they have also expanded their footprint to include sales through Jingdong’s offline store, 7Fresh. Doing so has enabled Zespri to utilize the services of the top largest e-retailer in China.

The entry of Rockit in Jingdong

Not to be left behind, Rockit Global also realized the importance of setting up shop on Subsequently, they have managed to tap into the Chinese market by launching their a flagship store, Rockit Apples on Jingdong.

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Territory And Power In Constitutional Transitions Is A Must Read

A graduate of Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto University, Sujit Choudhry is nothing short of a master of comparative constitutional law and politics. He currently holds the prestigious position of Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and has served as advisor to many countries’ constitution building process during their transitions from war-torn and chaotic areas to ones striving for peace and prosperity.

In addition to the above accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry has had many publications. He is an author over over 100 literary pieces. Some of his books include The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, and most recently Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions in which he was a co-author with George Anderson.

The book is composed of a collection of essays detailing the multitude of challenges that arise when territorial disputes impede the development of constitutions. It contains 17 examples of extremely diverse countries and their issues with politics and culture. Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom dealing with territorial disputes and political differences. Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson also provide a companion piece providing insight on territorial claims and how they affect the constitutional process and design, all the while offering advice for those in the current process of drafting a country’s constitution. Both the book and the companion piece have been hailed by many as a great work of literature and a wealth of knowledge.

Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions is available on Amazon in both digital and traditional formats. And the companion piece is available for digital download.

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Paul Herdsman Is Hands-On Force Behind His Firm, NICE Global


The outsourcing industry remains one of the hottest sectors of the global economy as more business owners are looking for ways to streamline a variety of their vital functions. That includes handling inbound sales, problem shooting services handled by phone, IT helpdesk support, customer data management, data analysis and much more.

Paul Herdsman has been at the forefront of providing extremely efficient and affordable outsourcing for almost two decades. His current business, NICE Global, was launched in 2014. His company has found a steady stream of customers eager to find solutions for enhancing and managing their business processes.

NICE Global is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul Herdsman is a native of that country although he now makes his home in Florida. He came to the United States to attend college. He earned an MIS in business from Florida Atlantic University.

After Paul Herdsman completed college, Herdsman went to work and gained valuable “real world” business experience working for JM Family Enterprises in Deerfield Beach. The latter is a highly diversified automotive company. He then went to work for iS3 and attained the title of Business Development Manager. iS3 is a high-tech firm that works with internet security, optimizing computers and is a provider of personalized technical support.

All of it was excellent experience for Paul Herdsman always had his sights set on owning and managing his own company. He took that leap in 2011 by founding ATS Digital. By 2014 he was ready to launch his next venture and NICE Global was born.

In addition to being the co-founder of NICE Global, Paul takes on the intricate role of the company’s Chief Operations Officer. He handles many aspects of daily business and is deeply involved in working with the firm’s strategic partnerships. He spends a lot of time nurturing plans for long-term planning and growth.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman discussed effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike, that they can use to be successful like himself.

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Follow Your Passion Like Richard Liu


When we are young, most of us have a desire to be just like those that we are around most. Sometimes, its family, friends, or even based upon our experiences, it can be professional sports player. However, when it came to a young Richard Liu, it was the impact of his mother and father that yielded the most influence.

Richard’s dad was an ENT physician and his mother was a dentist by trade. He would frequently join his mother to work and eventually it would weigh on him that the medical profession was the route that garnered the most attention. From his experiences, it was easy to understand as to how he viewed success, so the decision was easy to become a dentist.

Once this decision was made, Richard Liu attended Harvard University’s School of Dentistry. While there, Richard Liu excelled as a student which was prompted from the love that he developed from riding to work with his mother during her days of being a dentist.

After graduation, he began his professional career with Evergreen Dental Care where he specialized mainly on restorative care, and with his instincts bolstered by his love for the profession, he began to shine there too. So much so, that he joined Harvard’s staff as a part-time presenter.

An article with Digital Mode entitled “Changing Careers: Richard Liu’s Interdisciplinary Successes”, discusses exceptional thinker such as Richard Liu find it necessary to pursue a new field of professional employment, with the belief that this endeavor will bring long-term occupational success, meaningful employment, and a personal fulfillment only attainable by finding one’s true professional passion.

While perfecting the craft of dentistry and keeping up with world of finances, Richard Liu was intrigued with capital investing. After beginning to invest on a small level and attaining success, Richard pursued an MBA at MIT and he became an analyst with FTV Capital.

He was smitten with the love of private equity and began his own firm, Morningside Venture Capital, who controls over $1.7 billion in investments. In short, Richard Liu has followed his passions and encourages and everyone to do the same.


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Ara Chackerian a Legendary Angel Investor

Ara Chackerian is a legendary entrepreneur who has helped raise close to a dozen health care startups to the pinnacle of their successes. Chackerian is based in San Francisco and focuses his investments on early-stage growth startups in the healthcare industry. The Bachelor of Science Marketing Graduate from Florida State University is also a philanthropist who is dedicated to helping young people and also environmental conservation.

Ara Chackerian currently occupies the leadership position at ASC Capital Holdings and serves as Managing Director. The firm is a privately held healthcare startup company that focuses its investments in early stages startups that seek to revolutionize healthcare in the US. The company mission and vision are to bridge the technology gap in the healthcare sector and help streamline the provision of services using technology.

Ara Chackerian is a blogger and loves writing about issues affecting contemporary society. In one of his articles in the medium Chackerian talks about mental health in the technology startup sector. Silicon Valley is known for being the home of innovation and technology. Most startups are based there; however, beneath the glamorous world of technology lies a dark side of people suffering from mental health says Chackerian. Massive capitals are pumped into tech startup to boost innovation, and as a result, employees for these startups are faced with insurmountable expectations.

The pressure to perform and build apps leads in the fast-paced industry results in high levels of stress for the startups’ workers, and as a result, many are suffering from mental health issues. Ara Chackerian says that startup employees in the tech world need to be assisted in dealing with mental health issues, and employers must be cognizant of the fact that the issue is quite rampant in the industry. Employers should provide employees with tools that can help them navigate and manage stress and should encourage them to balance work and life. Read more about Ara Chackerian:

How Mark Holyoake Has Created A Professional Career Based On Fitness

While still in primary school, Mark Holyoake became very interested in gymnastics. He was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1983 and developed into an all-around gymnast. This means becoming skilled at high bar, rings, floor routines, parallel bars, vault, and the pommel horse.

He started doing gymnastics competitively when he was just 10 years old. He joined the national development team which is designed to create world-class athletes. He knew he couldn’t compete in gymnastics forever, though, and so he attended Auckland University. While competing and working part-time as a personal trainer, Mark Holyoake earned a B.S. in sport and exercise science. This set him up to be a personal trainer once his days as a professional gymnast would be done.

In 2005, he competed at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship where he placed 25th. At the 2006 Common Wealth Games, he achieved 11th place. He also competed in the 2010 Common Wealth Games in which New Zealand finished in 4th place and he took bronze on the parallel bars.

It was after this that he dedicated himself full-time to being a personal trainer, including CrossFit. He co-founded The Rx Clinic along with Andy Rodgers who had been an Olympic weightlifter. They taught clinics at which athletes learned gymnastics and weightlifting. This included advanced forms and movements.

His next step was to found Mark Holyoake Gymnastics. He taught gymnastics to people across Europe and the United Kingdom. Many of his clinics were held at CrossFit gyms. It was during this time that he recognized how gymnastics could really help CrossFit enthusiasts.

Mark Holyoake competed as a CrossFit competitor at multiple annual CrossFit Games. Each event that occurs at these games is announced just hours before the competition starts. This means that competitors need to be well-versed in all facets of CrossFit if they hope to win. In 2019, he was 279th in the world in the CrossFit Worldwide Ranking.

More of his career can be found in this article.

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